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Nick Hogan Races to Freedom

10/21/2008 8:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

166 days in jail = leaving your friend in a vegetative state for life.
Nick Hogan: Click to watch
Nick Hogan was released from Pinellas County Jail just after midnight Tuesday morning. We're told he arrived back at his mom Linda's house to a thumping party, replete with loud music and cops surveying the scene.

And how's this for funny/creepy: a big-boned buxom blonde ran up to Nick as he walked free. None of the photogs could figure out whether it was Brooke or Linda. (Check the vid to see.)

Nick pleaded no contest to a felony charge of reckless driving involving serious bodily injury back in May. He was sentenced to eight months but only served the aforementioned 166 days due to "good time and gain time" credit.

His best friend, John Graziano, remains hospitalized and will require medical care the rest of his life.

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I'm glad Nick is free. It's not his fault John jumped in his car after Nick asked him not to. John is an adult and responsible for his own decisions. People need to stop blaming a child for an adult's decision. And the family does feel remorse for what happened to John.
Listen, people speed everyday. Next time you are speading down the road to get to whereever it is your going. Think about Nick and John. You could put someone in a vegative state and how would you want to be treated for a mistake you made? Would you deserve to be villivian for the rest of your life?
People get the facts straight. Nick wasn't drinking and driving. He was racing (speeding) and that is what caused the accident. Nick didn't ask John to get in the car. That was John's decision and John, only John, is to blame for the current state he is in. No one forced him in that car...he focred himself in the car.

2142 days ago

DJ Architect    

Must be a slow day to still have this article at the top of the page. This idiot should be in prison for the rest of his life. Spoiled piece of crap. Wonder how long it will take him to go drag racing again.

2142 days ago


The horrific consequences of Nicks poor judgement demand he be ISOLATED & MARGINALIZED from society.

2142 days ago

hell with them all    

Hope the soap was on a rope!

2142 days ago


It is Brooke who runs to him.... His mother is back home frenching all the buddies that are there to party!

2142 days ago


So what. He did thespecified time and it's over. OVER.
Why are you idios still rehashing something that's over.

Let the kid get on with his life.
And if God had wanted to spare his friend He would have done so.
DEal wth it.

2142 days ago


He has paid his dues, the law has spoken. He has a second chance at his life and hopefully he will do what he can to help out his friends family and make a good life for himself and help others.

2142 days ago

Brenda of savannah ga    

Nick really should have to go to the hospital and sit with his so called friend because that what a real friend would do but as we all know i think his stupid mom says he didn't do anything wrong. Well if that was him up there she would think diffently. I am a mom and i think Nick and his mom shoud go for a ride together

2142 days ago


Based upon the comments of other readers and my own thoughts, I think it would be nice if the reality show focused an episode of Nick going to see the Grazianos and specifically John at the hospital. He had a lot of time to think and I'm sure he feels guilty. Whoever bought that sports car for Nick should be feeling guilty too because if he had not had such a powerful car capable of going as fast as it did, maybe the outcome would have been different. He was only 16. I remember doing a lot of stupid things at 16, especially when I was given too much too soon. I guess what I'm saying is, I for one would like to see some compassion from the Bollea/Hogan family and forgiveness from the Grazianos because I don't believe anyone wanted this to happen. My prayers are with the Grazianos as they cope with the loss of the John they knew and with John so that he may have peace and some form of happiness. BTW, jail sucks.

2142 days ago


I think people hate on Nick because he is a spoiled brat. His family spoils him very badly. One, yes Nick shouldn't have been speeding, but this is not ultimately blamed on him. I dont understand how you can put full blame on what happened to John on Nick, first of all, what kind of idiot would go into a car without wearing a seatbelt? Its there for a reason. Safety. If he had crashed the car with him wearing the seatbelt, then yes, Nick is 100% at fault. But John wasnt, that was his decision to go into a car and decide to continue without wearing one. I would never hop in a car without a seatbelt, I don't care if it makes me look uncool or not, I rather not be hurt when something does happen.

2142 days ago

little one    

i can't believe that anyone would think that was Linda! it was obviously brooke.
as for nick - i feel so bad for the young man who was hurt, but nick didn't hurt him intentionally. we all make mistakes...especially as teenagers and young adults. we all did some not so smart things "back in the day" just so happens that nicks not so smart choice will haunt him for the rest of his life. i can't imagine how i would be able to cope if one of my decisions literally ruined someone i cared about. the whole family needs to be left alone to try to piece back together their broken lives.

2142 days ago


I'm glad nicks out. Some of you are really sick and i pity your loved ones because it seems, according to your comments, that if they were ever involved in a similar tragedy and ended up in a position similar to nicks you would turn your back on them and that is truly sad.

2142 days ago


That whole family is garbage. Major creeps.

2142 days ago

melissa b    

I don't care if he's out or not; doesn't matter.
Every single one of the HO-gans will ALWAYS get themselves into another stupid, self-centered debacle.

2142 days ago


That was his sister, Brooke.

2141 days ago
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