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McCain's Bro Trafficks In 911

10/24/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On Tuesday, John McCain's younger brother, Joe McCain, called 911 -- not to save his brother's presidential campaign -- but to get an I-95 traffic update.
Joe McCain
According to WJLA, when the 911 operator questioned Joe's misuse of the emergency only service, the 66-year-old barked "F*** you" and hung up. The annoyed operator called back the number that placed the call and got Joe's voice mail, which included an endorsement to elect his brother.

No word on what caused the highway congestion.

UPDATE: Brother Joe called into a local radio station, WTOP, to apologize for the whole thing. Click to listen.


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OMG enough with the Obama is a terrorist! How stupid can you be? Use your common sense...

The government set up the TSA and won't let you get on a plance with 3oz liquids, but you think they forgot to do a background check on a State Senator from Illinois and just let him roam the Capitol building at his leisure.

Please use your brain. Obama is a Christian and an American. Get a grip. Stop spreading hate and lies.

2154 days ago

bite me    

the issue at hand is...........

both candidates are liars, as have been every other candidate in American history. However Obama is buying this election and you know nothing about him personally, his beliefs, associations, or his experience. All you hear is pretty words but if you really pay attention, without a script this man sputters and spits trying to figure out what to say, like an old Chevy.

We are allowed by the constitution to ask about our candidates and expect answers, but all I am hearing when Obama is asked a question about the above, all Obama says is "uh, uh, uh, look, here is the situation" and then starts to sound like Clinton did when he got his hand caught in lewinski's "preverbial "cookie jar" Don't believe me watch an interview about questions asked of him about his associations, experience, beliefs and the like on youtube. I guarantee you will hear "uh, uh, uh" as he searches for just the right aweet words.

If he does get elected after 6 months I will be asking the libs "and how is this working for you".

2154 days ago


What an idiot!!

F**k him.............

2154 days ago


This guy is a great great great moron. One of the best morons there is. Now the problem is that this moron is ultimatly a reflection of his brother as he goes out there and helps him out. And trying to say that he said it after he clicked.. Now c'mon, if you're going to lie try to say that you were saying it to the wife sitting besides you and the fact that she was blasting you for being an complete moron. Saying you would never have said that to anyone's face is also the best way to say "I'll backstab you, you just won't know it because you'll have left the room!" Nice family values those two morons.

The guy is an idiot and thinks he can use his brother's pull and name to get his way. I'm guessing Obama's entourage are just sitting around a nice camp fire right now telling themselves they could'nt have done it without McCain's own brother!

Old man McCain is another problem that will continue to destroy the economy. Bush is the one who sat by and looked the other way for the last 8 years when Banks where getting richer and richer and now he finally did what no other President could. He sent out thousands of Soldiers to die in the name of the all mighty oil; and his now to blame for people losing everything and going to the deep end and committing suicide... McCain is the "same old same old"... His brother just demonstrated that.

2154 days ago


the mccain temper shows again! he needs to stop wasting resources that are used for EMERGENCIES ONLY.

2154 days ago

let's save the world    

#61. the issue at hand is.........


you are indeed a person of integrity!

2154 days ago


Keep going Bite me!! I am right behind EVERYTHING you are saying!!!!! These liberal fools are a joke. TMZ is a joke!!

2154 days ago


57. 51. 46. Hey "Mike" #43...

Of course you will be happy if the faux-messiah wins - it will give you the liberty to riot without getting arrested

Posted at 4:11PM on Oct 24th 2008 by nomonos in the white house

And you can do what about it?

NOTHING OF COURSE! I wouldn't want to be beheaded by your government if I did ..... besides, your Obama will there to defend you as he will also allow further damage to this country from his association with terrorists.

Posted at 4:32PM on Oct 24th 2008 by nomonos in the white house

Your an idiot...your not even intellectually or logically...welcome to the real world.
Obama 08.

2154 days ago


Please use your brain. Obama is a Christian and an American. Get a grip. Stop spreading hate and lies.

