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Cops Hook Up McCain "Attack" Victim

10/24/2008 12:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who claims a big, bad Barack supporter allegedly used her face as a human Etch A Sketch has taken a lie detector test ... and Pittsburgh cops are still skeptical about her story.

The woman claims she was at an ATM earlier in the week when a big dude noticed she had a McCain/Palin bumper sticker on her car. She says he attacked her and carved the letter "B" in her cheek.

As we first reported, cops had serious questions about her story. Now we've learned they conducted a polygraph. The results have not been disclosed, but a PD official says her department is "still dealing with inconsistencies with her statements."

Here's what we're wondering -- why did she decline to go the the hospital when it happened, saying she'd get around to it another day?

Smells like salmon.


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What goes around will come around, Harvey    

Let's hope this poor woman gets some help.

As for McCain, he also needs some help, because he, his campaign, and his supporters blew it again.

Before taking some time to check the facts, the McCain campaign, a number of conservative talk-show hosts and commentators, and quite a few of his supporters spewed this out into the media ... and changed the story a little for good measure. The campaign is so hungry for some good news that they jumped all over this. It's sad that the best "good news" they could find for themselves is a purported attack of a white woman by an alleged black Obama supporter.

And it's even more sad when this turned out to be a hoax and their efforts to pin this on Obama's supporters blew up in their faces.

This is yet another illustration of McCain's volatile, "shoot first, ask questions later" nature. He could have reined in his supporters and asked everyone to wait for the police to finish their investigation, but instead, he went with his "gut" and let this attempted smear of the Obama campaign fly out into the media, full force, before all the facts were in.

More than a couple times, we've seen McCain go with his gut instead of using his better judgment, and this is just another example. Do we really want a President who flies of the handle and reacts with his emotions before all the facts are in? If McCain's emotional instincts were good, this might not be a problem, but he's been wrong with his gut a lot more than he's been right, and this is quite worrisome.

I'm glad that McCain wasn't President during the Cuban missile crisis, and I'm hoping that he doesn't get into the White House now, with his volatile, over-reactive trigger-finger on the button while we're facing the serious challenges that are confronting our country today.

2160 days ago
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