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Nick Hogan Races to Freedom

10/21/2008 8:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

166 days in jail = leaving your friend in a vegetative state for life.
Nick Hogan: Click to watch
Nick Hogan was released from Pinellas County Jail just after midnight Tuesday morning. We're told he arrived back at his mom Linda's house to a thumping party, replete with loud music and cops surveying the scene.

And how's this for funny/creepy: a big-boned buxom blonde ran up to Nick as he walked free. None of the photogs could figure out whether it was Brooke or Linda. (Check the vid to see.)

Nick pleaded no contest to a felony charge of reckless driving involving serious bodily injury back in May. He was sentenced to eight months but only served the aforementioned 166 days due to "good time and gain time" credit.

His best friend, John Graziano, remains hospitalized and will require medical care the rest of his life.

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I agree with #14 both kids are spoiled and would be anywere with the money, and yes its nice to have your son or brother out of jail, but lets all remeber hes walking out of the jail and theres a young man lying in the hospital so to celebrate with a party, is very tacky but in true hogan style what else would you expect from the hogans, i wish they all would just go away.

2138 days ago


I think he should have been strapped to a gurny straight stairing his friend in the face for 166 days, and then jailed. He should have gotten years. Its disgusting how easy these celebs get off. Money talks, celebs walk.

2138 days ago


What the hell is this jackass smiling about? He turned his friend into a vegatable.

2138 days ago


I think that was Brooke and not Linda!

2138 days ago


He is a celeb. If it happened to anyone of us. We would be in jail for a very long time.

2138 days ago


John should have buckled up. Plain and simple. It is the law. It is his fault. Nick had his seat belt on. The BOTH knew what they were doing. yes, I think Nick is a spoiled kid with no regaurd to the speed limit laws, but it is Johns fault for not buckeling his seat belt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2138 days ago


While the condition of John Graziano is tragic and sad, it was caused by an accident. Put yourselves in the position of using bad judgement, which everyone has done at some point in their life, and having an accident that does this to your best friend. Does an having an accident mean you should spend the rest of your life in jail? Really?

2138 days ago


I know I shouldn't expect any common sense here, but come on TMZ. Bringing up the fact that kid is in a vegatative state every time is just ridiculous. Nick has to live with the fact that he did this to his friend for the rest of his life. It will stick with him forever. Let's all for a moment forget that he has a famous father. Let's remember that he was a 17 yr old kid who made a very bad descision, one that will haunt him forever. He served his sentence according to the guidlines of the court. Stop acting like he did this on perpose..Oh and the OJ thing is an aweful comparrison. OJ brutally and purposefully murdered 2 people and wrote a book admitting he did it under the guise "IF I did it" and is a pompous ass! Nick was at fault, but it was not intentional, and he did serve time. OJ was intentional and didn't serve a day for what he did? But you think this is more disgusting??? Funny, maybe you should go back and read up on the details of what happened or go to

2138 days ago


WOW thats all I can stay to u all

2137 days ago


I think the perfect reality show would be for Nick to join the Marines. He would learn how to be a man and act like a man. You don't leave a close friend who you say you consider a brother at an accident scene and run away. Learn to accept responsibility for your actions. Learn that your actions affect more than just youself. Learn what it is to be in a true Brotherhood. You are not a Marine for the term of your enlistment, you are a Marine for life. Whatever you decide to do Nick, it's time to grow up and be a MAN.


2137 days ago

James B    

In jail for life? Compared to O.J. the knife slaser of two people? The only reason this kid got the time he got was because of his celebraty status, otherwise he would have got a suspended sentance. I don,t wear a seatbelt when I drive, except when I drive my 69 Muatang. When I drive with friends that tailgate I put on a seatbelt on because they crare the hell out of me. Perhaps if you do a tour in iraq you seem invinsible and don't need a seetbelt even though you see the driver put one on. The adult in the car made his chose, the minor was being like we were as teenagers. remember 140 mph on bald tires? (Same Mustang) JIm Berglof.

2137 days ago


this guy ,,,,the one in hospital,is he a stupid or just no sit belt?if you are with some one in a car u better be waike and see what is up ,if you cant take the heath get out of the kitchem,and he is a adult,deal with the hole ting now.

2137 days ago


Im just getting around to this, but i am. It realy makes me feel horrible when i hear so many people being judgmental on a teenager. and i know that when you all were teenagers you screwed up and if you say you havn't then your lying. and every single one of you judgmental retards have been speeding at some point in your lifetime. now while i agree that nick should not have gotten away scott free, and was continuosly unsafe while behind the wheel. Nick did not have his friend at gunpoint telling him to get in the car. and one is just as guilty as the other and one is luckier than the other. it is the way of life that bad things happen. But it realy disgust me that all these people are bashing a kid, just because he is famous, if he wasn't you all would not give a damb. And read the bible some time, your not suppose to judge. you all are just jeaolous and have nothing else to do but bash people in a higher social class than yourselves.

2085 days ago


I think Nick should not have had to suffer in jail at all and should now get somebody to write is biography and cash in on his ordeal, after all, he is the son of someone who is world famous for pretending to make miraculous recoveries from severe beatings (what an actor!). Are you saying Hulk spent all those hours under a sunbed for nothing? He has a great tan and blown up arms and therefore his kids should be able to do whatever they want.

2068 days ago


In fact, im suprised Nick even crashed, what with him being a pro mopar drift racer, which surely must mean he's super talented behind the wheel?

2068 days ago
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