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Joy to Elisabeth - "I Will Burn You Down"

10/23/2008 4:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

And you thought things got hot on-air at "The View."

Things got so nuclear, according to a report on Defamer, after the show yesterday, Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck were screaming at one another. It started with a Hasselbeck comment about Joy shilling her stand-up show on-air, prompting some back and forth yelling that ended with Joy telling Elisabeth to "f**k off."

A "View" rep says the story is "completely ridiculous and untrue."


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Elisabeth, we really like you on the show.........I wouldn't even watch if you wasn't on their.... Get rid of Joy....... the show would be alot better........

2153 days ago


The bionic talking witch needs to fly away.

2153 days ago


Post number 12 is so right about Elizabeth spouting off ridiculous crap she hears on Fox news and right winged radio, I can't wait until Obama wins and she has to slink out to the table. I cannot believe Repulblicans have not learned how bad off this country is after the last 8 years. Please use your brains when you go into the voting booth!

2153 days ago


I Cant Wait to Go Vate for McCain.
And maybe after he wins....all this liberal hollwood crowd can move outta the country and take the book The King and a Prince with them.

2153 days ago


Joy is AWESOME!!!! She's got more guts than anybody on that show. And she held her own against that idiot O'Reilly. I don't count Elisabeth Hasslbitch. She is no match for anybody with a brain.

Why is Elisabeth still on that show? Nowhere else to go I guess. Who would want her?!

2153 days ago


jot treats people badly in the hopes of it getting aired on on the other tv shows. She wants attention desperatly.
And whats with her twitching all the time ?

2153 days ago



2153 days ago


I am an indenpendent single black woman and have NOT yet decided on who will get my vote. But I MUST say, I have watched the View on several occassions and found that Joy Behar is rude. Each of the women express their opinions clearly and civily except for Behar. She talks down to anyone that has an opinion that differs from hers. She became very upset when Hasselback made a comment that Obama's ideas (in her opinion) were like communisim - but just a few minutes earlier I heard her say outright that Rush Limbaugh was a terrorist. I find it very difficult to watch Joy Behar. Has anyone ever noticed that when she says something that she thinks in funny - she is the only one that laughs? I realize that she believes she is a comedian, but clearly she's only funny in her own head. Barbara should take notice that Hasselback is constantly interupted. Elizabeth allows others to "fully" express their opions but when she has the floor is interupted constantly by the other women. It would be nice if she were allowed to finish her sentences and allow the viewers to hear what she has to say and make up their own minds. I give Hasselback high marks for showing up to work everyday even though she knows that she will not be treated fairly by her co-workers. I know I couldn't do it. You go girl.

2153 days ago


Yesterday wa good!

Bill O'Reilly had Joy squirming in her seat. It was hysterical!

2153 days ago


I hate that show. Hasselbeck is the worst thing on there. Rosie had her number a long time ago. They should have left her on that friggin island. She adds nothing to that show. No one cares about her ridiculous comments, let alone, that her husband plays football. She needs to go bye bye.

2153 days ago



2153 days ago


I find it almost comical that some of you are defending Bill O'Reilley by saying how poorly he was treated on The View, have any of you seen how he treats his guests? He is one of the rudest people I have ever seen.As for Elizabeth there an "off " switch on that motor mouth of her's, god she never shuts up and 90% of what comes out of her mouth is not factual.I agree Joy can get hot under the collar but at least she is intelligent!

2153 days ago


Is it "The View" or "The Gang"? I am tired of seeing four dems gang up on Elizabeth. The whole thing is sickening, but I suppose it improves the ratings of a show going down the tube fast. The ultimate display of a woman whose view I would not respect was when Babs mocked Elizabeth by whining and immitating her. Enough already. Funny thing is I used to be decidedly Democrat, but its the behavior of people like these women, especially, Joy and Barbara, and the other leftest media that have made me turn the chanel to the other side of the aisle. If The View is trying to get me to vote for Obama, its not working.

2153 days ago


Elizabeth, if FOX is offering you a job, please move away from these liberal demons. If you can't brag about dating a married man, like Barbara, or make it permissable for Whoppie to say the "N" word, or act like a man inside a womans body like Joy, then you are in the wrong company. I thought a lot of Barbara until the confessions she made. Now she's not so cute. Elizabeth save your reputation, and leave them behind to waller in evil themselves. You don't want to fit "with" those excuses for females.

2153 days ago


They would all be out of job if Elizabeth wasn't there. It would be soooooo boring!

2153 days ago
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