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Wasted Kendra -- a Flash of Desperation

10/22/2008 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that all the girls at the mansion are being replaced by younger, trashier, twin-ier models, a stumbling, bumbling Kendra Wilkinson had to find some way to remain relevant after partying in a Hollywood nightclub last night.
Kendra Wilkinson: Click to watch
Yeah, this works.


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13. Kendras boobs bring out the political -Least not we forget the international terrorist act that happened just shortky after the republicans took office.

Posted at 9:45AM on Oct 22nd 2008 by dumbasses

you said it SHORTLY AFTER...DUMB ASS remember who was there before the HORNEY MR CLINTON..

2192 days ago


low class - stop embarrassing yourself and stay home

2192 days ago


Do men really like those hard-looking, fake boobs? A nice rack looks great, but two oranges stuck under your skin..... not!

2192 days ago


6. I'd still Lick that!..for hrs an hrs...and her Ahole too...umm! good!

Posted at 9:38AM on Oct 22nd 2008 by by cracky

15. Heres reality for ya..can you say MUFF DRIVE!!!..stand back it's my turn!

Posted at 9:47AM on Oct 22nd 2008 by by cracky

Dude you need to get a BLOW UP DOLL your gross...

2192 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

How a doctor be earning a quid, gettin' his jollies off whores like this if ye all be scarin' 'em off?

Come hither, ladies of the night, I'll do ye for naught!

2192 days ago

Mike B    

Bring on the porn movies for her. I can't wait!

2192 days ago


it's not like you can't see that boob any time you want. Nothing special anymore, hef turned you into a has been! The old prev.

2192 days ago


I recently saw a picture of an old lady that had implants a long time ago, I guess when they first came out and it is not a pretty sight. She was real skinny with skin just hanging on her. But the big round globes on her chest stood straight out. They looked so disgusting and didn't fit her body. This is what Kendra and all the rest of the BOOBS that have implants will look like when life pulls out the GETTING OLD card.

2192 days ago


Big deal if you have ever looked at a playboy most people have already seen her boobs. She posed twice. They look like any other fake pair.

2192 days ago

Priscilla. Queen of the Desert sequel Fan    

Based upon Kendra's Helium to Buoyancy Breast ratio, it is my humble opinion that there is a gravitational pull effect that does alter the longitude and latitude positioning of the male penis.

2192 days ago

Bias Much?    

Ah, now that she is no longer being taken care of by Hef, her true colors are shining through. She is going to show the world how trashy we already knew she really was...poor little Kendra - your 15 minutes are up!

2192 days ago


30. doesn't seem like she has self-esteem issues to me - she is showing them proudly as she should! gorgeous kendra. don't listen to these bitches! you always look great!

Posted at 10:38AM on Oct 22nd 2008 by What, Bitches??

Yeah, silly for anyone to think that she would have self esteem issues because the only way she knows how to get noticed is by getting undressed.

btw, if you gonna show of your boobs, at least wait until you've had a decent boob job. Her's look horrible.

2192 days ago


She flashed on the show all the time too..what else is new...not like we haven't all seen them already anyway

2192 days ago

Kool Aid 28    

Honestly, is loosing Hef so bad that you have to drown you sorrows? Oh, it must have been loosing his money!

2192 days ago


I think she looks cute and hey, I know plenty of girls who flash when they're butt wasted. We all have our own vices.... That guy who is driving the getaway vehicle is pretty damn hot!!

2192 days ago
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