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Joy to Elisabeth - "I Will Burn You Down"

10/23/2008 4:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

And you thought things got hot on-air at "The View."

Things got so nuclear, according to a report on Defamer, after the show yesterday, Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck were screaming at one another. It started with a Hasselbeck comment about Joy shilling her stand-up show on-air, prompting some back and forth yelling that ended with Joy telling Elisabeth to "f**k off."

A "View" rep says the story is "completely ridiculous and untrue."


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Joy - the violent one - must have gone to terror training camp!!! NOW she is a leader!!!!

2160 days ago


I stopped watching The View over four years ago. The only VIEW that is truly allowed to be heard or spoken on this show is the liberal view. If they would add another conservative voice or even a moderate voice, it would be more a true demographic. I am a conservative woman, as like many of my friends. The views of these hate spewing liberal women on this show in no way reflect those of me or most of my friends. I understan that it is Hollywood, but puhlease!! Joy never lets anyone with a differing opinion get a word in edge wise and BABS let's the BS go on. I do have to say that since Whoopi joined the show - when I catch it now & then - she is the voice of reason - who would have thought , although I do not agree with her political views, I can at least listen to her!!

2160 days ago


joy is wound so tight her head is going to explode

2160 days ago

Bobby D.    

Joy is a self congratulating, talentless pig of a whore.

2160 days ago


joy should be joyful

2160 days ago


i bet joy had to run to her therapist right after the show

2160 days ago


I'm one of those people who agrees with certain issues on both the left and the right, so I appreciate the concept of having a show with varying viewpoints. But Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar are not who I would choose to express their different "views." Joy is loud, shouts over people, and can be a bully to others who don't share her opinions. And Elisabeth--bless her heart--isn't all that bright. It's clear that she simply repeats information she hears without researching its validity herself. People like that are quite scary (on both the left and right), and their blind belief of any and every political rumor they hear is part of what's turned this year's election so nasty. Simply put, Joy and Elisabeth are there for ratings, plain and simple. It's just sad that a seasoned journalist like Barbara Walters would sacrifice the integrity of the original mission of her show to entertain these at fights and gain ratings.

2160 days ago


The comments sound like they are coming from all the Hollyweird for Obama nuts. I can't belive that all these hollywood nuts want there wealth to be spread around...
Elizabeth is a stand up woman. Joy is a miserable waste of humanity. I can't stand watching these hollyweird types make such a**** of themselves. You go Elizabeth. Tell those whoremongers where it is at!

2160 days ago



2160 days ago


Elisabeth is a dope. The other hosts don't want anyone but her on the show because they can actually out talk and out bully her. Anyone else would put them in their place with ease.

2160 days ago


i wish that O'reilly would have kissed Joy boy i am sure she would have flipped out and had to be carry off the looney bin

2160 days ago


The show is called the view, but I think all the girls need to be more open-minded with their views. Joy and Elizabeth are on complete opposite sides of the spectrum, so when ever you have any two people who feel like this, some heated arguments are going to occur. I really didnt appreciate Elizabeths comment to Joy, saying that she is drinking from the same Kool-aid, as Obama. We all know black people drink the most Kool-aid, so was this meant to be a racist statement?

I think Elizabeth will move to Fox news, where she belongs. I am a Republican, but for the first time, am voting for a Dem. The way the economy is, on a verge of a depression ( we are laready in a recession, truth be told) how can anyone in their right mind vote for MC Cain? Not one thing will change if he gets elected, nothing of any substance. This doesnt affect the wealthy, but if the average person doesnt see this, then they are blinded by racism and will not vote for Obama, because they do not want to see a black man as president. They would never admit this, but its true. They will use the excuse of Obama not having experience... Look at what Bushs' experience has cost us.

2160 days ago

Barb G    

I think it's time for all the others to leave the View and get new ones' to co host with Elisibath. First of all the comment Joy made to Elisabeth is a threat and should have legal actions taken against her. And for all the others, you're morans. If you can't accept her views then your small minds need to learn to accept views of others without acting like morans. Oh, Whopee if your happy paying more taxes, maybe you will be happy paying the taxes for all of us that can't afford all your glorified programs. We all don't make millions like you. Think about it. You're the biggest moran of all.

2160 days ago

Conservative myself    

I like Elisabeth. I do not like watching the view anymore because they are so Obama focused and biased in EVERYTHING they do as it pertains to politics. I do not know how Elisabeth stands it. The show is there for them ALL to discuss THEIR opinions. They gang up on Elisabeth. I have lost all respect for Barbara, Joy and Whoopi. ABC has lost this viewer for allowing some of the trash talk that they have on this show particularly as it pertains to politics. I am for McCain yes and I am a registered Democrat. Elisabeth you keep your gound!!!

2160 days ago


jazz- when NOHOPE OBAMA gets in he will redistribute the wealth so hand over your money so i can sit home and watch the view

2160 days ago
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