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Manny Takes a Swing at the Red Sox

10/20/2008 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was just Manny being Manny out in L.A. last night -- when the most dominating player in baseball took a shot at his old team on his way out of a nightclub.
Manny Ramirez: Click to watch
After Ramirez admitted he didn't even watch game 7 of the A.L.C.S. featuring his former team the Boston Red Sox, Manny was pretty damn happy when he found out they lost!

Dude also laughed when we asked him about re-signing with the Dodgers -- even for $100 mil.

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Boston Mama    

Hey Jennifer, We didn't lose him! We gave the jerk away, and we DON'T miss him at all! Good riddance. Not bitter at all! We love Jason Bay. It was the best trade they ever made.

2197 days ago


Personally, I am thrilled that the Sox lost with or without Manny. He is overrated and so is that team. Those jerky fans who brought brooms to Coors Field last year are eating some humble pie now, thank God!

2197 days ago


Tracy is right! Manny's bad attitude brought the rest of the team down, we're better off without him and his drama.

MANNY WHO??????????????????

2197 days ago

Hell's Bells    

As a Yank's fan...I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the cry baby doesn't come this way! Please Please Please keep Manny away!!!

I can't stand Manny! He is pompous and sooooo full of himself!

I would have loved to have seen a RedSox/Dodger's world series....and then to see Manny get his ass handed to him...that would have been heaven sent!!

Like Tracy and most of the others have said....Manny only played when Manny wanted to play....

And I think the RedSox did very well considering they were missing some of their Key Players....Like Jacoby Ellsbury, Mike Lowell and Curt Shilling. And Big Papi hasn't been playing well since he came back from the DL...Beckett also hasn't been his best this season....SO...the fact that they made it to a game 7 says alot about the srentgh and the willpower of this team!

2197 days ago


Red Sox fans are over Manny. Initially, we were a little scared about his replacement but Jason Bay has been awesome! Manny plays only when he wants to. He constantly pissed and moaned about everything. Boston treated him like a king and he could not have cared less about the fans. He didn't give any of his time to charities for kids. He couldn't even be bothered to visit the Iraqi war vets with the rest of his team mates. Manny only cares about Manny. The Red Sox got as far as they did this season because Manny was traded! We wouldn't have got past the Jay's if he stayed because he QUIT on the team! Yeah, he's amazing but he's a BIG head case! Good luck to whoever gets him, you're going to need it! GO PHILLIES!

2197 days ago

ROB 3133    

I don't know is it just me or does Manny in this pic look like the guy from Beauty and the Beast. ( That old TV show)

2197 days ago


I don't think Manny's happy that the sox lost, He missed out on another ring!

2197 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

In no particular order:
The Red Sox fans who took brooms to Coors Field are jackasses and I for one do not consider them authentic members of Red Sox Nation. They're jerks who wouldn't understand good sportsmanship if you shoved it up their asses. Insulting another team like that is not cool. For the record I also hate the "Yankees suck!" cheers. It's stupid and shows a distinct lack of class.
We might very well have won the World Series if Manny was still with us but only if he had actually played up to his ability and he refused. While we worried about the trade, particularly who we'd get in return, within a week we were happy he was gone.
I agree with everybody who says Manny's ego got in the way. We enjoyed his antics as "Manny being Manny" because he's a charmer but once you get past that and take a really good look at what he does, you realize he's a bigger jackass than ARod, which is hard to do.
I feel sorry for whatever team signs him next season. I wouldn't even wish him on my worst enemy, the Yankees. I may hate them because it's traditional but they still have some very good players. They just didn't gel this year.
Jennifa O Jenny, once again you let your stupidity and rabid "Yankees are the best ever" attitude get in the way of understanding reality. Manny might have driven in those runs but only if he wanted to play. And you can't guarantee how any player is going to do in the post season. *cough* ARod *cough*. If you actually paid attention to our attitude towards former Red Sox players who return on visiting teams, we give standing Os to anyone who was traded because management wanted to go in a different direction or who didn't have their option year picked up or wasn't resigned as a free agent. We have cheered Trot Nixon, Nomar Garciaparra, Kevin Millar, Orlando Cabrera just to name a few. But we will boo players who left us the way Johny Damon and Manny Ramirez did.
And really, what can I say about fans who boo their own players when they have an off day. I've heard games where ARod went 0-4 or made an error and he was booed louder than our team was. You are lousy fans and I feel sorry for any team that has to claim you as its supporters.

2197 days ago

Robert L. Allen    

From a Boston Fan Did Boston miss his bat yes! His attitude no! LA or someone else can have him. We lost to Tampa Bay because they were the better team. LA was a b etter team because they had Manny but once you have him for a full season and he has a contract it will be interesting to see how he acts. Might be fine. I'm very proud of the way the Red Sox played. I don't know if they had anything left for the World Series.

2197 days ago

Florida JBug    

As far as I'm concerned, what Manny did the last month or two with the Sox was nothing less than throwing games - what makes him any different that Pete Rose??? He dogged it while "running", he made half-hearted catches, he deliberately didn't hit like he could have (is this not proven true by his batting average and runs/HR that improved dramatically once he miraculously became cured in LA?) So if that's not throwing a game - when by playing to his fullest extent, it could have changed the outcome of many games, then what is? He should be banned from baseball and investigated legally! He's an arrogant idiot and a cheat. Good luck to anyone silly enough to want him! Plus anyone who's lived in this country since a child and still can't speak and be understood isn't too bright in my book - or just lazy, as we found out.

Jason Bay is pure class and is ten times the player and man that Manny will ever be.

2196 days ago


Wait, wait wait....

Colorado has a baseball team?

Oh yeah, I forgot. We were only there for three games last year.

2196 days ago


The Red Sox were right on to hand Manny off to the Dodgers. The team and fans were ultimately better off without him and his childish antics. The sad part is that he's going to remembered more because he is/was such a money hungry cry baby than the fact that when he wants to be, he can be a tremendous baseball player. Buh by Manny....Boston doesn't miss you.

2196 days ago

Denise Desaulniers    

Manny was the majic that made the Sox champions. Yes, he has an attitude, because they wouldn't sign him for a contract extention. Jason Bay Is just an average pale-faced player. Manny is the best hitter in the game.

2196 days ago

Clint Eastwood    

terrible description of video claiming that manny is "pretty damn happy" about the sox losing...in no way is he visibly or vocally enthused when the nieve reporter breaks the news to him...

2196 days ago


And might I add... the Red Sox PLAYERS didn't even like Manny. He did nothing but bring them down. We are much better off without him, as we made it to game 7 without him. And like it was said before, we didn't have our key players up-to-par. Jacoby, Lowell, Josh, Schilling... even without them, we still had a strong team. We made it to the ALCS, which is more than anyone else can say (besides who made it to the World Series, of course). Don't be jealous Yankee fans, that your team doesn't have the strength and endurance that the Sox have. :)

2196 days ago
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