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Political Karma Will Get You in the End

10/24/2008 5:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If the path of Justin Zatkoff is any indicator, things don't go well for young Republicans who make up stories about fake beatings.

With the news that Ashley Todd lied about that whole "I was mugged and beaten because I support McCain" story, our good friends at Gawker reminded us of the tale of Justin Zatkoff. Back in 2006, Zatkoff invented a story that he was beaten up because of his political views after a Michigan College Republicans meeting.

Turns out Zatkoff made the whole thing up and was just beaten up by his friends. Ooops!

Flashforward to last month -- Zatkoff, now chair of the Michigan Federation of College Republicans, was fired from his position within the Republican National Committee's "Victory '08" Campaign. According to the Michigan Review, Zatkoff was fired after he stole 300,000 pieces of campaign literature from Michigan campaign headquarters.


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Their not done investigating yet. So let's wait and see if any bodies come up when the lake, river and waterways are dragged. The similarity is not only that she lied and said "THE BLACK MAN DID IT". It's historically relevent that anytime WHITE AMERICA becomes desperate, "THE BLACK MAN DID IT" and it doesn't seem to matter what the "IT" is, someone (A BLACK MAN) is bound to swing for "IT"

2156 days ago


They'r just showing their "christian values",you know,lie about something enough until you start believing it.

2156 days ago

Terry H    

3. who cares............

two lost souls

why the frig past judgment on them?

Get over yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 5:11PM on Oct 24th 2008 by Pieta


As pieta passes judgement on them... LOL

2156 days ago

Mr. A    

30. Wasn't this the same tactics Karl Rove used in his young Republican years?

Posted at 6:23PM on Oct 24th 2008 by Sandman

I dunno! YOU tell us...did he? Link something to the "story" of which you refer to, or (as BIZZARO BUGS BUNNY would say)..."aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh STFU!!

2156 days ago

Mr. A    

The similarity is not only that she lied and said "THE BLACK MAN DID IT". It's historically relevent that anytime WHITE AMERICA becomes desperate, "THE BLACK MAN DID IT" and it doesn't seem to matter what the "IT" is, someone (A BLACK MAN) is bound to swing for "IT"

Posted at 6:31PM on Oct 24th 2008 by LAMEDAME

When has "WHITE AMERICA" ever been "desperate"..? You mean like, when we fought against slavery? When we took up against illegal discrimination and fought for civil rights? When more Whites than even Blacks are likely going to be voting for a "BLACK MAN" to become the next President of the U.S. based on the national census of white citizens vs black citizens?

Keep living in the PAST lame-o and you're bound to miss something GOOD about living in the NOW! Pukes like yourself is what keeps people angry and bitter, and unwilling to recognize achievements.

2156 days ago


Did you see Karl"marshmallow puff"Rove the other day,a lady was trying to handcuff him?That was some funny stuff,and she was right,he should be in jail for war crimes.Hopefully it will happen soon enough.

2156 days ago


Nothing but white trash.

2156 days ago

These people are idiots....Nw she has to walk around for the rest of her life with a letter B on her face....I can imagine the jokes people are going to throw at her...

2156 days ago


Crazy azz liars. People have been lynched and killed for less than this. This girl is not only sick, she's obviously stupid.

2156 days ago


Now, what do the likes of Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh have to say. The latter probably has powder and EGG all over his face.

2156 days ago


Well, first off, Ms. Todd...I mean, the 'B' is backwards, so she clearly did it in the mirror. She's an idiot and this story could have led to more violence, so shame on her. And Zatkoff is a clown. I remember the story from 06. How surprising that a dishonest Republican is still doing shady things. Man, when was the last time that happened? Oh wait, it's happened non-stop for the last 8 years.

Very happy to see their mugs on TMZ

2156 days ago

Mr. A    


okay people....the girl is obviously about as f@#ked up as a soup sandwhich, but regarding the backwards B thing, it's likely that she did it herself in the mirror or something, but it is possible to have a B carved in your cheek and come out looking backwards like this if the person carving it was standing over you looking down at your face from ABOVE.

She's still full of sh@#...but not necessarily because of the upside down B thing. lol!

2156 days ago

blues fan    

Mr A, weren't you the one who couldn't wait to post on this story last night, implying such behavior was "the shape of things to come" if Obama were elected? How embarrassing for you and the other desperate Republicans who tried so amusingly to convince the rest of us that this could have actually happened -- and then went on to parlay it into another one of your typical anti-Obama hatefests. As everyone with half a brain knew, the whole thing was a hoax, and this poor young lady has obvious mental issues for which I hope she gets the appropriate help.

2156 days ago
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