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TV Preacher Leads TMZ to "Jesus"

10/17/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Our photog had a real religious experience yesterday in NYC -- when he found televangelist Joel Osteen ... and then JC himself!
Joel & JC: Click to watch
And is it us, or does the modern day Jesus look a helluva lot like Viggo Mortensen?


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Jesus needs a bar of soap and a toothbrush.

2205 days ago


I have a real problem with preachers that make you pay to get in to their sanctuary. You want to hear Olsteen preach, you have to pay!

It is wrong!

2205 days ago


Pay to hear that fool? No thanks,

2205 days ago


I LOVE JOEL OSTEEN!! If he could fit alll the people that wanted to hear him preach in one place I'm sure he would but he can't so you have to pay for a seat at a stadium... if you can't afford that, watch him on t.v.! or travel to his hometown and go to his local ministry. I'm telling you he is the best person alive. He is soooo motivating and will completly help you think of everything that may have you down and have you loving yourself and appreciating a lot more things in life. I swear he is the one that helped me through, what I call, my great depression. If it wasn't for him I don't know where I'd be today... I was never really big on following my reigion to the T. I mean I don't really know what to believe and eventhough Joel is Christian you can still be any religion and listen to what he has to say and understand his point and work it in your own religion if you find the need to. He gives you hope and pushes you to reach a goal.

2205 days ago

Ice Water    

Joel Osteen is a skinny, pock faced twerp who is above all else, a raging PHONY. As is his wife, too.
I'm not a huge fan of Bill Maher, but when I think about these types of lunatic phonies and their fear based tactics and hatred of others, it makes me really happy there are Bill Maher's in America.

2205 days ago


I think that the Osteen's are FOS.

LOL @ the Jesus guy.

2205 days ago


Joel, you are SO rich. Why are you charging people to hear you speak? Jesus cannot be pleased with you. Shame on you and your spoiled wife.

2205 days ago

fish taco    

How much does he charge to hear him preach?

What a ho!!!

How much does forgiveness by a church cost now days.

But the preist will babysit your lil boys for free.... If they promise not to tell about the BJ.

2205 days ago


Joel Osteen is just an ASS who like other televengelists makes money by doing absolutely nothing.

2205 days ago


I don't think I remember the Bible stating that Jesus had a going rate for the miracles he did. Who does this fool think he is anyway? He's right up there with Casey Treat (not sure of his name spelling, so don't freak out).

2205 days ago


Oh, and let's not forget the Jim and Tammy Faye with their air-conditioned dog house.

2205 days ago


Just another get rich scheme covered up with Jesus. It's sad that it's working for him.
In America everyone wants to get want they want including the followers. Tickle those ears Joel.

2205 days ago


Do you all remember Rev. Jim Jones of the 1970's. He was the cult leader that brainwashed "followers" to the grave. This Osteen is nothing more than this generation's Nut!

2205 days ago


For all you "people" talking bad about Joel Osteen i would really watch it cuz he's a GODLY man and it'll come back and bite you!!! God Bless Joel and His Family

2205 days ago


Anyone else remember the t-shirt with Jimmy Swaggart crying on it that said "Never Trust A Preacher With A Boner"?

2205 days ago
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