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Three Generations of Single Spears Women

10/23/2008 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A 53-year-old Lynne Spears (left) held her 4-month-old granddaughter Maddie Briann (center), while Maddie's 17-year-old mom Jamie Lynn (right) looked on in amazement yesterday.

All three women are currently unmarried.


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jamie doesnt need to get married. these days marriages dont last so y get married when u can be just as happy alone.

2193 days ago


I agress that she doesn't have to get married. Some people get married for the sake of the kids and sometimes it ends badly. She should just take her time and decide if she wants to marry him. With that beind said, she should have taken the time to use better contraception.

2193 days ago


Babies aren`t women, you tw"ts.

2193 days ago


Ok, I am formally going to go on the record and coomplain about the size of the freakin' font TMZ uses for the comments section. I swear, I need a fuggin magnifying glass and I still can't see what I am typing. DAMN!

2193 days ago


I would think that young Maddie Briann will be a mother at an even earlier age than the two other generations in the picture, what with the great role models she has. If those two aren't sufficient, there is always aunt Britney.

2193 days ago


yeah! Who care about not being married these days. What does God or whatever you call it has to do with parenting or making babies. it is just the most normal thing human can make! And remember that girls use to get married at aroud 15 and have kids at that age too! We are in 2000.. how can you still believe in that god and jesus crap anymore!?!?!?!

Whatever! if you really need to think that there is something watching you from the sky to be happy or to exchange ring to have babies, well it is a problem. When a have sex with my lover, "god" is the last thing in my mind!

The only thing important here, is that Jamie Lynn has a beautiful and healty baby, and that her mom helps her. BRAVO!!!!

2193 days ago

Truth Hurts    

too bad they represent what's happening all over the country...Women close your legs and make these sorry men act right!

2193 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

7. Okay, had to post! To #6 - the correct spelling is "they're" as in they are (who cares if they are single)...not there as in over there or their as in belonging too. Too funny!!

Posted at 11:12AM on Oct 23rd 2008 by JC
You're both right (#6 and #7). Poster #1 ("TOOL BAGS") misspelled THEY'RE in "Who cares if there single", and he/she misspelled THEIR in "Women are strong enough to hold there own".

2193 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

18. It is a trend. In America there are now more single adults than married adults. Marriage is good for women and good for children but not for men. Face it, american women do not cook, clean and iron shirts. They are into their own careers. But the courts have not changed with changing lifestyles, so if the marriage doesn't work out, the man gets the shaft!

Posted at 11:41AM on Oct 23rd 2008 by ELK
Yes. And that failed abortion, Harvey Levin, knows full well how much of a trend it is. He just has a personal vendetta against Jamie Lynn, and he is pathologically obsessed with harping on how she is "unwed". He can't control himself. Every time someone at TMZ writes about her, Harvey forces that person to mention "unwed" in some way.

Harvey would probably fall into a deep depression if she ever does get married. He might even become dangerous to himself.

Is this because Harvey has the hots for Casey and is insanely jealous of Jamie Lynn? Or is his frothing-mouthed hate for Jamie Lynn a symptom of something even more dark and sick?

2193 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

22. Wow. Do you all feel extra special now that you caught someone else's gramatical error? Man, you people are seriously lame on this board!!

Posted at 11:42AM on Oct 23rd 2008 by UH HUH
Well, it's a lot more respectable for us to be correcting each other's grammar and spelling than for us to be lowering ourselves to a near-animal level and to be childishly trashing Jamie Lynn.

2193 days ago


OK I love how all of you losers are fighting over spelling so 5th grade. Also if men wish to come on to this site they are allowed, no rule saying other wise.

2193 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

46. OK I love how all of you losers are fighting over spelling so 5th grade. Also if men wish to come on to this site they are allowed, no rule saying other wise.

Posted at 12:57PM on Oct 24th 2008 by jenn

I think it's funny that you label those who are fighting over spelling and grammar as "losers", and yet, that's much more reasonable and mature than to be trashing Jamie Lynn, which is what so many people regularly come here to do. Insulting someone while hiding behind anonymity is much more perverse and despicable than quibbling over spelling.

2192 days ago


I just got very bothered seeing all these people fighting over spelling and grammer. I also dont understand why people trash or dirty talk anyone that they dont know. I understand that they are in the public eye, but she is just a person like you and her situation could happen to anybody and it does. To point jamie lynn out or any other celebrity that goes through a situation like this or anything else that we see people trashing celebrities for is a bunch of horse crap. Put yourself in there situation!

2192 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

Hey, jenn, you're cool. Thanks for explaining your position.

I agree with you in what you're saying about how trashing people here is a bunch of crap.

Peace out!

2191 days ago
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