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McCain's Bro Trafficks In 911

10/24/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On Tuesday, John McCain's younger brother, Joe McCain, called 911 -- not to save his brother's presidential campaign -- but to get an I-95 traffic update.
Joe McCain
According to WJLA, when the 911 operator questioned Joe's misuse of the emergency only service, the 66-year-old barked "F*** you" and hung up. The annoyed operator called back the number that placed the call and got Joe's voice mail, which included an endorsement to elect his brother.

No word on what caused the highway congestion.

UPDATE: Brother Joe called into a local radio station, WTOP, to apologize for the whole thing. Click to listen.


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bite me    

No Iconic.....It isnt because of the color of his skin to me, my biggest problem with him is who and what he is.....the problem is I dont know, he has sealed every record there is on him, and the only thing I know is he is a articulate orator (a good speaker if you didnt understand those words) and a Senator of Illinois (a state which has gone into the toilet, with their own economy, and has more murders there this year than deaths in Iraq in the same time fram) for 143 days who doesnt like to vote except for present. Maybe if more was available about him, I might have voted for him, but since he is so closed lip about his past life, lied about his church leader, and general is an unknown, sure I am going to question. Lying to excess causes you to be viewed as sneaky and distrustful.

2190 days ago


Gee, one wonders how the coverage of McCain's second cousin is going.

No wonder people hate and distrust the media. Oh, sorry....the medium. None can rise.

2190 days ago


TYPICAL! AND he's lying too! I told the person on the line "F You" and hung up. He didn't think he'd hung up and then said "F you". Doesn't even make sense. If he'd hung up, who would he be saying "F You" to?

LIAR LIAR pants on FIRE. My brothers are all very similiar too! What one will do, so will the others.

2190 days ago


Well Bite Me,
since your so smart and patronizing( assuming that just because im not a decrepit, middle aged, bitter, recist twitt as your self that i do not know what an "articulate orator " is) why don't you figure out how to obtain all the information you claim is sealed????? Hun?? How much did you know about Sarah Palin, before she was put on the Republican Ticket??? Besides she was governer of a state known as the "Rape Capitol of the World"??? It seems like your some political expert and you know every minute detail about John McCain's life. And you are not voting for Obama because you "do not know enough about him" LOL you are a JOKE is so funny to me....the RACISM IS BLATANT (that means obvious in case you didn't understand the

2190 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

68. hey "Your smear is as ridiculous as the smeared 'black eye' mascara is!" your story has no foundation

but FYI, do you know who can't wait for Obama to win so he could congratulate him personally? THE LEADER OF HAMAS!

do you know who he is? of course you don't, you are too dumb 'cause your mind has been manipulated by your faux-messiah

Posted at 4:55PM on Oct 24th 2008 by TMZ you suck
Oh really? I did not make this story up and it is easy to find on national news sites on both sides of the political fence, so to speak. Go ahead, Google it yourself! And once again, you ridiculous allegations that I do not know who and what Hamas is, speaks of your inability to carry a valid argument on and that you use smears and present 'facts' about things you have now idea about. Your tactics have shown that you uses lies and fear to misrepresent the facts. Unless you know me personally, then you might want to shut up about what you think you know about me. You are nothing but a fear mongering, paranoid, lying fool who makes up things on the fly and then presents them as truths. I am actually happy in a way there are people like you that post such things, as you will only serve to do more damage to your party than you will ever know! You are exactly the type of paranoid extremist that your party is desperately trying to distance itself from. It is a pity that you are too stupid to realize it!

2190 days ago


72. And since when did the US President have to be a CHRISTIAN???? Now don't get me wrong I am a Christian (not the bible thumping red-neck hillbilly kind) but someone who has accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior and recognizes he died on a cross for the remission of my sins!!!!!

With that said JFK was Catholic...does that make him a terrost?? Just because some1 is not a christian, or BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK (let's be honest thats the real issue here) they can still be president that why it's America, Land od the Free...we all can do anything


nobody said you HAD TO BE A CHRISTIAN to be president - just dont falsly claim to be or falsly claim Obama is. I personally cannot comprehend how many people labeling themselves as Christians can vote for Obama - his stand on abortion is in direct contradiction to Christian beliefs, let alone his stand on gay rights - I AM NOT SAYING I HATE GAYS but the Bible makes it clear that it is not what God intended, what with the GOD CREATED MAN & WOMAN & what happened to Sodom & Gomorrah. & It specifically says no man should lay down with another man. These are long held Christian family value beliefs. & Obamas voting record with abortion & gay rights clearly shows he does not hold those same beliefs.

