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Phelps Gets High on $5,000 Pot

10/21/2008 12:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Phelps has a serious chip on his shoulder -- and even more in his pockets.

Captain Speedo is on a serious mission to become a respected world-class poker player ... and he's off to a pretty good start. Phelps hit the poker room at the Bellagio in Vegas the other day, where he strapped on his iPod, cracked open a Bud Lite, and ponied up at a no-limit Texas Hold 'em game.

We're told at one point, Phelps raked in a pot worth around $5,000! But there's more...

Over the weekend, Phelps entered a No Limit tourney at Caesars Palace, where he placed 9th out of 187 entrants. In fact, he did so well, Phelps was even awarded a cheesy gold medallion. Gotta love that.

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artie help    

kelly ripa has great feet.

2171 days ago


You aren't allowed to have an iPod on while at the table, same goes for cell phones or any other electronic device. That's a breach of house rules.

2171 days ago


lol i was going to say the same thing about the ipod and cell phones, whats up with that? either they treat him like he is famous and dont care or tmz shows fake photo's

2171 days ago


Dude. He's Michael freakin Phelps. He can do whatever he wants.

2171 days ago


Rules are Rules, and no one should be treated lesser than the next, its discrimination!!!!!! he is no better than anyone else.

2171 days ago

Spellcheck King    

He's better than you #5......
What have you done with your life?

2171 days ago


Yeah, he only broke a bunch of world records and won more medals than anyone ever. No biggie. This morning I only hit the snooze button 4 times. That's a big accomplishment for me. He's no better than anyone else!


2171 days ago


The olympics are over. No more Phelps stories for 4 years, PLEASE! He's vile.

2171 days ago


They can go ahead and hang Fort Knox around Michael Phelps' neck... all the gold in the world isn't going to buy him a personality. Maybe a little gold could help pay someone to fix that lispy, mush-mouth speech impediment of his, though.

2171 days ago


I'm offended as a lush that you spelled Bud Light wrong. It's MILLER LITE that spells it with the i-t-e. Bud Light is spelled exactly like this. Come on, TMZ, get it right!

2171 days ago


You're allowed to listen to your ipod dumb asses. Who doesn't listen to music while at the poker table? Phil Ivey has been doing for years. Even before he was famous. You people suck at life, and that makes me happy. Bc you're the street cleaners of America.

2171 days ago


Why doesn't he just go away?! He's not a celebrity! He's just an ugly big eared ADD freak! I want to flick his ears like the kids used to do when he was in school. Remember that, Phelps? FLICK! FLICK! Retard...

2171 days ago


Hey Knobs-
what casino do you play at- I was at Foxwoods last Sunday playing no limit, and half the players had Ipods.
The bigger question is, where is Phelp's chips- he looks busted.

2171 days ago

Who Dat?    

The fact that TMZ can't even spell "Bud Light" correctly proves what sort of NERDS work there!!! Get your pasty white a$$ out from behind your computer screen and go talk to an actual human being in a bar.

2171 days ago


to number 6 respons, I said that he was no better than anyone else, so you ask me what I have done with my life? well I never said I was better than anyone else, im just a plain jane who works for child support collecting money from dead beat parents, (sound familiar?) I take care of my family and have worked since I was 16, I do alot of Charity contributions and every year I send several Holiday stockings that are about 2 feet tall to the Troops with Needed items in them that they have asked for, I have no family ever in the military but choose to do this for my country as a citizen. so I have not done much with my life. But from the way you speak to people it seens your pretty much a looser.

2171 days ago
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