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Political Karma Will Get You in the End

10/24/2008 5:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If the path of Justin Zatkoff is any indicator, things don't go well for young Republicans who make up stories about fake beatings.

With the news that Ashley Todd lied about that whole "I was mugged and beaten because I support McCain" story, our good friends at Gawker reminded us of the tale of Justin Zatkoff. Back in 2006, Zatkoff invented a story that he was beaten up because of his political views after a Michigan College Republicans meeting.

Turns out Zatkoff made the whole thing up and was just beaten up by his friends. Ooops!

Flashforward to last month -- Zatkoff, now chair of the Michigan Federation of College Republicans, was fired from his position within the Republican National Committee's "Victory '08" Campaign. According to the Michigan Review, Zatkoff was fired after he stole 300,000 pieces of campaign literature from Michigan campaign headquarters.


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Baseball Junkie    

I never believed this girl from the first time I saw her picture. Not only is the B backwards, but I've had cat scratches deeper than that. It was clearly done with a pin or something similar. Any person brutal enough to cut her face because she supported the wrong side would have cut deep enough to leave a permanent scar. She'll be lucky of she doesn't end up paying a hefty fine and hours of community service for filing a false police report. And if I were the judge I'd include court ordered psychiatric counseling.

Go Sox

2189 days ago


Guess they got bored of ripping Obama signs off peoples lawns. Did you guys hear about the bear shot in the head with a Obama sign wrap around him? Desperation I tell ya!

2189 days ago


I said in a post earlier this a.m. that this attention seeking, butt ugly, lying piece of sh*t would be exposed as the desperate fraud she is!!! What in hell did this wanna-be, media whore really think would happen??? Did she not think that the Po-Po would investigate? I'm betting that until she finally fessed up to the cops she was doing some serious channel surfing watching all the reports on her "assault." While it is tragic that anyone would be that desperate to be noticed I give this pathetic porker no sympathy.......NONE AT ALL! She deserves the media scrutiny she'll be recieving as well as suffering the humiliation that comes with it.
A consequence of this bimbo's sham is that it encourages the fringe idiots to come out from under their rocks to spout off. It is sad that some of these posters were released from their State's Mental Health facilities to spew their anti-social, racist opinions. Y'all come across as simple minded and as stupid as the lying porker. There is no conspiracy involved here except for for why some of you crazy retards were released early? Get a f**king life folks and get over it......PLEASE!!! I also hope that no media outlet will give this phony, lying be-yotch an on-air outlet to "explain herself!"

2189 days ago

Mr. A    

46. Mr A, weren't you the one who couldn't wait to post on this story last night, implying such behavior was "the shape of things to come" if Obama were elected? How embarrassing for you and the other desperate Republicans who tried so amusingly to convince the rest of us that this could have actually happened -- and then went on to parlay it into another one of your typical anti-Obama hatefests. As everyone with half a brain knew, the whole thing was a hoax, and this poor young lady has obvious mental issues for which I hope she gets the appropriate help.

Posted at 7:57PM on Oct 24th 2008 by Buddha Lady

Give it up Buddha B!tch! You're ignorant spew is a flawed as usual, and your racism and stupidity are evident as normal.

Go back to the first page...and you'll see my statement was actually a QUESTION. The shape of things to come? When your own parties mouth piece james carville warns of the rioting that will take place if Obama loses, and add to it my own personal, firsthand experience with some of the vandalism against my neighbors who brandished their support of McCain with yard signs and bumper stickers....why would I NOT have reason to be concerned?

I'm glad this story was a hoax, as it's a sad situation if this was just a DOSE of the things to come, after eelction day and a large portion of the country has to except defeat...whoever it may be.

You're a moron for trying to gloat NOW about it, and throw it back around as being something to judge ALL supporters of McCain by, because (as usual) it shows just how asinine and HYPOCRITICAL you creeps really are.

let's hope I don't get the final "what do you have to say NOW?" after election day and if Obama loses we have to watch the country erupt into some stupid RIOT over it. Quit acting like a 5 year old little brat throwing a temper tantrum.

2189 days ago


Am I the only one who watches CSI? The truth is in the evidence and hers was shoddy. She should apologive to the members of that neighborhood who were made to look like they lived in a slum.

2189 days ago

bite me    

I agree Mr. A, If all the republicans were in on this so-called ploy to defame Obama with this, why wasn't I called and informed. Some little girl who obviously has some mental problems, is not speaking for every republican, and fortunately we (the republicans) dont have to defame Obama, because if he does get elected, all this about Ayers, Wright, "New Society" socialism, ect will all come to fruition, then it will be our chance to turn to the tree hugging liberals and ask " How is this going for you now?"

2189 days ago


It was so obvious this was all BS from the get go. I'm amazed that anyone believed her, much less our experienced presidential wanna-be McCain and his warm milk and cookies side kick Palin. Just more lies and hatemongering from wing nut republicans ... shooting bears, carving themselves up.. gee what's next? What lows won't they stoop too?

2189 days ago

bite me    

How ignorant must you all be to believe this was a conspiracy by McCain supporters, you think we all meet in town halls and set this plan in motion? The McCain supporters could start saying that this was a planted spy in the McCain camp by the Obama team to defame McCain, but that would be as outlandish as you all saying this was a play by ALL of the McCain supporters.

Its as bad as saying all muslims are terrorists, or all blacks are lazy.
Geesh, get real

2189 days ago



2189 days ago

Terry H    

How come republicans are so incapable of admitting they were wrong? They really do live in a world of their own.

2189 days ago

bite me    

What am I wrong abour Jim? being skiddish about Obama and his multitude of secrets, or this mental child who mutilated herself. Because if it is the latter, I never commented on it being real. What I am saying is, it wasn't a conspiracy hatched up by all McCain supporters. Now who is lumping a group together and throwing mud?

2189 days ago


CNN Anderson Cooper has some video of Todd during a court hearing...if ya have tv turn over lol

2189 days ago


all repukes make me sick with the right wing crap they spew

2189 days ago

Susan Smith    

Over 300 comments when the false story was reported, with people saying ridiculous thinks like Obama is a Muslim Socialist and how "hate-filled" liberals are. But now that the truth has come out, why aren't those 300 people apologizing for their stupidity? They were so eager to justify their own racism and hatred that they couldn't see this was another case of a sick white person blaming a black person for some crazy or criminal act that they've done. I'm so ashamed of my country. I thought we were more advanced than this.

2189 days ago
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