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Beauty Queen

Busted For Puff, Puff, Dash

10/21/2008 1:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsey EvansMiss Teen Louisiana, Lindsey Evans, was arrested along with three friends for allegedly doing a dine and dash over a measly $46.07 bill.

Here's the best part. Evans left her purse in the restaurant and came back for it. She was arrested, and then guess what cops found inside the bag -- weed!!! She's charged with theft and pot possession.

A spokesman for the Miss Louisiana Teen USA organization says they haven't decided her fate. Her reign ends next month.

UPDATE: The Miss Louisiana Teen USA sponsors just released a statement saying Evans has lost her crown -- "effective immediately."


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I tell you, I am from the Shreveport area and this is sad! The Resturant she and her friends tryed to skip out on is an upscale Mexican Resturant in Bossier City Louisiana. Bossier City Police is nothing to be played with and anybody living or growing up around this area knows this. For her and her friends to think they were going to get away with this is just crazy. Bossier City will put you in jail for anything. And the resturant where they were at don't take lite to people skipping out on bills. It saddens me that they thought just because she was Miss Teen Louisiana, she could get away with it. She will more than likely become a Felon, because she did the two most sins you don't do in Bossier City, Steal and Drugs, They will not play with her and she will see some hard recourse from this. I pray she learns her lesson, cause Louisiana will make you a Felon for the dumbest things, and they will let the whole world know you have done it and are the biggest criminal there ever was.

2191 days ago

shelia j    

Everyone should be tired of all the negativity of both campaigns but we all suppose to be christians. We all fall down but we get up and regardless who is in the White House, God is still in control. Maybe your favorite choice will not make it but is that going to stop you from living in this country. Change has been the topic for so long ( if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves , and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways , then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land) and this is nothing new. Change begins within you. So stop complaining and pointing fingers so we tried it man's way so lets try God's way. There is a time for everything. So if you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, pray and ask Him what choice you need to make when you take "YOUR SOUL TO THE POLL". About Ms. Teen, who without sin let them cast the first stone. I doubt it if anyone can. Thank God for Grace and Mercy.

2191 days ago


Not everyone uses drugs as a teenager. I'm in my 40s and have never drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes or used any type of illegal drug. Not as a teenager and not as an adult. Some people have higher morals and values than that. I'm proud to say I'm one of those people.

2191 days ago


I truly don't understand why anyone is against smoking pot for adults. You don't get a hangover, you don't get angry like people do on booze and you can grow it anywhere -aha!! That must be it!

2191 days ago


Hey back in the day we crashed weddings and ran out on restaurant bills just for the fun of it, not to be a criminal. Nobody was arrested. THE GOOD OL' DAYS

2191 days ago


I would vote for Hitler before I would vote for McBush.. I mean McCain...

2191 days ago


That's class.

And guys , srsly, if you're going to bring politics into it, you should know how to spell Louisiana, only one 'n', now...

2191 days ago

Charlie Keating    

McCain.. yeah right google and the Keating Five for the real truth

2190 days ago


victoria, my my but you sound SO JEALOUS

2190 days ago


All charges have been dropped so to all you stupid ass’s judging her on what her friends did she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time you can all she the hell up about her and give her an apology. Dang there are so many of you who are jealous of someone else how does good for themselves and others. She a beautiful young woman and loves and care for her family and friends and is always willing to help out when needed. So to all you haters who don’t even know her look in the mirror before you start passing judgment on others and see what you really are.

2190 days ago


I wish my mug shot looked that good :(

2190 days ago


wow what a great example she's setting for all teenagers buy it, roll it, smoke it, leave it haha little dummy what's wrong with our children? We lost structure, love, family, and the fear of GOD! That's what happens when white paint gets old, it cracks! It's time for a change! I don't care what color or creed that's gonna shape America up but we are falling, stressing, loosing our jobs, social security, retirement monies that are due to us but yall want to be ignorant and put a republican in that seat when your children and their children will suffer from this! I love me and my family and I care about our future. All I'm saying, think smart help bring our soldiers home let's make this world a better place for you and me. I'm tired of all this! It's Time For A Change! Vote OBAMA!! Yall took 1 of our kings well I should say 2 (JESUS) you cant take Obama, as Jehovah our witness Aman Aman

2188 days ago


I LOVE LINDSEY EVANS!! XoXo lol Who gives a damn what her AND the other girls did. Tmz makes things sound worse than it is.. For instence they went on my myspace copied a picture we all took and put it on the video in titled "Puff,Puff, Dash" when i dont even smoke weed nor was i there when everything went down. So SCREW TMZ. They have to make their money by using other peoples lifes for a story. Whether it be True or False. And miss Lindsey Gayle is a trooper.. a little FYI for all u people that think u have hurt her in anyway by talking about her are crazy. Shes brushes that mess to the side and laughs. Mainly bc yall do not even know the whole story... yall are getting what the news and reporters are saying. Shes not setting a bad example she was living her life.. being a teenager and yes not all teenagers are perfect thats just traditional. Every teen goes through something and if u havent i feel bad for u bc making mistakes helps u figure out what not to do when ur an adult. oh and atlian or whatever the hell ur name is... We lost srtucture love family and fear of god? Dont use this case as an example of that. 9 timex out of ten it has alot to do with what inviroment u were in as a child. So if u really want to post tht comment on something go right it on ksla for the kids and adults tht are murdering people for nothing more than a damn quarter or a ciggerrette. Thats setting a bad example. Wow, i love taking up for my friends.

1550 days ago
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