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Maya Rudolph

Goes Barack to 'SNL'

10/24/2008 12:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Since they've had great success with Tina Fey and Will Ferrell, well placed sources tell us "SNL" is once again bringing back a former cast member ... Maya Rudolph will play Michelle Obama this weekend.

Maya and Michelle
Besides playing Mrs. O, we're told Maya -- who left the show last November -- will once again co-star with Amy Poehler in their "Bronx Beat" skit. Oh my gawd!

Tragically, we're told Tina will not be back playing Sarah Palin on Saturday.


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sparkys nemesis    

Of course Tina won't be back. Sarah stole her thunder. And Maya was the scintillating Michelle? Riveting:((((( Who cares?

2190 days ago

let's save the world    

I would hate for someone to pick me to represent that ugly bitch

2190 days ago


Wow artie, racist much?

I just wish Amy Pole-head would leave the show and never come back. She is so lame.

2190 days ago


We are entitled to our opinion. Just because some of us don't think she is ugly doesn't mean you are right either. I like Michelle more than Barrack.

2190 days ago


I don't think Michelle is that bad looking. Quit hating. Who made you the utmost authority on beauty anyway libsmakesmelaff? We may disagree on who you think is pretty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

2190 days ago


Maya is the perfect person to play Michelle. Maya is a real soul sista.

2190 days ago


Maya es muy fea!!!!!!!

2190 days ago


Obama's wife may look good, but she is an anti-american, do you want that in the white house?

2190 days ago

Team Anniston    

Good its about time they picked on her....she is a bitter woman and I hope its portrayed that way

2190 days ago

Mr Right    

How about Kim Hunter playing her?

2190 days ago


32. Oh my gosh..what a bunch of suck ups. No matter what, Michelle Obama is not attractive...doesn't have a thing to do with her being black....she's just not an attractive person. What is this crap.."oh, I'm supporting obama so therefore all around him is beautiful" please...little life lesson folks..obama and his wife are just people....neither one is anything more and the fact that so many worship them is scary as crap. Michelle Obama...NOT proud of America and NOT attractive......duh.
Am I racist for calling her unattractive? Probably by lib standards....if so..get a life and an education before you attempt to judge people.
And the people that come here and say racist horrible things are just trying to bait you freaks....why do you fall for it everytime??
Posted at 1:56PM on Oct 24th 2008 by libsmakemelaff

Well put & I agree. What is it with this hero worship for the Obamas? What have they done to deserve it? Strictly speaking, Cindy McCain is a humanitarian & has worked tirelessly for many charitable organizations both in the U.S. & abroad. She's one wealthy woman who gives back to help others time & time again. She even went as far as bringing one handicapped child from South America home with her & made her part of her family. The mere fact that you will never see it in any of the news media just shows how biased they are. It wouldn't do to have people know what a really good-hearted person Cindy is, would it?

What has MO done but complain that it was "hard" for her to get where she is. Well, I've got news for her it's been hard for alot of us but we don't whine & blame other people or our country for it. As for the similarity to the Kennedy women - please. Everyone agrees that the Kennedy women have not fared as well in the looks department as their male kin. Besides, what's so classy about them? That they can afford to buy designer clothes does not make them classy. That they have stayed with men who were serial cheaters does not make them classy. That the media says they are classy - THAT'S WHAT MAKES THEM CLASSY?

2190 days ago

blues fan    

Actually, Adrienne, at least a couple of magazines have said that Michelle's style is reminiscent of Jackie's...w/o the pillbox hat of course! :)

2189 days ago

Britney is a washed up piece of trash    

The Obama's ARE RACIST, otherwise why did they attend a known black separatist church for 20 years!! You don't go to any religious congregation for 20 years unless you agree with what the Pastors preaching from the pulpit. So they must of agreed with Rev Wrights sermons putting down those who were White, and Jews & Israel. Obama only dumped his friend for show as he knew his Friend and pastor would affect his political career.
After 20 years sitting in the pews of Wrights church I doubt he has changed

2189 days ago


I like the skit where Bush and McCain are together, and McCain is trying to get away (at least until after the election). McCain says Obama is going to spread the wealth. What wealth is he talking about? In case anyone doesn't know it, we are in a RECESSION. However McCain and his wealthy second wife (who he left his first wife for), won't feel that pinch. They and their seven houses will survive very well. That oil stock they own, has quadrupled their wealth. That war in Iraq diverted just enough oil to make it worth McCain and Bush, and their friends while. Meanwhile those of us in the Middle Class, and just barely making it, are about to go on a real roller coaster ride.

Yeah McCain show us how much you detest those Bush policies that have turned you into a fat cat.

2188 days ago


i am so excited to see maya rudolph! i missed her so much! and too bad that tina fey isnt gonna be on :(

2188 days ago
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