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Britney Patches Things Up with Her Kids

10/24/2008 10:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears spent some quality time at a pumpkin patch yesterday with her lil' pumpkins, Sean Preston and Jayden James.

For Halloween, Britney is going as a healthy mother of two.


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You all are missing the point. Britney looks well, seems to be doing the right things, and I for one am proud of her. I know first hand how important it is to stay on your meds. It's life changing.

2188 days ago


WTF?! Why is her son still on a pacifier? I thought that there was an age limit on the pacifier....aren't Britney and Katie worried that their childrens' teeth will come in crooked? Oh yeah - I forgot - this is the generation of "Oh what the hell, I can always pay for their dental work when they are older." *rolls eyes*

2188 days ago

I'm just saying is all.....    

Hey #14, I so agree with #11 MM you B***H just to B***H, so what a typo. WHO CARES if that is ALL you took from what I had to say as the wonderful "JJ" put it in post # 8, "Go blow it out your A**!" If all you have to do is sit on this site and correct a person's spelling on a gossi[ website, GET A LIFE. At lest Britt is out there living her life and you have nothing better to do that sit at your computer and correct my spelling, WOW! I almost feel sorry for you, ALMOST. Well, I like to come here and laugh at the gossip once a day, (you see I HAVE a life #14 and whoever else wants to bad mouth me) and sometimes make a post, ONCE a day not my whole life as some do.

2188 days ago


So is the child addicted to the pacifier or the parent? Not only does it damage the child's teeth, but it also hampers his speech development.
The ones on here saying that there is nothing wrong with, are either not parents or are probably parents that have trouble saying no to their kids.
Looks like the cons out weight the pros on this one.

2188 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

LOL - the debate begins ... pacifier, no pacifier ... walk or be held? I say Britney looks fantastic and happy, has been working hard on her recovery, on her career and on being a good mother, the kids look like they are having a very nice day with their Mom. I really don't see a downside here.

2188 days ago


Remember how bad she wanted to be a mother??? What the hell is the point of a nanny???? I couldn't imagine having all these different people handling my children like that for real.

2188 days ago


Children who suck on pacifiers are more prone to ear infections. If they are older infants, they are more likely to have speech problems. Many parents become so reliant on pacifiers because it tends to be the easiest way to appease a child. Basically it's like Pavlov's dogs, children are being conditioned by the comfort of pacifiers, and it becomes an addiction. One suggestion is to not introduce a pacifier at all and introduce some other type of comfort for the child (ie. a blanket). I'm not saying pacifiers are wrong, but I can definitely see why people see a point to mention the issues with a 3 year old sucking on a pacifier.

And JJ, regarding your "ok fine he might need braces when he grows up". Lets compare: thousands and thousands of dollars for orthodontics versus the free version of just weening him off. Yeah, they can afford it, but why not do the healthier thing? As for his being through so much this year, I really doubt that this year was a huge emotional overload for him and his brother. I guarantee his family did a fantastic job of shielding him from everything.

2188 days ago

just shut up about britney!!    

it could also be a candy pacifier idiots!! just because tmz snaps a shot of a pacifier doesn't neccessarily mean that the toddler is ALWAYS on a pacifier! and also, holding your toddler when you have crazy, loud, rude papps around is prob. safer than letting the kids walk around in public places where they can be ambushed!! and also, lots of people have nannies, doesn't mean they're bad parents.

2188 days ago


First of all, Jayden James is the one with the pacifier. He just turned 2. Sean Preston is the one with the darker hair and he'll be 3 in December. If they don't give it up between 9 to 12 months they should by 3 or 4. See below:

How can I get my child to stop using a pacifier?
If pacifier use has been restricted to times you are holding your child, he will usually lose interest in it by 9 to 12 months of age. If he has been allowed to use it frequently and is very interested in it, your child will usually agree to give it up completely by the age of 3 or 4 years. Pick a time to give it up when your child is not coping with new stresses or fears. Sometimes giving up the pacifier on a birthday, holiday, or other special occasion is easier for your child.

Make the transition as pleasant as possible. You may need to offer incentives. If your child is strongly attached to a pacifier, offer to replace the last nighttime pacifier with a new stuffed animal or encourage him to trade it for something else he wants. Never use punishment or humiliation to force your child to give up the pacifier.

Give your child the choice of throwing the pacifier away or leaving it out to be picked up (for example, by Santa Claus or the "pacifier fairy"). Putting the pacifier away somewhere in the house is usually not a good idea, because your child will be more likely to ask for it during times of stress. At such times, comfort your child with cuddling instead. Help your child talk about missing the pacifier. Praise your child for this sign of growing up.

2188 days ago


She looks great. Glad she finally got it her body back, her life is no longer in shambles, and a great single out. Oh, and who cares if her son has a pacifier! What a petty thing to pick at.

2188 days ago


Thumb, Finger and Pacifier Habits
Q: Why do children suck on fingers, pacifiers or other objects?

A: This type of sucking is completely normal for babies and young children. It provides security. For young babies, it's a way to make contact with and learn about the world. In fact, babies begin to suck on their fingers or thumbs even before they are born.

Q: Are these habits bad for the teeth and jaws?

A: Most children stop sucking on thumbs, pacifiers or other objects on their own between two and four years of age. No harm is done to their teeth or jaws. However, some children repeatedly suck on a finger, pacifier or other object over long periods of time. In these children, the upper front teeth may tip toward the lip or not come in properly.

Q: When should I worry about a sucking habit?

A: Your pediatric dentist will carefully watch the way your child's teeth come in and jaws develop, keeping the sucking habit in mind at all times. For most children the AAPD recommends encouraging these habits cease by age three.

Q: What can I do to stop my child's habit?

A: Most children stop sucking habits on their own, but some children need the help of their parents and their pediatric dentist. When your child is old enough to understand the possible results of a sucking habit, your pediatric dentist can encourage your child to stop, as well as talk about what happens to the teeth if your child doesn't stop. This advice, coupled with support from parents, helps most children quit. If this approach doesn't work, your pediatric dentist may recommend a mouth appliance that blocks sucking habits.

Q: Are pacifiers a safer habit for the teeth than thumbs or fingers?

A: Thumb, finger and pacifier sucking all affect the teeth essentially the same way. However, a pacifier habit is often easier to break.

2188 days ago

I'm just saying is all.....    

Let us all dwell on the fact that the child has a pacifier and get away from the FACT, let me say again, FACT that Britt is doing so much better and out with her children getting pumpkins and OH NO! the children are being carried!! Let us now discuss the FACT there are probably SEVERAL photags surrounding Britt and the Nanny so the SAFEST place for the children would be in the arms of an adult. Did you ever think that the Nanny is probably with her because she actually NEED TWO PEOPLE to carry the TWO CHILDREN for the saftey of the children. WOW GIVE HER A BREAK if you would leap out of computerland where you rule and seem to be the best at parenting and EVERYTHING else that revolves around you, you would see the obvious. If I made any typos, SO WHAT!!! Get off your A** there is a whole world out there LIVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2188 days ago



let me guess: you are one of those parents that still have their kid in a stroller even though they just turned 8 years old,lol.

2188 days ago


Amen, Posted at 11:26AM on Oct 24th 2008 by OMG!!!, AMEN........

2188 days ago

Brittany Selcer    

I love Britney. She is so talented. Even though she's had a rough year I think she's doing way better than she was. I have always been a Britney fan. I know that she can get through anything. Her kids are sooo adorable. Go Britney!!

2188 days ago
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