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Nick Hogan and Pal Race Over to LAX

10/23/2008 5:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just two days after being released from a Florida jail, Nick Hogan and Danny Jacobs, the guy he was racing the night of his infamous car crash that left his BFF John Graziano in a vegetative state, arrived at LAX.

Despite 166 days in the slammer, Nick still hasn't lost touch with some of his friends.


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anyway niks got a di-k the size of my pinkie!
and danny's is huge!!!!!!
trust me i know!

2134 days ago


#13 he is not on probation, he served time so he is free and clear. You only get probation if you dont get a prison sentence. Why shouldnt he live his life, while racing in his car was a stupid idea his friend was along for the ride, they were being typical teenage boys and nick chose to race and his frind chose not to wear his seatbelt while nick was racing. they both made choices and both paid the price for their choice, unfortunately his friends price was lifelong. It is sad, but I dont think nick would be welcomed at the hospital his friend is at, so what do you want him to do stay in his house all day? I dont believe any of you would.

2134 days ago


Guess prison allowed him to perfect his white trash ghetto thug look.

2134 days ago



2134 days ago

just shut up about britney!!    

i have to agree with the other posters, there's NO way nick got permission that fast to leave florida!! i mean, wasn't he released @ 12:30 am?? so in a day and a half, he was able to leave the state? BULL! i hope the fla. courts go after him, because i think anyone on probation, if they wanted to leave the state, it would take more time than that!

2134 days ago


Leave the poor kid alone. He did his time, has to pay a lot of money in restitution, has a messed up family, he isnt asking to be a celeb. Let him live and quit scrutinizing all his moves.

2134 days ago

just shut up about britney!!    

i won't leave him alone, he HAS to follow ALL the provisions in his probation just like anyone else. he should get NO special treatment whatsoever. honestly, he obviously is a very stupid person and so are his parents. and again, he plead no contest kiki, which means he has to accept whatever judgment the court decides. the court decided 5 years supervised probation (maybe unsupervised since he's reached 18) and who cares that he served his time? who cares that he has the right to go on with his life? if you or i violated our probation, we would be picked up in minutes!! MINUTES!! he doesn't want to be scrutinized, then he shouldn't have committed a crime and should've plead not guilty. he's on probation now and has to have PERMISSION to leave the state of florida. he's prob. getting drunk right now, the stupid ass!

2134 days ago


Granted what he did was wrong,and the fact his friend is still in the state he is in *forever* is horrible.However being a driver I can attest that not everyone who gets in my car will wear their seatbelt.I can tell them I want them to wear it but its a personal choice.From reports given about the accident John didnt have his on.Not that it makes it his fault,however he should share in some of the blame of why he is the where he is because he DIDNT put his seatbelt on.It was his choice.It was Nicks to drive fast and act reckless(which im sure John was aware of what was going down just as much as Nick who was driving)..I know kids and how they work.
He did his time we should just leave the families of both men alone and stop dredging up what will inevitably cause both families pain.
As far as Nick visiting John in the hospital I highly doubt Johns family would allow that.The Hogans should step up and help with the medical expenses for John.Not because they have to but because its the HUMAN thing to do.

2134 days ago


He looks Punk, where's his stupid hag mommy??

2134 days ago

Illinois person    

Just look at him acting like the punk he is. What's that say for the other guy, this (Nick) is the best he can find for friend? How sad - for both of them I mean!

2134 days ago


these two look about as gay as a couple can get. hulk hogan should have been sterilized after producing this pile of %$%#@%%$@!.

2134 days ago


This kid is a punk....he just looks like a little a-hole in his wannabe attire. Give me a break. He'll be back in trouble in no time. I feel sorry for Brooke -- she seems like the only one who has a chance...

2134 days ago


He has every right to hang out with friends. Hello have we forgotten ALL involved in that Crash made the decision on their own to get in those cars. Leave Nick alone he did his time he is free now its called America!!!!

2134 days ago


#73 in awe and #80 FlBiker, good posts. As for those of you who keep crying, leave him be, he is just a kid, we all make mistakes etc. Driving is a privilege, not a right. Anybody who chooses to drink and drive wrecklessly is incredibly selfish. Absolutely Graziano was not forced to join in the antics of a punk kid. But after all is said and done he still comes out the biggest loser in this as some choose to call it "accident". As the parents, Linda and Terry Bollea are 100% responsible. Nick was underage when this happened. Car registered to Terry Bollea, under his insurance. They saw their kid drive at the age of 14, followed home by the police. Still they let him get a license. They were both aware of his driving record once he did get a license and did nothing. They allowed a man in his 20's hang around with Nick. Until your kid is 18 you are 100% responsible for them. And I know what a hell of a job it can be. But it seems to me that the Bolleas have done everything they possibly could to enable Nick to have it all and not realize that there are consequences in life. Dysfunctional families are everywhere but the Bolleas are something else. As far as how Nick is dressed, I see that everywhere. And to #101 missy, got news for you kiddo. Just because one serves their time does not me they are off the hook. There are conditions of probation to be followed. Nick did not get a get out of jail free card. I cannot help but feel somewhat sorry for Nick. He doesn't have a chance in hell of making it. He has been raised by a pompous ass who thinks he was somebody special. He was home schooled by a bleached blond nitwit. His father cheats with Brookes friend. His mother now has an affair with a 19 year old. There is something terribly wrong with the entire family and what Terry will never understand is, all the money in the world cannot change anything. What has happened to Graziano is forever. That cannot be undone. Terry made a living as a cartoon character in tights and a feathered boa. He and Linda chose to put themselves and their kids on the tube as an all American family. Now it is all gone. all they have is the spector of a man with a grapefruit sized hole in his head to show for it. As long as Terry and Linda continue to influence their kids, they are truly lost.

2134 days ago

Anna Parrott    

I guess he doesn't care about his mom dating his classmate so he is going to join them in California or maybe he is taking his big friend to go beat the crap out of Charlie Tuna for messing with his stuff while he was in jail. I wonder what is in their backpacks??? Snacks for the flight?

2134 days ago
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