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Julia Hudson:

I Just Want My Son Back

10/25/2008 9:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An emotional Julia Hudson just stood in front of the media and begged for the safe return of her 7-year-old son, Julian King.

Julia Hudson: Click to view!
Julia, standing next to Julian's father Greg King, told reporters how the Hudson family was holding up, described her last moments with her son and explained that Julian would respond the nicknames "Juicebox" and "Dr. King."

Julia also said she was the one who told Jennifer about the terrible string of events that took the life of their mother Darnell and brother Jason.


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• verb (usu. be riddled) 2 fill or permeate with something undesirable: a policy riddled with inadequacies.

2186 days ago


Thanks a lot #109:)

2186 days ago

I told ya soooooo    

110- I think you must really want to prove a point that you can look up words in the dictionary. Good for you, now get a life. Stupid uneducated black bitch.

2186 days ago


I can't believe some of you losers are talking about this woman's weight while her mother and brother have been murdered!!!!!!! Her son is missing. What the HELL is wrong with you people????????

2186 days ago


# 98 I agree this poor child Caylee has been in the news for months, a black child comes up missing black people are now killing family. That's how stupid this people sound. I feel bad for Caylee she was a precious gift from GOD murdered by her mother that showed no remorse no that is sick. I don't know what is up with all these missing children, and the little 6 yr. boy that was used as a pawn for his grandfathers drug deals sad horriable pathetic.

2186 days ago



2186 days ago


I couldn't stomach watching too much of her, but boy does she look like she knows something. No tears in the 1st few minutes of what I did see???? If my son was missing I'd be a puffy eyed, teared stained face, crazy mama bear on the streets knocking doors down and searching until I found him. I sure as hell wouldn't be updating my MySpace page.

2186 days ago


#106: You're a dumbass. If someone wanted to get payback or "revenge" (what was actually told to Julia) they can do it whatever way. They told her that they were going to kill her family --- isn't that the ultimate payback or revenge? Killing everyone around you and leaving you to suffer. You're a dumbass for even thinking that it doesn't make sense why she's the one still alive. Use your head.

2186 days ago


dumb comments of the sheri and ty variety are to be expected.. americans are huge but so what?. is that the issue on this topic or the trajedy that has befallen this family that is being played out in the media because of jennifers fame... i feel for the family and i feel for jennifer who apparently had tried to relocate her mother to a more civil neighbourhood but to no avail... guns are the weapon of choice for americans to settle their disputes the 2nd amendment makes it impossible to ban the sale of guns to the general public.. what happens when you get weaponry and mindlessness?. senseless deaths... a plague that has befallen the black community in the usa and is being mirrored here in the uk amongst the youth but with knives as thankfully guns are not so easy to obtain as gun shops on the high street dont exist.this isnt even a gang crime, its a domestic dispute... i pray for the safe return of this innocent boy and the punishment of the person or person who did this crime ...

2186 days ago


I'm not defending her because we don't really know what's going on but to say "SHE'S ISN'T CRYING", etc. she must know something is ridiculous. When my dad died last and my best friend was murdered 12 years ago, I didn't cry that much at first because I was IN COMPLETE SHOCK. You do NOT know what the hell that family is going through nor know how it feels, even if you've been in something similar because EVERY situation is DIFFERENT from one another. Sometimes you cry so much you do not have anymore tears to come out.

2186 days ago

I told ya soooooo    

I am just wondering why she didn't change her profile pic to her and her brother or mother or something, like Jennifer did? I mean have you no remorse? I have a very bad gut feeling that she's got something to do with it. I think they may both be involved. She wanted her mom and brother out of the way so she and Flex can live there, afterall he was asked to leave by her mother. And on her myspace she says Flex and her brother aren't friends. I think there is a coverup going on here, and she may use him as a scape goat cause he has a prior.

2186 days ago


Wow. Some people are commenting on the fact that these women were raised in a fatherless home. And then they even equate that to being the norm in a poverty ridden environment. As if the rich and famous or the upper and middle class don't have single mothers with alcoholic or drug addicted fathers or even fathers who are just plain absent. I'm not saying it is right, not by a long shot. But it's not nice to be stereotypical. Anyway, I hope they can find the little boy and get to the bottom of this. I would really hate to think that Julia had anything to do with this, but in this day and age nothing surprises me. Also, being a mother, you have to be smart about who you bring around your child. That goes for anyone, convict or not. But, until she is found guilty, my condolences to her and also to Jennifer.

2186 days ago


This is a horrific tragedy, and my prayers are with this family.
I pray Julian will be returned safe and sound to his mother.
Lord help them all.

2186 days ago


121. not2breckonedwith - Well said!!

2186 days ago

I told ya soooooo    

to 122 Oh really?! Well La Di Da!! Is that all? Do you feel vindicated now? LOL You should spend less time trying to make yourself look god and stick to the topic at hand. Go back to being riddled.

Having a B.A. is nothing it's like toilet paper nowadays :)

2186 days ago
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