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John McCain -- Full of Hot Air

10/21/2008 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is no denying 72-year-old Republican Presidential candidate John McCain is a real doll.

McCain (left) was given his balloon replica (right) while out campaigning in Missouri on Monday.

Looks like he's finally found a qualified running mate.


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Vote yes on Prop 8    

Well I see that TMZ is not biased or anything about Sarah Palin...

2202 days ago


Sooooooo whens TMZ going to officially come out and push Obama as their preferred candidate?....

2202 days ago


Hey, bug off ...McCain is a good man and I'm voting for him and Obama is a smooth talker. I wish people would wake up. You'll be sorry if Obama gets into Office..... Even if McCain in older.. he's wiser than Obama and even Palin has more experiance in the government them Obama. WAKE UP PEOPLE !

2202 days ago


it looks like Homer Simpson with hair

2202 days ago


McCain and his qualified running mate have MY VOTE.

2202 days ago


Leave politics alone TMZ. You're in over your head!
Stick to the usual smutty slobs you usually cover. That's more your forte.

2202 days ago


I would like to dedicate a song to Gen.Colin Powell you can find it on YOUTUBE >The o'jays -Backstabber

2202 days ago


Kudos for the inventor who was able to replicate his ever-present "I wear Depends" or "I made a boo boo" look.

2202 days ago


I do not think TMZ is either qualified or educated enough to give an opinion on politics or a McCain running mate. Just stick to what you do best.....gossip and dirt on the pathetic Hollywood elite.

2202 days ago


Somebody direct the old guy and his doll back to the nursing home.

2202 days ago


Where the other dummy AKA Palin?

2202 days ago

I call bullshit    

The Oblahblah doll comes complete with wing-nut ears. My dog has chewed the crap out of it.....

2202 days ago

grossed out    

DId everyone know that the bulk of Obama's funding is coming from the middle east? Countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc? Did you know he was heavily using cocaine in college? Does everyone know how corrupt Chicago politics are? There's a lot we don't know about Obama and we are just finding out and it's SKETCHY STUFF!

2202 days ago


Haha Sarah Palin is more qualified then Obama who is running for Prez.....haha how come no one says anything about that idiot Biden who everytime he opens his mouth stupidity comes out....I mean just a few days ago he basically said Obama couldn't handle national security....hahah calling out his own partner in crime/lies.hahah I couldn't believe it when I heard that!!!!!! CLASSIC!!!!!!!Google's hilarious! Calling his own man unqualified!!!!!!!!!

2202 days ago


McCain has said repeatedly that he was afforded no special treatment while in the "Hanoi Hilton". Yet when he was first interviewed by the North Vietnamese he is shown at a hospital reserved for Vietnamese military and he was seen by Soviet Surgeons. He was drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes while being interviewed. This was a far cry from the way the rest of the POWs were treated.

His wife at the time, was a member of the National League of Families and she fought to make sure that John McCain came home. He rewarded this loyalty by divorcing her after his return.

2202 days ago
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