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Nick Hogan and Pal Race Over to LAX

10/23/2008 5:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just two days after being released from a Florida jail, Nick Hogan and Danny Jacobs, the guy he was racing the night of his infamous car crash that left his BFF John Graziano in a vegetative state, arrived at LAX.

Despite 166 days in the slammer, Nick still hasn't lost touch with some of his friends.


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Hey, Nick. The Cross is a nice touch. (PLEEESZZZZZEWEEES).

2189 days ago


Look at 'em, looking all ganster! WTF! and both just standing there pulling on their puds. I think the bigger piece of S*H*I*T in this picture is the dude next to Little Butt Plug Nick.........He must really be proud of himself to have a D*I*C*K*H*E*A*D as a friend..........The next picture is Little Butt Plug Nick calling home to Mommy crying for some more cash. What this kid needs is a serious a$$ whipping and I mean one that leave bruises, welts and forever scars.

2189 days ago

Scott Johnson    

Nick thinks that he has done his "hard time" and it's time to party. Never has he said "I take responsibility for what happened". No sir, it was his buddy's fault for not wearing a seatbelt, the other drivers fault, toyota for making the car and finally - the best one of all - That it was Gods will. And that his morality challenged parents and scrag sister would go along with this shows they are just the lowest rubbish on the planet.
We can only hope that "Gods will" visits you and your awful family again but with better aim.

2189 days ago


Wait till YOU make a mistake and people rip you to death. The man did his time he served his sentence and ids working on getting his frined money for all the medical bills. EVERYTHING ELSE IS IRRELEVANT ALLYOU ONLINE TOUGH GUYS.

2189 days ago

al loanese    

wonder if his booty is still sore from letting bubbah do him in the clinker...seems like he must like getting booy busted...harvey levine...your turn now...nick will bend over for any penis, if given a reality show. hey nick, why not commit fits you!

2189 days ago

name withheld    

LOL What a puss. Where are Nicks arm muscles? He should have been workin out instead of crying to mommy. Lloooooserr

2189 days ago


Insinuating that Nick Hogan should commit suicide #54- ridiculous.

The fact of the matter is--- NICK was in the car, JOHN was in the car. JOHN chose not to wear a seatbelt. JOHN knew that Nick drove like a maniac-- as his erratic driving behavior had been chronicled in the tabloids and TMZ prior to the incident. NICK chose to drive like a maniac on that unfortunate day. Both young men made very big and costly mistakes-only difference- one is able to talk about it and the other-- can't.

2189 days ago

nira k    

Trying to get a photo op by going to LAX, the little turd. He should be going to John's bedside to visit and beg the family for forgiveness. What a slime ball Nick is. Hope he didn't give any of the inmates one of his diseases when he was in jail.

2189 days ago


I vaguely recall that much earlier, his family asked if he could do probation in California because they were planning to move there. I think the answer was yes. So they probably got the paperwork going before his release.

2189 days ago


Leave the kid alone. He did the time and now let's just move on. Sorry that John got messed up, but life does go on for everyone. this is old news now.

2189 days ago

Black Power    

They look like Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber. Two idiots who probably haven't even visited his "friend" John or his family to try and apologize for his actions. His childish baggy atire shows that he has yet to grow up.

2189 days ago


That guy is messed up! I had never seen that before. Buckle up, people. Seat belts do make a difference.

2189 days ago


This low life punk needs life in prison, use him as an example to other low life punks. A slap on the hand just isn't cutting it anymore.

2189 days ago


You know, the more I think about this, the sadder it is. I know it's mean, but why have him in that state when he is never going to recover and has no quality of life left? That canyon in his head proves that. I wouldn't want a life like that. Quantity vs. quality of life. Sad, so sad.

2189 days ago

sean Boland    

Nick is on supervised probation in Florida for 5 years, how did he get a travel permit to go to California so soon after his release. Where is his travel permit??

2189 days ago
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