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Yabba-Dabba d'Abo

10/26/2008 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 39-year-old resurfaced at a NYC event recently, looking levelheaded.
Oliva d'Abo
At the age of 15, Olivia appeared nude in the Bo Derek bomb "Bolero."

Olivia recorded an acoustic version of "Livin' on a Prayer" with Bon Jovi.


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Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

I can only laugh at the lame attacks on me. Good Grief, I can't believe the losers like Alicia McAllen that feel the need to talk about her Masters in Ed and her being a size 5 but put me down...or others because I mention I was a cheerleader feel the need to attack my age and wish my horrible current times.

I had fun in high school and am having a great time now. I am a pharmacist in one of the drug stores my husband owns. I have two beautiful children... I am proudly still a size zero..proud because I work at it.

Have a great week

2195 days ago


Meth anyone?

2194 days ago


LNAO! Jean, your crave for attention and reactions are still pathetic. Was your husband off with his secretary again this weekend? Sorry sweetie, that must suck for you!

2194 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

She is on Law and Order CI, and looks much better. This is a bad picture of her.

2194 days ago


She still looks the same! Pretty!

2194 days ago


OK this actress played the role in her teens and is now pushong forty- in my opinion she looks great. To Jean Summers, may I assume you married your high school sweetheart, by passed college, lived as a trophy wife for years and then your husband left you for a curvier and possibly younger female and possibly she is having his child.....while yours are grown and out fo the house? I do believe this is a VERY STRONG possibility. For those out there who may believe I am making un warranted assumptions, please forgive. Jean seems troubled. My suggestion and advice to her would be to possibly put down the valium stay out from under the platic surgeons knife, get a life you need reality------

2194 days ago


A size 0, Jean? Uless you're about 5' even that's a terribly small size. And by commenting on those that comment about you, you're just proving everyone RIGHT about being shallow. It's simple psychology. It shows that you need to be in the thick of attention-getting. You've mentioned the following about yourself: The cheerleader outfit (I think it's kinda' sad actually), the fact that your husband owns two business, your clothing size, etc. Why are you so lonely and needy that you have to keep this commenting going? It just boggles the mind. Again, YOU keep proving everyone else right....WHY? Haven't you learned? I knew a girl like you in high-school....size 0 cheerleader, married a guy, became a shallow braggart. What is she doing now? Slowly drinking herself to death. It's great that high-school was good to me (it was good to me, too) but it's history. You can't live your life in the now if you still cling to your past. People who do that show that they have nothing going on that makes them happy in the NOW. Throw that uniform away, eat a twinke, and grow up.
And PLEASE keep proving everyone's delicious good fun.

2194 days ago


This young woman looks like she has had some plastic surgery or botox or something. In this picture, she doesn't look natural, her lips are much bigger and she has a completely unlined forehead. It looks painful for her to smile.

2194 days ago

green 2golf    

she played the femme fatale to goren on criminal intent very sexy in it

2193 days ago


Jean Summers........shut the hell up, I don't see your picture on their, and even if you can still fit in some corny high school uniform...............YOU'RE STILL GETTING OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

2193 days ago


This is not a good picture of her. If you really want to see what she looks like now, catch reruns of Law and Order Criminal Intent. She plays a recurring character named Nicole Wallace. She is still very pretty and young looking.

2193 days ago

Amy Aldahl    

I have seen Olivia perform live and, not only is she still stunning, she has amazing musical skills. She definitely inherited her father's musical genes. I bought her album on i-tunes after hearing her track "broken" from the movie Loving Annabelle.

2193 days ago


I hope I look that good at 39! I didn't know she was a singer too. I'll have to check her out.

2193 days ago


This is not a particularly good photo of her. As someone said, she has appeared several times (as a phony college professor) on "Law and Order--Criminal Intent" and she looks very pretty and also thin in that role. I don't think she has changed all that much since her "Wonder Years" days. In fact, in the picture where it says to click to see what she looks like now, I could not tell if that was an old or current picture!

2193 days ago


WOW, Jean Summers I hope the reason you still have your size zero figure is because you haven't had any children. The last thing this world needs is an idiot like you raising a child that would undoubtedly grow up with serious image issues and an eating disorder. Oh and I am not surprised that you work for your husband, I'm sure no one else would put up with you for very long with your diva attitude and condescending crap. PS. In the future when you think someone on the internet would be interested in your opinion, THINK AGAIN and keep your trap shut!

2193 days ago
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