READ THE POST & try to comprehend what the posters are saying - dont just twist them to fit your interpretation, apparently like you did the Bible. You are also a poor excuse for a so called Christian - what with your racists hillbilly/redneck taunts - real Christianlike there, arent you? That is exactly why Christianity has the horrible hyprocritical reputation that it has - you have NOT accepted Jesus as your personal savior or you would not behave as such. Forgive him Father for he knows not what he does!!

2190 days ago


I can't wait for all the abortions, and gay marriages!!!!! And you redneck hillbillies wont have your guns to cling to!!! It almost here my fellow liberals we will ALL prosper conservatives included....I love the conservatives too!!! If it wasn't for them than who would get taxes raised in order to pay for my education via affirmative action???? We couldn't do it w/o you republicans!!! I hope none of you bible thumping racist hillbilly rednecks commits suicide one a BLACK possibly muslim MAN is elected as Commander in Chief of this country! After that i will no longer be the Icon rather "Bite Me" LMAO!

2190 days ago


ICONIC - you are the very reason I am not a Christian & have such a strong dislike for those who say they are but live such hate filled lives. Do you have any idea how many people have left or will never attend a Christian church because of all the people like you that are there? You are the reason so many people dislike real Christians!!
You are the reason so many people have turned from religion. Pat yourself on the back, you must be very proud of yourself & I am sure your pastor & your God are, too. Just like Rev. Wright would be.
Hate filled bigot.

2190 days ago



hmmmmmm so do you live your life by the bilble WORD FOR WORD???? What the hell are you doing with a computer? Oh Well i guess the bible doesn't say anything about computers or judging others, or persecuting others for righteousness sake...what is EXACTLY what you are doing when you are bashing the Obama/Biden Campaign!! And i must admit NO I DO NOT READ EVERY FRIGGIN POST THATS POSTED! Just the ones that interest me!! LOL

Are you that fat girl retarded girl who said a big black man carved a B into her face backwards???? Or was that one of the Palin's "OTHER DAUGHTERS"???? LOL you know they breed the tards! lol I know, I know pretty liberal of me huh?

2190 days ago


reasons NOT to be a Christian,

hmmmmm but your voting for Obama right? Yea i thought so......and im never claimed to be a "holier than thou" christians, nor do I take things from the bible as literally as some of these rednecks do! SO don't blame you going to hell on me...or ppl like me! Thanks

"Im John McCain and i approve this message" - In a OLD WHITE MAN ON HIS DEATHBED VOICE

2190 days ago

obama osama    


Does anybody know how many brother Barack Mahoumd Obomber have?

Does anybody know how may wives Barack Mahoumd Obomber father had (at the same time)?

Just asking.....

2190 days ago

Tom B    

35. I'm more worried about the Reverend, The Priest, and The F^%$#@G Terrorist.

Posted at 3:50PM on Oct 24th 2008 by TT
My thought exactly! Nothing to do with race, but I sure am scared of this

2190 days ago


The same people commenting on McCain's brother are the same ones that said Obama was not at fault for being part or Rev Wright's church for 20 years because a third parties beliefs don't have an effect on the candidates.

2190 days ago


"14. Ok his brother isnt running for president, quit slinging crap at family. Stupid really to take the focus off of the real issues here." Posted at 3:22PM on Oct 24th 2008 by bite me

But it is okay for Republicans to talk crap about Obama's wife? She isn't running for president either. It works both ways.

2190 days ago

Real Virginian    

First, Joe McCain calls parts of Northern Virginia (Alexandria and Arlington to be specific) communist country, then one of John McCain's lobbyists that works on his campaign says Northern Virginia is not "real Virginia." Well I'm sick of it, I was born in Alexandria, raised in the Tysons Corner area and I'm a REAL VIRGINIAN and people like these are TRANSPLANTS to this area and think they know it all and that they're above everyone, even the average Joe. PUH-LEASE do the good people of the Commonwealth of Virginia a favor McCain elitists, GO HOME! I will be assisting you in that endeavor on Nov. 4.

2190 days ago
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