Obama is NOT a Christian - hence his stance on BABY KILLING & he MAY be an American (still remains questionable!) but he is not in any way, shape or form a PATRIOTIC American.

If you only had a single working brain cell & weren't a mere sheep, you might realize all this, which is EASILY VERIFIBLE - his BROTHERS ARE TERRORISTS - HIS FATHER WAS A DRUNKEN BIGOMIST- HIS MOTHER WAS A PREGNANT UNWED TEENAGER when she got pregnant -

I bring all this out because McCains brother is being vilified for 1 stupid act- yet you GLADLY & OPENLY accept every negative matter OBAMA is tied to & his family is openly involved in - sounds more like YOU ARE THE IDIOT blindly believing & SPREADING OBVIOUS LIES.


2154 days ago

bite me    

#62 I think the problem here is, TMZ never posts anything and I mean anything about Obama on their site, except to ask him about Palin clothes, and even he ignored TMZ. TMZ is as far right liberal as you can get. They accuse Bush of the economy, Bush can't do it alone, he has the senate, congress and the house to contend with also. I am not taking any of the blame off of any of the government officials and that includes Pres. Bush. Yet they use any situation to promote the day to day lives of McCain, Palin and their families. What about Bozo, I mean Biden, they have removed him from the campaign trail completely for now

I would truly like to know what qualifies Obama to be president, I am stymied by it. being a Senator for less than 143 days and a committe organizer doesn't get it. Out of 4000 opportunities to vote in the Senate he only voted 300 times and the rest he didnt cast a vote, just voted present. I mean if I could get one good thing other than promises that could prove Obama is the man for the job, please tell me and I may consider leaning.

2154 days ago

let's save the world    

hey "Your smear is as ridiculous as the smeared 'black eye' mascara is!" your story has no foundation

but FYI, do you know who can't wait for Obama to win so he could congratulate him personally? THE LEADER OF HAMAS!

do you know who he is? of course you don't, you are too dumb 'cause your mind has been manipulated by your faux-messiah

2154 days ago

bite me    

ICONIC....NO IT ISNT FAIR....And Barack O'bama offers change for me! He will redistirbute YOUR hard earned wealth to me and others like me who were not as privledged, and its only fair.
And get called a bitch to boot. Do what I did, I never had a trust fund, both my parents worked all their life. I put myself through school with student loans, which I later paid back, using my brain instead of waiting for a government handout. I worked while attending school and graduated. I raised 2 daughters by myself, never asked or received one dime from the government, worked 2 jobs to make ends meet, one of my daughters is in college and the other is an honors student. Its only fair to give you my hard earned money?? for what so you can go to school and party with your friends?? I want to live an easy life, because I never had, but I refuse to do that, because I am smart and capable of working. Here's an idea, get a job and pay your own way like millions in this country have been doing for years. THAT IS NOT FAIR, fo rme to work and for you to receive the fruits of my labor. As for being priviledged I am and was priviledged with a brain to figure out a way to do things for myself without asking the government to do it for me.

BTW the saying is...United we stand, devided we FALL

2154 days ago


And since when did the US President have to be a CHRISTIAN???? Now don't get me wrong I am a Christian (not the bible thumping red-neck hillbilly kind) but someone who has accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior and recognizes he died on a cross for the remission of my sins!!!!!

With that said JFK was Catholic...does that make him a terrost?? Just because some1 is not a christian, or BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK (let's be honest thats the real issue here) they can still be president that why it's America, Land od the Free...we all can do anything

2154 days ago

Tired of Idiots    

LOL!! I live in Atlanta where traffic is HORRIBLE the majority of the time. I've wanted to do this myself. Too funny.

2154 days ago

Proud American    

Funny how McCain supporters can dish it out, but they can't take it. Now they want to stick to the issues. HA! They weren't saying that when that lying cow, said she was attacked by big black bubba! If it weren't for McCain supporters, he might have had a chance to win. So So sad!


2154 days ago
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