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Lindsay Sued Over Wild Ride in the 'Bu

10/21/2008 3:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The three guys who say Lindsay Lohan held them hostage during an alleged alcohol-fueled drive have sued over the incident.
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The incident occurred In July, 2007 after a party in Malibu. Ronnie Blake, Jakon Sutter and Dante Nigro claim an intoxicated Lindsay hijacked a car in which they were passengers and began an insane ride down PCH, "endangering all of their lives." In the lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, the dudes claim Lindsay was "hostile," declaring she "didn't care about the risk of death" and saying "she was a celebrity...she could do whatever she wants." Back in July, one of the kids told TMZ, "It was pretty much the was worst night of my whole summer."

Lohan guys: Click to watchThe suit claims she blew red lights, eventually ending up at the Santa Monica Police Department where she was arrested for DUI, her second DUI bust in less than 90 days. Cops say they also found cocaine. Lohan pleaded guilty to being under the influence of cocaine and no contest to reckless driving and driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher. She eventually served one day in jail.

The suit seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

Her lawyer, Ed McPherson, told TMZ the suit is "absurd," adding, "These guys had the night of their lives, playing with the radio and leaving the vehicle at one point and getting back in."


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Mr. P - if Joe the Plummer makes more than $250,000 a year, then - HOLY CRAP. AM I IN THE WRONG LINE OF BUSINESS OR WHAT?!?! I'm gonna take up plumming.

2196 days ago

Big Mr. P    

#11 - Get grammar lessons much?

2196 days ago


It is a free country and we can litigate at will. I would have beat that bi&^# within an inch of her f-up life had I been in that vehicle.

2196 days ago


Oh please duh,i wonder if she raped them too.Poor guys,big old bad Lindsay.Bhabahabahabha.What else are we going to hear?She cant do anything right,she has been realy calm all these months,trying to do her best,yet no one gives her a break.She is out of the country for some days now,and even now she cant have some peace.This is realy so laughable,yet so true,God.What a joke,but at the same time,how awfull for Lindsay.And then people ask why she will get back on coke.Come on.She is out of the country and there are so many stories ,so negative stories against her,and she didnt do anything all these months.This is an old story.

2196 days ago


Back in July, one of the kids told TMZ, "It was pretty much the was worst night of my whole summer."

Hahaha! Give it 15 years--lI'm sure you'll come to think of it as the highlight of your pathetic life.

Yeah, 110lb Lindsay Lohan--Hostage-taker extraordinaire. She's practically Al Qaeda. Wasn't there a time in this country when admitting that you and your two buddies were held against your will by a girl would earn you a first-class beatdown?

2196 days ago


But loser Blohan doesn't have that much money! Sam had to take her in, monitor her drug use, and probably paid for everyting until lying, loser/user Linds got some piss poor tv job. This girl has no talent to speak of other than giving her self away to any man and drug of her choice. MAKE HER GO AWAY FOR GOOD!!

2196 days ago


She is still a drunk and a coke head. She thinks keeping it to just house parties, instead of public bars is recovery. What a loser, she really needs to get over herself. Firecrotch and rottoncrotch need to go by-by!!

2196 days ago


#15 - I have to agree with you. There's more to the story than just this short TMZ article. And these legal cases take a pretty long time to deal with.

2196 days ago


I'm surprised it took this long for this law suit to finally hit. I remember reading after this happened that they were scared for there lives. What happened with the girl that Linds was chasing - wasn't she going to sue as well? Have you ever seen someone on a coc/alcohol binge?? Boy or girl you don't want to f*ck with them. The boys were probably partying as well and what seemed like a fun car ride quickly turned in to a nightmare but there was nothing they can do if Linds was on a rage.

2196 days ago

not so silly afterall    

Gang, while I doubt these guys are scarred in any way, I fully applaud them for making her sweat. I've been in a car before when someone who clearly shouldn't have been driving jumped behind the wheel. It is no joke to be careening down the highway with someone out of control at the wheel. It's been established that she was both drunk and coked up and she deserves to be called on the carpet for endangering people's lives - however that happens is fine with me.

2196 days ago


One small girl, THREE large men, one Mercedes, lots of pee on the floor apparently from the large men.... pitiful what money will make you do. Anyone just tell her to stop??? anyone just pull the keys?? anyone not see how they could have stopped it??

2196 days ago


She needs to be held accountable. Hang in guys. Justice is so one sided for anyone in Hollywood. The attorney will try to get rid of you with a "nuisance" offer. Hope you have trial attorneys if not do small claims.

2196 days ago


#19 Oh please, a drunk hijacks your vehicle and speeds down the PCH talking a bunch of crazy sh*&..............oh, please. Laws are laws, she can't do that. I suppose you enjoy a drunk car jacking now and then. She took a risk and now she will pay.

2195 days ago


I just can't picture that scrawny thing intimidating three grown men. Oh, please!

2195 days ago

GGW Fan    

So where is the harm? These guys all survived with no injuries. Are they going to claim they are mentaly affected from the experience? If they had beenin an accident then they might have a claim. As far as breaking the law goes...the judicial system found her guilty on several charges, and she served the time. Is one day enough for that? NO...I would have done 6 months for the same crime, but when a judge drops the gavel the story is over. Either way these guys are major douchebags, and I hopr they do not get a dime. You want money out of this? Write a book.

2195 days ago
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