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So a Horse Walks Into a Tree ...

10/17/2008 3:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Relax, the horse was fine.


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Now you are makink fun of animals. You jerks stop at nothing and the jerrks who find this funny should join Michael Vick!!!

2163 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

This picture makes me very sad.

2163 days ago

Diana Lara    

Well you know what #23 Dewercs I would rather see a human stuck in a tree like this than a innocent horse.

2163 days ago

donna chang    

This picture makes me sad too. Why is this on TMZ's site? This horse is clearly distressed. That is not a natural seated position for a large 4 legged animal. It had to have been like this for hours...... Please don't make us look at it any longer. If you want us to remain as viewers of your page, please don't force us to look at this anymore. it is heartbreaking. The least I can do is speak out for those who can not speak for themselves.

2163 days ago


Couldn't you, at least, have told how the horse got out? Or, was a minor celeb blowing her nose, in the area? You know, something of real importance.....

2163 days ago


#50 Not Always, your argument about the lipizzaners is ridiculous-they're highly trained horses performing in an arena. It makes me think you're lying and don't know anything about horses. if you did, you'd know this was a very serious situation. It could have easily had a very tragic outcome.

2163 days ago


I agree with molly mouse -- I found this sad photo of the horse in a tree upsetting. TMZ says the horse is OK, but I doubt it. A horse wouldn't be in that position unless it was seriously injured. And what does an awful picture like this have to do with celebrity news anyway?

2163 days ago


Calm down, Kitty.

2163 days ago


This is a sad picture. Poor horse!

2163 days ago

donna chang    

Listen, you there at TMZ don't do anything all weekend and for every person who leaves a comment there are another 10-20 that don't. Please don't make us look at this awful photo all weekend. Take it down. This horse was NOT ok. They don't have the body mechanics to "sit" like that unless they have no other choice. This is a very heart-breaking photo. Why not show the public a link to the full story where we can read for ourselves that the horse was ok. beacuse there isn't one...... We all know that this horse was not okay in the end. Sick F%CKERS!

2163 days ago


Dubya, you need a brain transplant...dumbass!

2163 days ago


Irony is someone trying to bash someone for being stupid but then double posting. *looks at comment 1 & 2*

2163 days ago


This photo is not the least bit amusing. Even though TMZ wrote that the horse was okay, I do not think it was because a healthy horse would not be sitting in this position with their head in a tree. Very sad photo. Please remove it, along with the photo of Madonna kissing Brittney-hideous. Thank you.

2163 days ago


Who put sugar cubes in the tree?

2163 days ago


Equine peep show?

2163 days ago
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