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Suri -- Steps Closer to Freedom

10/25/2008 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Suri to Katie: See mommy, this is how we can make a break for it.
Suri & Katie: Click to watch


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I know it's already been said before but WTF is wrong with Katie? It is cold in NY, notice she is wearing long pants and a coat. It doesn't matter if Suri doesn't want a jacket on. It's called being a mom and being responsible for your child's well being.

2100 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Quick Suri, run down the rabbit hole. There are all sorts of normal folks down here, like the
Mad Hatter, The Hookah Smoking Caterpillar and the Cheshire Cat. Not only that but we eat
our food off of a plate and not out of a bottle.

2100 days ago

two cents    

I ***heart*** you TMZ. Thank you for the first giggle of the day....

Run! Suri! Run!! Watch Suri run for freedom before those nasty aliens take her away. Are we sure that's Suri? #2 Noiseslug might be right, I don't recognize her without her bottle. How old is she supposed to be? She looks closer to 4 than 3. When is this sham going to be over? This cult needs to be stopped.

2100 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

Agree with your first blogger. I'm practically wearing gloves it's so chilly out. And the kid runs around like she's in 80 degree weather? Unreal but hey, at least she can move her legs!

2100 days ago


Girl run!!! Katie Holmes is a robot. I'm gonna be first in line to buy her tell all book when she breaks

2100 days ago


Is she barefooted? All the other kids are bundled up!

2100 days ago


Again...WHERE is that baby's coat?!?! She's just over two and it's almost November in NY! ARGH!!! Are they just bad parents or is it Scientology?
All white blankies, not wearing warm clothes/shoes and still sucking on a milk bottle. These facts speak volumes on the parents.......God help this little one.

2100 days ago


Katie looks very skinny...

2100 days ago


What is wrong with these 2 Ronbots? I'm in New York and no way should this kid be running around as if it's July. Suri, it seems, has absolutely nothing in her closet except $400 frocks.

The smartest thing Katie could do is run for her and her child's life. Why Katie allowed herself to be drawn into Cruise's/$cientology's madness is beyond me. She's obviously miserable, and a shell of the happy girl she once was.

2100 days ago


Katie needs a chicken bone and a hamburger thrown at her. She is skinnier than Olive Oyl.

2100 days ago

Marty? Is that you?    

She kind of looks like an old woman the way she's standing

2100 days ago


I agree with the 1st posting...
Why is this little girl never wearing a sweater or coat?
I am beginning to believe that she is indeed a ROBOT!
cute but a ROBOT!!!!!


2100 days ago


Why is this little girl always wearing old lady dresses?
Katie looks horrible. Before she hooked up with Cruiseoid she had long hair and looked her age.
Now she looks like an old lady and dresses her kid like one.

2100 days ago


At schools ,when a child shows up repeatedly in weather inappropriate clothing CPS is called. It's viewed as child neglect.

2100 days ago


Poor Katie is just a shell of who she once was. When she is in interviews it makes me so emo because it's like she's dead inside.
I never judged for her still being on a bottle because I know that can be hard as my daughter didn't stop the bottle until close to 3 (I know.) but I know in my case it was just hard not to let her have what comforts her to sleep. BUT I have ALWAYS known to dress her like I dress. If I need a jacket she does too. It looks like the handler or nanny or something behind her had a thick blankey. They may be carrying her around wrapped up but she just got down for a minute to play?

2100 days ago
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