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Hudson Murders

'Trouble in the Marriage'

10/26/2008 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The hunt for Jennifer Hudson's 7-year-old nephew continues to intensify. And we're told the operating theory among Chicago detectives is an "ongoing domestic dispute" between the suspect, William Balfour, and his estranged wife, Julia Hudson.

Chicago cops would not be more specific, other than to tells us there is an "underlying domestic aspect" to the investigation ... that there was "trouble in the marriage."

We're told cops continue to interview people, but no one other than Balfour is in custody. As for Balfour, so far no charges have been filed.

Chicago cops are now using flyers with Julian King's pic to find the missing boy.

The boy hasn't been seen since the bodies of Hudson's mother and brother were found Friday in her home in the South side of Chicago. The two had been shot to death.

The police will be handing out the flyers today all over Chicago, particularly on the South side.


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that's all    

Why is this even news. It's normal behavior in the hood.

2187 days ago

arte help    

I hope the find the boy so this tragedy will end and they can mourn their loss.

2187 days ago


I could only imagine what this child has witnessed. He will never be the same if he survives this. My heart goes out to him and Jennifer.

2187 days ago


Such an attractive couple with everything in the world going for them. If this can happen to them it can happen anywhere. Is no one safe?

2187 days ago

chitown lady    

These cops need to start lookign in the water....According to the reports an SUV is still missing..........Yeah Chicago cops are that stupid..........And yeah, Englewood is a very very rough neighborhood. So much despair and poverty there. Why didn't she get her family into a better area? I can not imagine anyone wanting to stay in Englewood.......Even the rats left......Why was her sister married to a conviced murderer for god sakes. Women stop being so damn hardup for a man...This is what you want in your life?????? So sad so sad...........Our hearts go out to the family, may theu find this child alive and well.

2187 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

charge him or let him go

2187 days ago


Naturally N'Awlins,

You sir must be a racist. I live in an upper-middle-class, white neighborhood of $500,000 plus homes. However, just on my street alone if I had a dime for every time in the last few years someone's in-law talked smack on their myspace page and it resulted in a shooting I'd be able to finally get the in-ground pool the wife and I have been talking about. Just the other day my neighbors cousin (lives with my neighbor alng with mother, boyfriend grandmother, and wifes mother) disrespected me in front of a lady jogger. I was so angry I went right to my myspace account and was going to say something about him not being a real man and not being able to take care of his own bizness (pregnant gf), but my wife talked me down. Things are just getting crazy and no-one is safe anywhere. No sir, incidents like this are not just problems for those living in "the hood" as you put it.

2187 days ago


I agree with you sir, When an Imidiate family member wins an Oscar and has alot of Fame. the 1st thing to do is to move out of the hood. I believe that this is Hood related. People get sensitive when they are jealous and it took something small to blow it out of poportion. This is Ghetto poor peoples nature. If the Husband did commit this murda it is because he was jeolous. If somebody else commited this murda it was because they was jealous. Jealousy is the motive. Jennifer should have moved her mother along time ago and left the ignorance completely behind her. Unfortunately we cannot leave living parents behind. We must move them forward as we move forward. Somebody very close to these people commited this murda out of the purest form of Jealousy.

2187 days ago

AJ in Florida    

charge him or let him go???? Hello, where have you been? They are holding this man for questioning because he is obviously the last person to see the missing boy. I'm not a detective but this man had motive. He should not be let go unless he as an iron clad alibi. I pray the boy is found safe.
Going back to what another has said, what is with these women who associate with criminals (the man has a record).
They are just asking for trouble. I know the Hudsons are devastated right now and I am sorry about that. This needs to be a lesson to other women that a man convicted of attempted murder could murder your own!

2187 days ago


When it comes down to it, dead is dead. Death doesn't discriminate. Sure it may have been a rough neighborhood, but crimes happen all over this countr every day among all classes and walks of life. Instead of pointing fingers at a specific race or neighborhood, maybe it's time this whole country took a good look at itself.

2187 days ago


Matt stop lying you ass off

2187 days ago


Most likely the Mother loved her home and didn't want to change her zip code , just because her daughter became an award winning actress. Why don't you think about all the sernarios before you make a comment like that.

2187 days ago




2187 days ago


I still can't figure out why Jennifer allowed her mother to live there and why she didn't know what was going on....possible drugs, domestic problems, etc.

2187 days ago


You can take them out of the jungle? Are you serious, howling wind? Yes gun violence is predominant in Black communities, but stereotypical comments like that are ignorant. This has nothing to do with their origin and everything to do with an individual's environment. You'd have the same mentality if you grew up in underpriviledged conditions. Put any person in a comfortable surrounding (syracuse, ny for example) without being harassed to behave stereotypically, then see if their 'jungle instinct' will tell them to shoot down a neighborhood or live a decent life. I would never assume those around you share your bigotry and I hope my next visit to SF will not scar me like it has you.

2187 days ago
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