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See You Next Tuesday, John McCain!

10/22/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What do John McCain, Jane Fonda, Harvey Levin and Kyra Phillips have in common?


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I am an American born in the Middle East. See? This is the problem. People like you. This isn't YOUR country anymore than it is mine. Just because I was born overseas and raised all over the world, doesn't mean that you are any better or American than I am. If it weren't for people like you, trying to differentiate between us, we wouldn't have hate in the country. And you should care what the rest of the world thinks because it is the rest of the world that America will have to protect itself against id McCain wins and follows in Bush's footsteps. Get your head out of your *ss. I think you need some fresh air; your brain seems to be lacking oxygen.

2201 days ago

Big Mr. P    

#44 - Frankly I think your from Mars.

2201 days ago


Go McCain!!! And TMZ, that is the exact word I would use to describe Jane Fonda, and most of Hollyweird for that matter.
People, keep this country a democracy, vote McCain Nov. 4th.

2201 days ago


"44. Iran....I came from Iran! you have a problem with that?

Posted at 2:28PM on Oct 22nd 2008 by Mhenad"

Cute. I didn't post that sh*t. My father is from GA and my mother is from TN. I was born overseas because my father was in the military. How's that for a rude awakening?

2201 days ago

Big Mr. P    

Mhned - Funny I thought you came from Mars. My bad.

2201 days ago


It ain't over til the fat lady sings, and Obama is going to be singing "boo-hoo" when McCain takes this election! Screw what the media and biased liberal polls say, they're all in Obama's pocket anyway.

Joe Biden is going to regret the day he ran with Obama.


2201 days ago


Republicans are trying to ruin America.


2201 days ago


The closer it gets to November 4, the more sh!t is being revealed on who Obamie really is. The New York Times (who is a major democratic supporter) ran an article this morning on ACORN.Before, they were clearly stating that ACORN was just a Fox News thing. Not any more! The FBI is investigating and it will all be revealed. Funny, Obamie ran a "non profit" voting charity very similiar to ACORN. Hmmmm!

As to the 150k that Srah Palin has spent on clothes for herself and her family to wear while campaigning, after the election "everything" will be donated to charity. The monies were donated to his campaign and it is their decision to do with the money what they want. It is a hell of a lot better than spending 5 million dollars for two 30 second commercials as did the Obamie camp!

God help us if this, well, I don't know what to call him, gets elected!

2201 days ago


Enough with the $150,000 on clothes for Palin. If you weren't such an uninformed MSNBC watcher, you would know the clothes are all being auctioned off for Charity. Obama will only wear "custom" made Burberry suits...what do you think those cost????? Obama is a phony, egomaniac....oh, and also a LIAR!
Get a clue, get informed....

2201 days ago

Independent for Barack    

Amazing how ignorant people posting here are.Vote obama!

2201 days ago


"50. Mhned - Funny I thought you came from Mars. My bad.

Posted at 2:34PM on Oct 22nd 2008 by Big Mr. P"

And I think you come from LAME.

To anyone with any sense, THIS:

"51. Republicans are trying to ruin America.


Posted at 2:35PM on Oct 22nd 2008 by Mhenad"

I'm not even Muslim btw but I do speak Arabic and I can tell you that I would take pride in being a Muslim any day of the week if it meant that I would be less hateful than you are.

This post was not posted by me and I have reported this and the other fake response saying I am from Iran to TMZ. This is McCain's way of winning. Spreading lies and hate. I would wish the Republican party good luck cause they obviously need it but I don't want you winning so I won't. Try relying on facts and not lies though. I think it may help.

2201 days ago


I wish Sarah Palin would not wear any clothes! Unless she wears a Burkha!


2201 days ago


#31 - At least we know what the Republicans are spending on. Obama won't even cough up the receipts from his own campaign!

With Obama there will be less transparency and more bureaucracy. That's what socialism looks like.

2201 days ago

Big Mr. P    

#55 - Allan - you are the ignorant one if your going to vote for a guy with 146 days experience. A boy who should not be dog catcher. Ha Ha.

2201 days ago


No one cares where you are from. but you have to be born in the USA to be president. that is how it has always been and that isn't going to change.

2201 days ago
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