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Joy to Elisabeth - "I Will Burn You Down"

10/23/2008 4:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

And you thought things got hot on-air at "The View."

Things got so nuclear, according to a report on Defamer, after the show yesterday, Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck were screaming at one another. It started with a Hasselbeck comment about Joy shilling her stand-up show on-air, prompting some back and forth yelling that ended with Joy telling Elisabeth to "f**k off."

A "View" rep says the story is "completely ridiculous and untrue."


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Sara - It's true EH doesn't back down, neither do any of the other panelists and I'm not sure I would want her to shut up - that's really not the point of "hot topics". If there is one true name caller on the panel it is Joy Behar. EH has as much "experience" as the other women on the show (as little as that may be) and therefore has a right to her own opinion. As far as civil rights and African-American history - I really don't know what that has to do with it. I know much about African-American history - does that mean I understand and can speak intelligently about the viewpoints of a poor white child or a middle-class white suburban mother? Knowing about racism or Afro-Amer history does not make me an expert on american policies. I fully understand the history of a black person in america, but I can tell you honestly I've never been denied a seat on the bus. Because my ancestors were discriminated against does that mean I must automatically cast a vote for a man to be president simply because he is black? It seems to me that would be discrimination in reverse. Yes, it's reality that my ancestors were discriminted against, so were jews, so were many others. If I were to cast a vote for Obama for that reason, I would be living in the past and not working towards the future - which is brighter than it ever has been for a black woman in america. As I said - I'm undecided - I'm still weighing the facts. You're right - Barack Obama just may be the next president of the USA. That doesn't mean that my life will get any easier because he understands what it's like to be black. Don't forget that Obama said the words "spread the wealth" - THAT's why people call him a communist. I believe in LESS government and LESS taxes - clearly Obama is for more of both. That's not an opinion - they are his own words. Based on my income - John McCain would lower my taxes by $1,800 - Obama would lover them by $900. Each american must decide for themselves and not simply decide based on the color of someone's skin. Thanks for making me "think"!!!

2153 days ago


If there is no balance, you have no "views". If everyone agrees, what's the point? Think about that when you vote and the US will have only one point of "view".. Liberal free spending democrats who brought the US to it's knees.. all you have to do is look at where the housing bust is located.. all democratic strongholds.. then you have the Freddies who were in "bed" with Barney Frank, the homo tyrannist.......... Dems be afraid.. you may get this election, but if you F### it up, you won't be in power for centuries...........

2153 days ago


For some reaxson I was unabe to post to the View's site, however I was outraged at the question Elisabeth made asking Joy as she passed her a cup “Do you want some more of Barack Obama Kool-Aid or what would you like” The response from the audience was even that of shock. Finally, her true color. That is the reason she cannot comprehend when Woopi tries to explain the struggle of the black’s in America. I remember when Sherrie told us that some of her Uncle’s are voting for Barack just because of being black. Weeks later Elisabeth made a comment about how ignorant it would be for people to vote for him just because of his color. I would like Mrs. Hasselbeck to do some research about the relationship Kool aid has when speaking of a black person.I guess Mrs. Hasselback and Bill O’Reilly think since Joy like Barack she is a black (%$^&*&) lover. You can always tell how a person is when they are up against a wall. Her true self came out today. Cannot wait to see how she explains this one. Exposed

2153 days ago

Missy Sarrens    

Elisabeth you are great! Just know that Joy is a real bitch, she thinks she is funny but really all she is is a ugly big nose know it all! The View should not be called the View as they all have the same opinion except for Elisabeth. People should ban the View.

2153 days ago

maggie mae    

Barbara should be ashamed of herself for letting what happened on the show with O'Reilly. Joy is obnoxious, Elizabeth is a jerk and Sherry is in the middle. If you don't agree with Joy, off with your head. Elizabeth just doesn't get it. This show is supposed to be the "VIEW? But obviously, Joy, Barbara and Elizabeth don't know the definition. The show should be cancelled.

2153 days ago


The problem with Elisabeth is that she is unable to express her views without going wacko.

She's a horrible example of a conservative woman and makes all conservatives look bad.

2153 days ago


Joy Behar is the biggest idiot ever. I cannot stand her!

2153 days ago


The only people that could possibly agree with Elisabeth are not worth paying attention to. Obama is going to win...... so the laughs on them!!!

2153 days ago


To the poster who had this comment: "Then she wore her AMERI'MCCAIN tshirt, that was WRONG as she is supposed to be like a journalist and not show favortism that way. I don't see Joy wearing an Obama tshirt on there. "

First of all, Elizabeth is NOT a journalist. She is some person who starred in a reality show who now gets to voice her opinion on a show with a whole bunch of other opinions. If you believe they are "journalists" then that would make Joy one too...if that's true, then where does she get off going on Larry King last night and saying she thinks McCain is suffering from PTSD. That's a dangerous area for Joy to be getting into....last time I checked...she didn't have a medical license did she? Let's be honest...Joy and Elizabeth are both obnoxious...but lately Joy has become a real PITA! She is like a little kid who pouts when things don't go her way. Her idea of helping Obama win is to belittle "Joe the Plumber" Way to go Joy! You just proved what a bitter jerk you really are!

2151 days ago


I didn't think the comment Elisabeth made to Joy about drinking the Obama kool-aid was racial. I heard that same statement on the Nancy Grace show, when that retired detective who is on her show frequently (I can't think of his name), made the same statement recently about someone drinking the "Casey Anthony kool-aid", and that definately was not racial. If you want to take Elisabeth's statement to Joy as being racial, you can, but I certainly didn't think it was. You interpret things that you hear, the way you want. And if you are looking to find something negative, then you will find it. Also, I'd like to add, that I think Joy is the biggest jerk. I really wish she'd leave the show. She is nothing but a bully. And a bully is nothing more than a coward.

2140 days ago

Fed up    

So....a contestant on a ridiculous, "kill them before they kill you" television show, former shoe salesperson and uneducated bink gets a role on television, with no experience, education, training, or diplomacy. She's spews her judgment as easily as she takes a sip of water without caring what others think or feel, because she feels she's been given a forum and a right. But who really gave her the right to comment on anything. Look where it's coming from....her lack of knowledge, credibility, and questionable tactics smack of a person who has gotten too comfortable in her role. America has the nasty habit of giving celebrities or celebutants, even losers from a tv game show, too much power, and then we balk when these poor simple and ego-maniacle souls assume the position. Congratulations America, you're responsible for creating monsters like Elizabeth. Why not give the attention to doctors who save lives, organizations that save children from starvation or war...what...death and destruction not enough drama for you?

2140 days ago


Here's a good RUMOR going around - it's not based in fact.
"Joy is boycotting the show until Elisabeth apologizes for her hysterical rants against our new President. Ms. Walters, and Mario, didn't mention Joy at all during 11/07's show. And Elis. has been very demure for the past few days. Maybe The View has to decide - keep EH and lose Joy, or keep (veteran) Joy and find a way to lose EH."

2139 days ago

Trying to be civil..!!!!    

Walters isn't much of a journalist anymore. Joy Behar looks like she's always burping and shooting off gas...and she must have fleas always messing with her flippin hair...i can't stand to watch the view anymore because of the dope's that habit won't learn anything except how to be a useless liberal mouth....Grow -Up Women and lets try to be decent!!

2072 days ago


Joy Behar is not joyful or funny. She is an idiot and needs to leave "the view". Joy is emotionally disturbed and intellectually bankrupt and really needs to leave her BS on her own show.

1432 days ago
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