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Cops Hook Up McCain "Attack" Victim

10/24/2008 12:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who claims a big, bad Barack supporter allegedly used her face as a human Etch A Sketch has taken a lie detector test ... and Pittsburgh cops are still skeptical about her story.

The woman claims she was at an ATM earlier in the week when a big dude noticed she had a McCain/Palin bumper sticker on her car. She says he attacked her and carved the letter "B" in her cheek.

As we first reported, cops had serious questions about her story. Now we've learned they conducted a polygraph. The results have not been disclosed, but a PD official says her department is "still dealing with inconsistencies with her statements."

Here's what we're wondering -- why did she decline to go the the hospital when it happened, saying she'd get around to it another day?

Smells like salmon.


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First of all...I am a staunch die-hard Republican and McCain/Palin supporter all the way. That said, I have this to say:

1.) If this crime is real-it says nothing about the Obama campaign. It is the act of a crazed lunatic criminal
2.) if this crime is not real-is says nothing about the McCain campaign. It is the act of a crazed lunatic criminal.


2153 days ago


As a Pittsburgher who is very familiar with the neighborhood in which the assault is alleged to occur, I can tell you that:

The street is always very busy night and day. There are restaurants, bars, coffee shops and a hospital all in close vicinity to the alleged assault. There are always people on the sidewalks.

This is the "Little Italy" section of town.

There are few blacks in this section of town. A 6'4" black man is going to stick out in this part of town.

Unlike many communities where people pretend to not notice things happening around them, this is Pittsburgh & this is the Bloomfield section of Pittsburgh, the people in the community are very responsive and would immediately come to the aid of anyone who need help, especially a young white girl, being "attacked" by a black male.

Bloomfield is not a bad area of town.

No one who is familiar with this neighborhood would believe this young woman's story.

2153 days ago

pattie in cali    

something is not right here, if that were me, i would have been at the hospital, that would have been my first step, why is the B backwards????? unless he held her down, but this is crazy sounding, i not saying it didn't happen, but something fishy, it will all come out in the wash,

2153 days ago


The letter "B" is like many others that can look like they're written backwards when they're merely upside down.

2153 days ago


1 Western Pa is a very democratic town. Almost all government officals are democratic.
2. We have 2 newspapers in Pittsburgh the Post is liberal, the Trib is conservative. Read both before you make up your mind.
3. If i was going to cut someone's face I would not stand above her because she could kick me in the groin, I would stand to the side.

2153 days ago



you shouldnt ever hate being white just because there are a few bad apples out there. not everyone faults a whole race on those few idiots within that race whom chooses to do these type of things.heck i am a black woman and trust me when I say that I know how you feel,lol.

2153 days ago


If this was an Obama campaign worker, TMZ, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and every news organization in the world would be not only believing her story, but paying for her tuition, rent, etc. You people are so pathetically liberal!! Where is the campassion you are suppose to have? If this turns out to be true (I am reserving judgement), TMZ and the rest of you liberal deuche bags on here better send this girl flowers and apologies! BTW, someone threatened to smash my car windows and slash my tires because of my McCain sticker. Liberals are generally the nut jobs!!

2153 days ago


I don't know if this attack happened or not but I can't believe the stupidity of some people. The "B" is backwards and done in a mirror? Gee, what if he was standing over her at the top of her head facing toward her feet when he did it? Morons.

2153 days ago


Liar,Liar face on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2153 days ago


This is rediculous that people are arguing politics about this. Who cares if she is lying or telling the truth? The fact of the matter is that regardless if it is a fabrication or the truth, it has NOTHING to do with McCain or Obama. The fact that a girl was allegedly assaulted doesn't make Obama or McCain any more or less qualified to be President. It is amazing that people get so caught up in politics that this little story grabs national attention and is all of the sudden bad for one of the candidates. Absolutely rediculous. The media should be ashamed of themselves as well. Whatever happened to just reporting the news. Why does everything have to have a bias towards it? Rediculous!

2153 days ago


Conveniently, her blog says..."looking for an ATM" & "Wrong Side of Pittsburgh"....who REALLY posts that they are looking for an ATM's all too shady.........

2153 days ago


I live in Pittsburgh, and Bloomfield is "little Italy", but there are some crazy people there. Liberty Ave is bad no matter what part of town you are in! Even if this did happen (which I don't think, nor do I hope it did), this area is always busy and if someone is carving a B in your face someone would hear you screaming (there are tons of row houses and apartments in the area)!

2153 days ago


Why isn't anyone asking her why the B is backwards?!?!

2153 days ago


77. I found this snippet at a news site, it was published about 30 minutes ago

"Now police say that evidence from the ATM that she reportedly visited did not match her account. And now she has changed her story, admitting that he assailant did not see a McCain bumper sticker on her assault, and adding to he account a sexual assault and losing consciousness. "

The entire story is at

Her story is falling apart

2153 days ago


For all you McCain supporters: Is this loser the best you've got?

Maybe she did get held down, (girl looks healthy and heavy enough to me to put on a fierce struggle against a crazed Obama supporter welding a 'dull knife" as she put it. Just looking at the picture, I can see she's fake fake fake. I guess the desperation in the McCain supporters is beginning to show and this nutcake is as big as a wingnut as Joe the "I don't make anywhere near $250,000" Plumber. She's the female version.

Republicans have a screw loose and this is their new poster gal.

2153 days ago
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