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The Real Transgendered Housewives of Atlanta

10/23/2008 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's Barbie doll-wigged "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kim Zolciak (left) -- and male-to-female transgendered diva Alexis Arquette (right).
Kim and Alexis
One of them says she is 29. Alexis is 39.

We're just sayin'.


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If she is 29, that means she had her now 15 year old daughter at 14! She looks like she is in her mid 40's. She looks way older than me, and I am 38.

2156 days ago


Ok, I normally don't post comments but this one.....I mean COME ON! 29? If she says she's 29, can I say I'm only 100 pounds? LOL

2156 days ago


ya know alex makes one hell of a ugly woman! WTF is that on his bottom lip she trying to cover up with that trailer park red lipstick? big herpe or aids sore? and talk about cheap wigs, his hair look like it came from the dollar general store! good friggin god! what a freak! someone should hook him up with lezlo and sam! lolzzzzzzz

2156 days ago


YOU GUYS ARE SO WRONG! WELL EVIDENTLY SHE HAS HER "BIG POPPA" FOOLED. I THOUGHT SHE WAS AN OLD LOOKING 29 TOO - especially when all of the other wives admit they are 30+!!! Most of the housewives in these segments (Atlanta, New York, and Orange County) are rather pathetic. I guess it's true - there are some thngs money just can't buy!

2156 days ago


If that old fart is 29, I am 11teen! LOL Yea right 29!!! HA who is she lying to? She is more like 39

2156 days ago


Hey, she might be. The sun will kill your skin and make you look WAY older then what you actually are. I suspect she was southern belle tanning queen. Looks like she still is. Bad idea.

Hey, and all you younger ladies on here, watch what you say, because girlfriend if you were a tanning queen in your teens and beyond, this is your future. I'm just lucky, I never tanned or laid out in the sun, wasn't much of a beach person or summer gal. Well, it has paid off now. 41 and damn nice skin, if I don't mind sayin'!

2156 days ago


No way she's 29 - I'm almost 29 and she could pass as my mother!

2156 days ago


Yeah, I had to laugh at the show when she announced she is 29. What a joke. That fake hair, fake boobs, cigarette smoking, and a prostitute to boot! I think "big daddy" is definately married. She says he is a celebrity. Yeah, maybe to her.

2156 days ago


alexis should hv stayed as a man...yikes...disgusting totally fugly.

2156 days ago


I am going to guess Kim is in her 50's. That wig is horrifying...I think she has an adam's apple.

2156 days ago


Kim Zolciak is the dumbest white trash on television, or should I say ghetto white trash.

I watched once and that was in error. I misplaced the remote.

Kim Zolciak brags about being some one's mistress, her source of income.

All of the women equate labels with "class", instead of nouveau riche tackiness.

She is so devoid of taste that she pays a "stylist" to dress he in Alicia Silverstone's old costumes form "Clueless"

The B'day party for her daughter was awful, unfun, unattractive, badly executed, and frankly all of it a bad idea.

This woman and her fake hair should spend more time teaching her daughter manners.

White trash with an old man's money! Ugh

2156 days ago


OMG 29!!!! Why would she even SAY that??? Would you prefer to be looked at as a 29 yr old who evidently must have had a child at 14 and has something seriously wrong with them since they look close to 50, or as a 40 year old who looks good for their age??? I don't even understand the POINT of saying you are 29 when you look at least 20 years older, if you were 29 and looked like that, I'd run the heck away!! And that wig, my god, that wig - does she really think anyone believes that is her real hair? It is disgusting looking, and pathetic....I guess maybe that's what rich people do in Atlanta but in NY or LA I think she'd be white trash!!

Also, the other women on this show are just as vile and pathetic. I've watched the Real Housewives of OC before, and yeah they can be rich and materialistic, but most of them made at least some of their own money and seemed fairly down to earth and had a work ethic.
On this Atlanta show, there is exactly 1 couple I respect, that seems to have a real and loving relationship, and the woman works very hard, and they do not seem to have much if any help in their home (I'm sure they have a cleaning person or whatever, but whenever you see them at home, it's just the 2 of them cooking together or something). The other women are prostitutes, there is just no other way to put it. This one - she's so proud to have a "big poppa" that is married and lives across the country - um, yeah, I'm sure he'll be leaving his wife for you any day! Great example to set for your young daughters -- don't try to be independent and support yourself using your own brains and talents to reach personal goals, prostitute yourself out to married men with a family and they will pay for your new money lifestyle!! Then the other 2 women that are married (not the half Asian one who works hard and seems genuine), don't even seem to know their husbands at all, when they show the couple talking, it seems very awkward like they don't ever really talk to each other. It is just painfully obvious that the couples have nothing in common, and the women are there for the money and the men just wanted a hot wife to be waiting at home for them. Showing those 2 in comparison to the 1 couple who seems to have a good relationship just crystalizes it - you see them acting totally natural with one another, joking, being silly, etc. and then those other couples treat one another like they are a live-in employee or something.

2156 days ago


I agree the daughter's birthday party seemed like just a horrible idea, more for the mom than for her. It costs tens of thousands of dollars, I did not see the young girl smile and look carefree and happy ONCE. I have been to many 12 year old girls' birthday parties....most of them the parents spent maybe $50 total for the party.....and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them seemed to be having much more fun, be much more happy and just appreciative to be having a fun day with friends than this BRAT. They may have just gotten small gifts, but a 12 year old's eyes will just light up with glee when they got something they wanted, even if it is just a $10 or $20 item. No, not this girl - she had a fake smile for about 2 seconds after she got a $2000 purse and then was all bratty again.

2156 days ago


Kim may very well be 29 yrs old . We have to remember that she is a heavy smoker, and it 's a proven fact that smoking ages the face.

2156 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

Both are FUGLY.

2156 days ago
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