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Nick Hogan Races to Freedom

10/21/2008 8:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

166 days in jail = leaving your friend in a vegetative state for life.
Nick Hogan: Click to watch
Nick Hogan was released from Pinellas County Jail just after midnight Tuesday morning. We're told he arrived back at his mom Linda's house to a thumping party, replete with loud music and cops surveying the scene.

And how's this for funny/creepy: a big-boned buxom blonde ran up to Nick as he walked free. None of the photogs could figure out whether it was Brooke or Linda. (Check the vid to see.)

Nick pleaded no contest to a felony charge of reckless driving involving serious bodily injury back in May. He was sentenced to eight months but only served the aforementioned 166 days due to "good time and gain time" credit.

His best friend, John Graziano, remains hospitalized and will require medical care the rest of his life.

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I can see that everyone of u is so perfect and never ever made a mistake. This young man has to live with this for the rest of his life he tortures himself. THat young man knew he was getting in the car with Nike he made that decision himself blame him too. Let Nike alone it was an accident. U people r so cruel and stupid. Think and I am sure u dont have to dig deep to find out a lot of u have done worse. LOok in ur mirrors.

2158 days ago


Nick seems functionally retarded. He cannot comprehend complex situations, read or write on an adult level, complete high school, communicate effectively with adults or learn a trade. Sadly his family has been enablers.

2158 days ago


I hope he learned a good lesson in life.....if not he will be back soon!

2158 days ago


I'm glad he's out. What happened was terrible, But his friend got in the car with him he wasn't forced. Also everyone knows how friends are at that age his buddy was more then likely egging him on to drive faster, But no one will ever know because they where the only two in the car.

2158 days ago


Yuck, my brothers penis tastes like poop. What was he doing in when he was in jail?

2158 days ago


Nick is a really good looking guy,he seems like a decent kid, and I hope life gets real peachy for him from now on.

2158 days ago


There was a 'party' for him? That is disgusting. It should have been just a quiet meal out with the family.. I wonder if Nick "learned his lesson." Does he have a driver's license?? I sure hope not.....

2158 days ago


I agree with #7 & 8 - John made the decision to get in that car, he knew he & Nick had been drinking, he also chose to not wear his seatbelt - no one forced him into that situation. John being older maybe he should have said no to one can change what happened & the outcome sucks, I just don't think ALL the blame should be put on Nick - they BOTH made poor judgements that day.

2158 days ago


Nick should not have gone to jail over an accident.
It's lke people are trying to punish him for wearing a seatbelt and survivng.
Some of the low class posters here are uneducated twerps.

2158 days ago


He should stay there for his whole sentence! He doesn't deserve to be out of jail!

2158 days ago


The only white trash we can see is some of the posters.

Why should Nick go to church when it does not seem to do much for the crazy and deluded idiots writing here.

Religion is the opium of the underclass.

2158 days ago


This is disgusting!! People in Clearwater really do hate this family. In the St. Petersburg time this morning, Brooke was quoted as saying that John will walk out of the hospital soon with everyone's prayers. My prayer is that the Graziano family take this white trash family for every dime they have. Glad they had a big party after he was released at 12:30 in the MORNING. Makes you want to go over and ring their doorbell!!! John was asleep.

2158 days ago

name withheld    

What a sissy ass! I have never heard of anyone throwing a party when they get out of jail!! Linda, that is disgusting!!!! It is like a medal for their behavior. You need to watch some MSNBC Lockup, because Nick should have earned himself IN jail, not like a little kid when he got out. What a effing FAIRY Nick Hogan is~! LOL

2158 days ago


Excuse me ..... The media is so busy letting the public know that Nick is out of jail ..... have they taken that same enthusiasm to see how the victim and his family are doing? That is so screwed up. In my opinion, in addition to the jail stint, the judge should have revoked his liscense for a year, and made it mandatory that he do extensive community service related to the importance of being a safe driver. Remember, Nick caused the accident .... it was not another car that hit them. I tell you, society and the judicial system need a total revamping. He should also be made to pay all of his victims hospital and rehabilitation bills .... not to mention a hefty fee to the victims family for all of the pain in suffering they have endured. Think about it, at one point they did not know if there loved one was going to live, die or be a vegitable ....not to mention watching the news and seeing the media stroke Nick for bad behavior .....

2158 days ago


a loud party in honor of Nick's release is in poor taste but we expect nothing less from the Hogan family

2158 days ago
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