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Diddy's Kids -- Chippendales Rescue Rangers

10/25/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Someone might want to tell P. Diddy those are his twins girls, not boys, and that he should avoid dressing the bow tied tots like male strippers for any more magazine spreads.

The unbelievably awkward photos grace the pages of this month's issue of L'Uomo Vogue.


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two cents    

I am no fan of Diddy, personally, I think the man is an idiot. But the people that have problems with this picture have been watching too much porn. There is nothing wrong with this photo. These two babies are adorable, and for people to suggest that it is indecent have some serious issues. These are babies. Babies can run around in diapers. They don't need to have a top on. Who hasn't seen babies running around beaches in diapers. They're still very young, and this is a great photo. Very cute. This is NOT like the miley cyrus picture. THAT photo was obscene because she was only 15. Until babies are out of diapers, there is nothing wrong with taking photos like this. Stop trying to portray them as sexual objects just because they are girls.

2154 days ago


I'm so sick of Puff Daddy, Puffy, P Diddy or whatever he calls himself. He makes me sick. He's an arrogant joke. Why don't he donate his talent to helping a charity or something. It would change his public persona. Instead he's always posing, bragging about how great he is in bed, how rich he is and blah blah blah. What an idiot!

2154 days ago


Now you look like a FOOL Diddy. What a shame, thought you were classy. Now you really are a PIMP DADDY. gross. Grow the heck up.

2154 days ago


body chills, that is so sick, someone stop him from doing more creepy crap to his daughters

2154 days ago

carolina mama best in the world    

What a terrible way to exploit your own children. I'm sure the pedophiles of the world will like that picture.I am a firm believer that people should have to take an IQ test before being a parent.

2154 days ago


Shame on you Diddy, you had class but with this your just lost it. You are suppose to protect your children what were you thinking when you allowed this, and what were the photographers thinking ? You have money so why do some a cheap looking photo shoot? Do you think your daughters are going to appreciate these photos when they get older? If you want to exose your kids to the media do it with class and not some cheap shots of them in the nude!

2154 days ago


OMG this is wrong on so many levels, this is the beginning of the end, no reason in the world to have baby girls bare chested in a magazine with only a bow tie on not cute not cute at all

2154 days ago


I think Diddy, Doody or Dowdy is a buffoon but I think the picture of his babies is cute. I don't understand why any of you see something suggestive and sexual about the whole thing. If you find the picture suggestive, perhaps you ought to get yourself checked out for being turned on by innocent babies.

2154 days ago


wheres the third daughter? you do have another one you know

2154 days ago


Those babies are adorable.

The problem with the photo is that while us normal people would think how cute they are there will be very sick people out there will see these babies in a very depraved sexual way. For that reason and that reason alone this picture should not be shown! It's very unfortunate that the father and mother of these babies did such a thing. The people who share this view are not themselves perverts like a few of you idiot's have mentioned that "they are themselves are perverts" to notice it in that light. Those people are infact just realistic and understand that we live in a society today where we have to be careful and look out for children and try to protect them! If you do not thinnk that there are depraved people out there like that then you need to get your head out of your butts!

2154 days ago


The pictures wouldnt be that bad if not for the bowties. Like someone else said a headband with roses or some other cute baby appearal would have been fine but naked with bow ties???

2154 days ago

big joe    

little monkees

2154 days ago


I think he looks more like a pimp than a daddy, maybe he should be called pimp daddy.

2154 days ago


71. Please!!! They are adorable... Drama, drama, drama!!! Relax they are babies!!

Posted at 6:23PM on Oct 25th 2008 by melissa

First of all, your a moron.
Second, as many here have tried to explain, it is a big deal because there are a lot of perverts out here who would actually get off on this stuff! If your baby is naked at home, fine, but in a magazine its not okay. You need to protect your children from the eyes of perverts.

2154 days ago



Looks like kiddie porn to me.

All but bow ties,, why

P. why diddy??

Is he also known as PUFF DADDY??

I think he is loser, hope his career is over. STUPID THING TO DO!!!

2154 days ago
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