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The Real Transgendered Housewives of Atlanta

10/23/2008 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's Barbie doll-wigged "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kim Zolciak (left) -- and male-to-female transgendered diva Alexis Arquette (right).
Kim and Alexis
One of them says she is 29. Alexis is 39.

We're just sayin'.


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Alexis looks better than the old battle hog in the other photo.

2193 days ago

Moan Ica    

Kim does seem sweet and sincere. But 29......Ok......& I'm straight and want to date her.

2193 days ago


I have been watching this show and I am just disgusted with the way these women act. What is so discouraging is their attitude and moral values. I agree with the majority of post that have made it on here about there only being one genuine couple on the show (the black and asian wife, she has got it all together) kudos to her.

Now as for the others Sheree, she is not all that, she wants a seven figure settlement to maintain her lifestyle (then work, that is what a jod is for). Nene is more like the girl from the hood that would have your back in a fight, but that is about it. She is so loud and obnoxious. I cannot remember the name of the wife that is married to the NBA star (see how important that is) she lost my vote when she stated that "she does not interact with her staff", hmm that kind of reminds me of the stories that I read about slavery. Then there is of course Kim "miss I will die wearing Dior", does Dior even make anything your size? Oh and do not get me started about the whole "Big Pappa" mess. Just giving a bad name to women all over the world.

I wish they would have chose real women that are housewives. Housewives that are the CEO's of their households, housewives that are married to soldiers, cops, firefighters, business men that have to hustle to make sure their families hhe save what they need. Show me a housewife that works her finger to her bones and appreciates the small things. Show me a housewife that does not sell herself short to be with a man that is married. Show me an educated woman that can leave the hood and the ebonics behind.

I will have to agree about the Housewives of the OC. Those women were in it to make it for themselves, so KUDOS to them. I know that it may seem like so many people are hating on these women, but lets be real people should not act like that (women). What makes it even worse is that the black women of this show make it harder for other black women (like myself). I do not want to be labled as a gold digger, a loud mouth, or uneductaed. I am very self sufficient, happily married, and I appreciate the small things. Oh and most important I am very well educated and can hold a conversation with another adult.

So, to the housewives of Atlanta, thank you for showing your true colors, thank you for letting the world see how immature and shallow you are, and thank you for letting women see how not to raise their daughters. To all the real women of this world keep your head up, because it will always get better.

The Queen of My Castle.

2193 days ago


why doesn't kim get a nose job??

2193 days ago


According to Intelius she is 30:

Kimberleigh M Zolciak

Lawrenceville, GA
Duluth, GA
Tariffville, CT
Balton, CT
Windsor Locks, CT

Kimberly M Zolciak
Kimberleigh M Zolciak
K Zolciak
Michael J Zolciak
Jessica V Zolciak
Karen S Zolciak
Chester Joseph Zolciak
Joseph C Zolciak
Joe J Zolciak

2193 days ago


Now come on, she doesnt look 69, maybe 40?? Women who smoke age quicker anyway, so she should really cut back on the nicotine sticks. And she's not real pretty without that makeup and big hair and fake tan I bet. Even with all that I give her about a 6 on a 1-10 scale.

2193 days ago


hahahahahahaha.....I totally thought the same thing when I was watching the show....YEAH RIGHT 29......she seriously looks like she is in her late 30's or early 40's. I'm not at all being mean, I actually like her on the show, I'm just saying she looks MUCH older than 29.

2193 days ago


29 in Rachel Zoe years maybe.

2193 days ago


Ummm, ewwww. That looks like one heck of a cold sore on Alexis's bottom lip...

2192 days ago


What the H E double hockey sticks is that bubble thing on transgender divas bottom lip??????

2192 days ago


when i first saw the show i thought for sur she was trans .I told my daughter something is not right .I have a feeling her big daddy is a black rapper because he had to be the one to hook her up with the music company.She cant even sing .whats up with that.did they put her in the show for laughs or what.this show can,t compair to cal house wifes or ny house wifes at least some of them do do jobs and good deeds.I do how ever like nie nieshe is real

2192 days ago


You can look up kim on She really is 29 yrs old and she graduated from highschool in 1996

2192 days ago


I would rather look like Kim, then that freak-show named Alex(is)

2192 days ago


These Altlanta housewives. are the poster girls for new (undeserved) money.
No class, education or taste. Expensive clothes and backwoods manners.
If there are more than 6 letters in a word, they don't know how to pronounce it.
The show should really be called...Tacky housewives of Atlanta.
Oh and Rocky wins with........
"29 in dog years maybe"

Alexis we love you!
You're the one that should of been given a show, instead of these bimbos

2192 days ago


Kim could very well be 30. The problem is she needs to take some of Big Papa's money and hire a personal trainer and drop 40 pounds. Start dressing better and pleeeaaassse get rid of that horrible wig. Then she may look a little younger say 40 to 45! Also if Big Papa has all that money WHY is he buying that? Just sayin!

2192 days ago
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