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Candidates Get Hung Up to Dry

10/25/2008 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Who needs a Monet or a Picasso when they can have a Farrah Fawcett-ized Sarah Palin in their living room?!

Svedka hosted the brilliant "Hollywood DC: Lights! Camera! Election!" art show at the World of Wonder gallery in Hollywood, one that skewers celebs and politicians in a whole new medium. All the pieces are available for purchase and we're told Heidi Montag even bought a $800 painting ... of herself.

Now everyone can nail John McCain, Barack Obama or Paris Hilton to the wall.


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that's all    

From Obama's Book:

In Dreams from My Father, Obama writes of how, as a teenager, he would closet himself in his room and absorb the works of black radicals like W.E.B. DuBois and Malcolm X, withdrawing "into a smaller and smaller coil of rage".

Indeed, the one idea Obama most identified with then was Malcolm X’s wish that "the white blood that ran through him, there by an act of violence, might somehow be expunged".

2152 days ago


this is disgusting!!!
how dare they butcher Farrah's picture like this.
Sarah Palin is a repulsive woman. gross.

its so sad that they are trying everything to get people to notice them,
so sad!!!

OBAMA '08!!! ♥

2152 days ago


My question is "How can Obama get away without producing his birth certicate?" I thought you had to be born in the USA to run for president. Can anyone offer some proof?
As for all the Jokes about Sarah Palin, we can accept them but try and poke fun at Obama on SNL or anywhere else it will be called racism.

2152 days ago


Holy Sh*t ! That picture of Sarah in the "CLASSIC" Farrah poster is horrible. I need to dig my poster of Farrah out the Garage to and hang up to get that vision of that monsterous shot out of my head.

btw, That poster was amazing. The Hair, The Face, The Teeth...and let's not forget the Nipples. Gotta Love Farrah. HOT!

2152 days ago

CW in AZ    



2152 days ago


Are these posters really Republicans, or people out to make Republicans look VERY STUPID and very pathetic?

All you read is total nonsense (the idea that Obama isn't a natural-born American when he has proven that he was born in Hawaii, while McCain was born in Panama, but what use does a stupid person who just uses the word "conservative" have for the facts?) and pathetic whining by the poor Republican victims. There is nothing "brave" about playing the victim card, you thin-skinned losers that call yourselves "conservatives." If anything it makes you look weak and pathetic and begging for everyone else's sympathy and emotional charity.

Republicans have really learned how to cull in losers and crybabies to get support now that anyone of even marginal intelligence has run away from the party. It's kind of funny to see people with such little self respect that they aren't even embarrassed by their pathetic whining.

2150 days ago
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