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Julia Hudson:

I Just Want My Son Back

10/25/2008 9:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An emotional Julia Hudson just stood in front of the media and begged for the safe return of her 7-year-old son, Julian King.

Julia Hudson: Click to view!
Julia, standing next to Julian's father Greg King, told reporters how the Hudson family was holding up, described her last moments with her son and explained that Julian would respond the nicknames "Juicebox" and "Dr. King."

Julia also said she was the one who told Jennifer about the terrible string of events that took the life of their mother Darnell and brother Jason.


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THIS IS 2008. I hope by now everyone knows if you do not eat the right foods, or intake high calorie and over processed foods and not exercise, two things will surely happen - you will gain weight and have health problems. If you consciously know this, like everyone in America should be now, and continue to do so , you obviously do not have a healthy self-esteem. The obesity rate in this country is rising each year. OBVIOUSLY almost all of us have lower self-esteems.

Thus, my point, as women, especially black women, and society as a whole, we've gotta do better!

Now all ya'll from the church off over there on the corner can come in here and write about your prayer wishes - however, PRAYER is not stopping the cycle of violence IF WE KEEP REPEATING THE SAME PATTERNS. You can pray until you are blue in the face, but if you don't make good LIFE decisions, don't call on Jesus and run cryin to the alter on Sunday when you've been sinning Monday thru Saturday.

My hope is for two things: That they do find the little boy safe and unharmed.

And that at least ONE WOMAN read and LEARN from this tragedy, and decide that her and her child(ren) deserve better, and kick that hood rat no-good, no working, 2 strike having man out of her life because she realizes that she and her children can DO BETTER!

Now all ya'll church folk can keep on with ya prayin' and enabling these single mothers to continue these cycles all ya want...

but SOMEONE needs to tell these women the TRUTH!

2156 days ago


Is anyone surprised?? Look at the suspect!! Hang with ghetto folk and you will get burned

2156 days ago


In Chicago, there was no school for the sudents on Friday because it was a professional development day for teachers. This would explain why Julian was not in school Friday

2156 days ago

I told ya soooooo    

Prior to visiting myspace Julia had a list of her top 10 friends. Flex or William Balfour was number 2. In a question asking "who is most likely to go to jail?" Julie's reply was #2. If she knew this why would a mother expose her son to a criminal, convited criminal?! That is not a responsible parents behaviour, you're suppose to protect them from that junk.

On a side note. Although many people commit crimes and some fall off the bandwagon, at times they REALLY want to change. So, I am hoping the cops are not just pinning it on him because of his previous. Sometimes the cops are the worst at investigating and are SOOOOOOO quick to say guilty before anything has been said. I just hope there is a couple of decent cops out there in chicago working the case properly and not just passing judgement. Unfortunately, the system is brutal and you are guilty before proven innocent. To me Flex (regardless of his past) is innocent until proven otherwise.

Where is that SUV? I am hoping it wasn't ditched in a lake and Julian isn't in it. I am hoping he is hiding somewhere scared, and hoping that nobody hurts him. I am hoping her ran away in time, and is hiding in a shack somewhere waiting to be rescued.

Please people stop turning this into a circus and think about who might be reading this. I know people tend to think things are funny but this is no laughing matter people are hurting.

2156 days ago


Oh drat! I scrolled down and had my brain polluted with the comments AGAIN! When will I learn?

I will never understand why these sites open up for comments because it just almost never leads to something good, or worth reading. Trolls and idiots do their best to show their ignorance when given a chance, and this article is no exception.

The woman's son is missing, her family members murdered - and the comments tickle my gag reflex.

::::NOTE TO SELF:::: Do NOT read the comments.....Do NOT read the comments.....Do NOT read the comments.....Do NOT read the comments.....Do NOT read the comments.....Do NOT read the comments.....Do NOT read the comments.....Do NOT read the comments.....Do NOT read the comments.....Do NOT read the comments.....Do NOT read the comments.....Do NOT read the comments.....Do NOT read the comments.....Do NOT read the comments.....Do NOT read the comments.....

2156 days ago


Thanks, EJ.

2156 days ago


stay safe. hang out with white folks

2156 days ago


She's the only mom this kid has left, and all she is asking is that you pray for her child. Be decent, people.

2156 days ago


Ok but if school was out was the mom really at work? Remember she works as a school bus driver. Hmmmmm

2156 days ago


i DON'T sheri likes herself it's ignorant people like herself that doesn't take life seriously. That is sad and pathetic. That's the only thing you have to worry about is people flaws. My GOD have mercy on you and be thankful THAT YOUR NOT GOING THROUGH THIS ARE YOU CHILD DOESN'T COME UP MISSING ARE SOMEBODY YOU LOVE IS MURDERED! YOU SHOULD BE ON YOUR KNEES PRAYING FOR THESE PEOPLE YOU IDIOT!

2156 days ago


I smell a rat. For some reason, my instinct isn't trusting what I'm hearing on this video.

2156 days ago


To those who say the Grandma was doing the parenting: The mom, her brother, the grandma and the child all lived in the same house together. It's not at all unusual in extended families for the grandma, who does not work, to be the primary caregiver while the parent works. Yes, white people, other cultures - black, asian, hispanic, east-indian, arab, and some christian sects - DO live in extended families where everyone helps in the raising of the children. Is farming your kids out to minimum wage daycare workers somehow better? The mom was working for a living at a crap job - driving a bus - rather than sitting home on welfare. A loving, involved, church-going Grandma was providing the daycare. The only fault I can see is that ALL the adults in the home allowed a violent man access to their lives.

2156 days ago


somehting is just not right........With her story......I can't imagine losing my mom and brother. and in that same day she was on myspace? I'm sorry....but a computer would be the furthest thing from my mind. Her son was very cute :) with each passing day without finding Julian...the possibilities of finding him alive gets slimmer and slimmer I hate to say it but let's be real here. You can have all the hope in the world but you have to look at the reality of findin him dead. I know some of you will say she was on myspace to pass time..when you experience a tragedy with that magnitude time stands still you're not yourself and your mind just goes blank. I know that Jennifer is just beside herself right now and my heart goes out to her and the rest of her family. I think people who are brutally murdered like that automatically go to Heaven.

2156 days ago


You can tell EVERYTHING about the motivation of a murder by the way the murder is committed. Notice, he went to the house, when he knew his wife was AT WORK to do these shootings. He KNEW that he would find her mother and brother at home.

If he had wanted to kill his wife, he would have either gone to her place of work, waited for her to return home from work, or gone there on her day off.

The shooter was someone who wanted to HURT Julia. And there is no better way to do that than to wipe out her entire family. The police know this. This is why they are still holding him. They have 72 hours to charge him, or they have to kick him loose.

By then, they will have gotten the fingerprints off the shell casings left at the scene. And then they'll be able to charge him. Right now, they are working him to give up what happened with the child.

But he KNOWS that if he admits that he knows where the child is, then he has also just put himself down as the shooter.

And he won't do that until they present him with some physical evidence of his being at the crime scene.

But bet on him being charged by Monday.

Yes, there are people who get out of jail and want to change their lives. But this guy wasn't one of them.

This is a prime example of what happens when a woman gets desperate and reaches into the garbage can for a husband.


2156 days ago


I agree, #53, Janet.

I smell a rat too.

2156 days ago
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