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McCain Volunteer Attack -- More Questions

10/24/2008 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We told you yesterday Pittsburgh PD has some serious questions about the alleged attack and mutilation of Ashley Todd, the McCain campaign volunteer who says a black man carved a B into her cheek in a politically-motivated assault.

Today, there's more things that cops are wondering about: a police source tells the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Ashley didn't make any reference to the whole McCain-Palin bumper-sticker thing during her initial report, and she didn't go to the hospital until almost four hours after the allegedly brutal attack.

She also went to a friend's house and didn't call the cops until 45 minutes after the attack.


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Jeff Dranetz    

Perhaps while she was down on the ground, the assailant carved the "B" kneeling over and behind her head. Hence the "B" is not backwards, but, upside down. Did Tawana Brawley get questioned like this? There is a double standard.

2140 days ago


Republicans are insane! Race is a very sensitive issue, and this type of conduct is dangerous.

2140 days ago


whata bitch . . .. . she should be arrested.

obama-biden 08

2140 days ago



2140 days ago


ok has anyone but me noticed that the B is backwards like she may have been looking into a mirror when she carved it into her own face...making the B backwards whenever viewed head on...COME ON PEOPLE...IM JUST SAYING...Things like this are what will spark the wrong things during a crucial election...and the WEIRD THING IS THE POLICE DIDN'T POST THIS IT WAS PUT ON THE INTERNET BY SOME ON KNOWN PERSON.....

2140 days ago

Kitty West    

Why is the B backwards. And I am sorry but if she was attacked why did she wait 4 hours to go to the Hospital? And my other question did the woman not call the cops right away? This woman is Crazy!!

2140 days ago


THis is so sad on so many levels. To lie about such a thing is just horrible. And if she did it to herself or had someone do it to her to stir up trouble then she needs her head examined. Hate and bigotry is so evil.

2140 days ago


while this is horrific I want all of you right wing racist to think for a minute- how was this man able to pin her down, carve a b in her face and only leave a dull scare, and she refuses medical attention even though she told police she thought it was a dull knife, which that kind of wound could cause some kind of infection. Also she said he pinned her down by her chest which means she was looking right at this man and the only description she has is a dark skinned man. I am sorry but this story does not make sense. And if this is not true, this possible lie is going to result in someone doing something in retaliation.

2140 days ago


I'm amazed how no one has realized why the "B" is backwards! She obviously sctratched on her own face while looking into a mirror. If someone else had done it the "B" would be facing the correct way!

2140 days ago

The smart one    

Someone should carve a big D in her forehead!

2140 days ago


Jeff, I am sure Tawana Brawley didn't get questioned like this because she reported the "incident" immediately after it
"transpired." This young lady obviously wasn't attacked. If I am ever attacked (hopefully never) I will go straight to the police. She was obviously standing in the mirror when she drew the letter on her face. Are you kidding me? If you want to bring up past incidents, remember the young lady who said she was assaulted by a gang of Hispanic kids in her school. Turns out, she was lying to. It was all caught on tape. If you want to defend someone, that's great, but defend someone who does not lack character. Instead of defending this toad, praise the Pittsburgh Police Department for detecting a fraud. Hopefully, she will be arrested.

2140 days ago


It sounds suspicious. I hope she has a place to hide if it's a hoax. How much time in prison would you get for making something like this up?

This race needs to be over soon so all this crap can stop.

2140 days ago


Thank you Senator John McCain!

2140 days ago

roy nutters    

She told police that the guy sat on her chest and carved the "B" on her face. Why did he carve it backwards then?

2140 days ago


2. Republicans are insane! Race is a very sensitive issue, and this type of conduct is dangerous.
Posted at 8:40AM on Oct 24th 2008 by Buffy

If this incident were really legitimate would you be posting about the crazy Democrats.

2140 days ago
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