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Brit Member of Miley High Club

10/22/2008 12:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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That is beyond GROSSE, how the hell can women find that attractive, besides, he looks GAY

2194 days ago

Research both before you condem, there are zealots on both sides    

My chest is raw, burnt and itchy, yet I still go for radiation so I will be alive to teach and love and protect my kids. As I approached the radiation room today, I thought of it like a torture chamber. Then it hit me, John McCain went through torture and now he is running for President. A light at the end of my radiation tunnel. A hero to look up to. Then I thought what has Obama ever DONE that I could look up to? I could think of nothing. I am no longer undecided. You can look at Obamas inexperience with Palins, and come up with the same argument and solution, they will not be alone. They will have advisers to help them make decisions. Who were Obamas advisers before running for office? Criminals. Is there any wonder how he is able to raise so much money? I don't think its from us Joe the Plumber type people. Then it came like a flood the Fairness Doctrine limits speech, He gave ACORN money and they have scandalously made up voters. He also wants ACORN to be tax exempt. Who is going to pay for all these people to try and weed through which voters really exist as ACORN floods the system with fake voters? WE ARE. The man Obama brought his house from ( @ $300,000 ) below market value is a criminal named Rezko. Obamas preacher of over 20 years was spewing anti American sermons. This is Obamas track record.

War Hero tortured for America

No executive experience who hangs around with Anti Americans and Criminals

When you take away all the B.S. Promises, which often change after election. this is what you have? We have become so addicted and inundated with side shows, we need to look at the facts before we pull that lever. This is possibly one of the greatest elections that will become part of America's history. The smooth talking socialist who plays on our current crises to scare us away from another republican. Or the proven Maverick Hero who is does not owe favors and chooses what he believes is correct regardless of who offers up the idea. I just hope you can see as I do now that I have put all the side shows on the shelf, the decision seems blatantly obvious. Vote McCain
Put Obama in public relations not the White House.

And for all you who are voting for a man because of his skin color, this man went to Harvard and lived wealthy, he does not represent you. President Lincoln, the tall wrinkly unattractive exterior is still the man who fought for your freedom, he was also white, and the troops who fought for your freedom, also white. This is not about color, it is about Americas Freedom.

2194 days ago


so hot!!!

2194 days ago


I'm sorry, but I don't find this attractive at all. I mean, they have veins popping out of the surface of their skin they probably would wear a bigger bra size than I wear, and the more muscular the man, the chubbier they look when fully clothed when the muscles are hidden under fabric.

It's just not attractive.

Give me strong but lean and cute anyday

2194 days ago

brazen weep    


2194 days ago


This is exactly what Madonna's body looks like!!!!

Radiation John, Good luck to you....................I totally agree with you.

2194 days ago

the ronster    

I think I need a closer look! yum yum

2194 days ago


Ewwwww! That's nasty looking! Nice face though.

2194 days ago


Radiation John, while I have sympathy for you that you are enduring the ravages of cancer, I in no way compare what you are going through with John McCain's war experience making him a capable leader.
I know a lot of real F**k Ups who have joined the military and fought in Iraq and are in no way qualified to lead. Bush never fought in any wars, what made him qualified to lead for 8 years??? Furthermore, lets not compare Palin to Obama. He is a Senator, she is a Governor of east BumF**k who can see Russia from her back yard.
Keep burying your radiated head in the sand and us informed voters will take care of everything on election day.

2194 days ago


I can honestly look you in the eye and say I do not find this man attractive AT ALL. "Toned" is nice but theres a limit...and this guy has gone WAY beyond the limit. I'll take Miley's Dirty Old man underewar model over this guy anyday!

2194 days ago


His veins look like steroids are coursing through them.

2194 days ago


Homeboy has MEGA gay-face during that video. He's too chiseled...weird.

2194 days ago


Some of the most gross, gay looking pictures you have ever posted!

2194 days ago

oh la la Paris is hot    

Yep his is gay and use to serve up drinks at the gay bar "Here" all shirtless and sweaty and has been a fixture in the A List Gay scene in LA for years. He is hot in person and very nice.

Queen Bee

2194 days ago


Who cares if he is gay he is HOT! and his muscles well i see he has a pretty strong looking one where it counts.

2194 days ago
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