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Julia Hudson:

I Just Want My Son Back

10/25/2008 9:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An emotional Julia Hudson just stood in front of the media and begged for the safe return of her 7-year-old son, Julian King.

Julia Hudson: Click to view!
Julia, standing next to Julian's father Greg King, told reporters how the Hudson family was holding up, described her last moments with her son and explained that Julian would respond the nicknames "Juicebox" and "Dr. King."

Julia also said she was the one who told Jennifer about the terrible string of events that took the life of their mother Darnell and brother Jason.


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To the Hudson Family - My Families thoughts and prayers are with you during the horrible time in your lives.Our prayers are also with Julian. May he be found safe and be returned to your arms soon.

-- Also -- You people who have used this tragedy as a soapbox for your choice of president make me sick. Politics have no place here, this is about a great loss - someone's family is dead. A small innocent boy is missing. How dare you use their loss to gain attention for yourselves. In addition, how could any of you use this as an opportunity to bash these poor people? Are you all that heartless as too poke fun of a grieving mother? You sicken me and in my eyes are every bit as souless as the monster who commited these crimes.

2134 days ago

a poster    

The shooting happened around 11:00. She shows up around 3:00. Did the child miss school? WHY WOULD NOT THE CHILD HAVE FOUND THEM DEAD? Lacks credibility.Glad the FBI is in on this. They are not easily fooled.

2134 days ago


I totally agree Blk Woman 2008. This begins with the parenting. I cannot fathom anyone with any kind of sense marrying a guy knowing that he had been inside for ATTEMPTED MURDER! And on top of that, hearing him threaten to kill your family and not reporting it! If she had, this probably would never have happened.

One other thing, this has EVERYTHING to do with LOW SELF-ESTEEM. When a woman who has low self-esteem picks a man, he is often an ex-con, a woman beater, a drug addict -- something in that realm. And this woman Julia, obviously has VERY LOW self-esteem based on her physical condition.

It is such a SHAME that her family is now paying the price.

2134 days ago


I think Julia may be on Myspace to give her something to keep herself busy during this terrible time. I don't know why she would allow that man into her home, but she couldn't have known he'd kill her mom and brother and abduct her son. Even though he said it, well, maybe she thought it was just in the heat of anger. My hope is that Julian is still alive. Sometimes even the most vile person can't bring himself to hurt a child. Also, why not just kill Julian like the other two? Maybe he's somewhere hidden and William is using his safe return as a bargaining chip? At least, that's what I hope.

2134 days ago


Sheri, something is fundamentally wrong with you. You just don't get anything this is about- maybe you just don't get anything period. This woman has just lost her mom and brother to murder AND her son is missing. If this doesn't register with you you must be a sociopath.

2134 days ago


Tell me why would tmz post such nasty hateful mean things in A time like this?my heart goes out to the family that is left and I do pray for the safe return of the child.people please get A life !!!

2134 days ago


You know, last night I was wondering why she was on her myspace page and I thought it was a little suspicious but it occured to me today that someone could possibly try to leave her a message about her son there. You never know. People use myspace for everything nowadays.

She could possibly be looking for clues there. It's a stretch but it could be the reason she is checking it.

2134 days ago


It's not even worth trying to explain things to some people. Weight issues as a sign of low self-esteem? There are other factors. Plus, did anyone ever think that the reason she didn't report him might have had to do with fear of the very situation that has now occured?

2134 days ago

Proud American    


2134 days ago


I am the mother of a six-year old boy and can only imagine the hell this mother is going through.
I sincerely hope that he is returned to her very soon, safe and sound.

2134 days ago

I told ya soooooo    

Julia is a hefer - I wouldn't do her unless she is the sister of a super star... Boy, just don't know how that one gets laid at all and her myspace says her favorite sport is "sex" REALLY?! I think Flex may have gotten lost a few times under that.

RIP Mrs. Hudson and Jason.

2134 days ago


This is so sad. I'm praying for this little boy. I pray to God he is safe

2134 days ago

bsb fan    

You guys are disgusting.

This woman's mother and brother have just been murdered and her son is missing...

Where the hell is your compassion? Many of you must all have cold hearts, shame on you!!!!

2134 days ago


I have to say, to POSTER #30, you are dead on. I was thinking the same thing. If the shooting happened at 11AM? Why wasn't this child in school?

Something doesn't add up here. Aside from the fact that in an ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD, there were several people who heard these gunshots (the shooter was standing outside in front of the front door when he fired the first shot by the way), and NO ONE CALLED POLICE. The shooter is said to have fired between 4-6 shots, based on the number of shell casings found at the crime scene.

The 11AM time is a guesstimate. Mainly because all of the neighbors (who are out there when the cameras come to get on TV) couldn't get involved enough to call the police to help out one of their neighbors.

The police likely would have caught the shooter and issued an Amber Alert immediately if someone had just gotten involved.

2134 days ago


The press conference would have been more effective if Julia would have made her plea for the safe return of her child and not answer any more questions. This is no time to be a media pig.

2134 days ago
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