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McCain's Bro Trafficks In 911

10/24/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On Tuesday, John McCain's younger brother, Joe McCain, called 911 -- not to save his brother's presidential campaign -- but to get an I-95 traffic update.
Joe McCain
According to WJLA, when the 911 operator questioned Joe's misuse of the emergency only service, the 66-year-old barked "F*** you" and hung up. The annoyed operator called back the number that placed the call and got Joe's voice mail, which included an endorsement to elect his brother.

No word on what caused the highway congestion.

UPDATE: Brother Joe called into a local radio station, WTOP, to apologize for the whole thing. Click to listen.


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Bitch, please-    

What a ding dong

2188 days ago

He is an idiot just like his brother

2188 days ago

miss kitty    

Oh great, now everyone is going to know that EVERYONE involved in the campaign is a complete moron. And I guess John isn't the only one with anger management issues in the McCain family.

2188 days ago


LOL. I was initially going to reply to the post about the phone call, however, I can't help but focus on all the comment.s

Republicans are getting desperately aggressive. LOL. Did one of them really just call Democrats evil? Wow. Shocker. Must not own a mirror. We're evil because we want to give people their rights, the rights the constitution promised them. We're evil because we want to end an evil war. We're evil because we want to give people health care. We're evil because we want to treat every American regardless of their race or gender as just that, an American. We're evil because we care about the issues that are troubling the country instead of focusing on slandering McCain and Palin and researching their backgrounds. Honestly, the only people hurting McCain and Palin are McCain and Palin. Don't be mad at us cause you're losing. Be mad at your party for allowing Dumb and Dumber to run for office. And oh... get mad at Palin's husband and this schmuck who thinks he's Britney Spears.

2188 days ago

Neal Norvell    

Runs in the family, "Grumpy old men".

2188 days ago


I believe that joe is sincere. Let's forgive and forget.

2188 days ago

GO BO    

what a jerk!
hey, the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree!!!

2188 days ago


Is there a bunch of 2 year olds on here tonight? You could have fooled me! There are VERYYYYYY few mature posts here.. 99% of you sound like a bunch of baby whiners!! No, 911 is NOT to get traffic reports, but because McCain's brother left his brain somewhere else # 1 --It was his BROTHER not HIM (That goes for lefties TMZ also.).# 2 I worked for YEARS as a Directory Assistance operator (formarly known in the 60s % 70s as "Information" and got ALL kinds of calls like that so this guy is NOT the ONLY MORON in America - believe me!! #3.... TMZ can you POSSIBLY show your left bias anymore then you have here? Go ahead and elect Obama.. when this country is attacked from the inside I don't want to hear ANY of you voting him in whining about it! The useless media whines about Sarah Palin's clothes budget, but funny, I haven't heard a word about Obama's suits and his wife's & children's clothes - why not??? Something to biotch about that's all. Both TMZ and a huge majority of you people need to grow a clue. Vote in a terrorist and that's what you are going to get. The DNC KNOWS he is a terrorist and watch - this "visit to his sick grandmother" (wher he SHOULD have gone THAT dsy) is going to produce a paid for certified copy of a phony birth certificate as HIS OWN grandmoher is talkinh about how she was "there in the delivery room when Obama was born in KENYA." I think I'd believe HER since errr she was THERE..The media dropped the ball AGAIN. That SHOULD have been first page news. If you want Obama in there and admitted terrorist Ayers in his cabinet, then vote totally STUPID. McCain may not be the greatest choice, but you KNOW that he isn't running to destroy our OWN country just because he CAN - unlike Obama...just watch --and to the 98% of black voter voting for Obama - GROW A CLUE..You vote on the ISSUES not on someone's SKIN COLOR DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

2188 days ago


He should have said BRAKER ,BRAKER 1-9 i need a 10-13 we have a 10-43 .I need to take a 10-100 and i dont know what my 10-20 is ,Over!

2188 days ago

Mr. A    

Let's see....what do I give a damn about more?

John McCains brother mouthing off to a 911 operator?

or Michelle Obama mouthing off about how she's never been a PROUD American until her husband was winning a chance at being our President?

2188 days ago


I'm a little confused... People are claiming that Barack Obama may not be an American citizen? That people on his FATHER'S side (a side he is not very close to) may be terrorists? It doesn't matter if Obama was born in Hawaii as he says, Kenya, or the Moon. If his mother is an American citizen at the time of his birth, which by all accounts she is, then he is an American citizen. American citizenship is not just contigent on being born in America, it is also transferrable by blood.

2188 days ago


Oh stop the usual republican lies and spin Mr. A. , it's getting so old and rather pathetic..... She didn't say that and you know it she said '"for the first time in my ADULT life I am REALLY proud to be an American" and NO that's not the same thing as what you are implying.. I haven't been proud of this country myself in the last 8yrs.. I'm ashamed of the actions of Bush , how he uses our men and woman in the military then sends them home to cope on their own, won't talk to parents who question much respect we've lost in the global community and amazed that you people actually voted him in for a second term.. So 'how did that work out for you?' Change is coming and the closed minded just can't take it, we don't own this planet and we need a president who is able to work with other countries and not try and rule them all or threaten war.. ... Our forefathers would be appalled at the tactics of republicans and Bush calling everyone out on their love of country or patriotism because we question or flat out disagree with the actions this administration has taken .. standing up to our government when we the people feel their actions are wrong is exactly what this country is about.

2188 days ago

my name is bindy not bindi    

VOTE MC CAIN / PALIN the winning ticket...

2188 days ago

let's save the world    

Comment #50: OMG! if what you wrote is true this is the beginning of the end of the world for sure...he is indeed the anti-Christ!

I think I am going to go to church everyday now just in case... the future does not look good with Obama

2188 days ago
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