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Body Found

Matches Missing Boy

10/27/2008 10:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chicago cops have found the body of a child and are investigating whether it's the body of Jennifer Hudson's nephew, Julian King. The medical examiner has not yet made an ID, but we are now told the body is that of a 7-year-old African American boy, the same age and race as Julian.

The body was found inside a 1994 white Chevy Suburban. It is the same SUV owned by Jason Hudson, the murdered brother of Jennifer. Before his arrest, cops were looking for William Balfour, the suspect and estranged husband of Jennifer's sister. The license plate of the Suburban matches Jason's SUV.

The SUV was found a few miles from the area where cops arrested Balfour.

The SUV is now being towed from the scene. Unclear if the body is still at the scene. No ID so far.

Neighbors say the vehicle has been parked there since Saturday. Balfour was arrested Friday night.

The SUV has been towed with the body still inside the vehicle. The SUV is now at a police garage in Chicago.

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Poor little child. My heart sincerely goes out to that family. This is so horrible and tragic. May God bless that poor child and keep him by His side, safe from any more evil.

2158 days ago


Whoever did this wanted to hurt Julia Hudson. Their motive was evidently revenge. This is evident by them killing almost everyone in her family while she was at work. What's most important, is that they waited until Friday- the day her son didn't go to school to strike. It seems like they also knew Julia wouldn't be home. I think William did it to hurt her since she was talking about divorcing him. It was either that or drug related. This should serve as an example for women everywhere- Be careful who you let into your lives!!! Her poor decision driven by low self-esteem created a tragic fate for her entire family. God Bless Jennifer, may he give you the strength you need to endure these difficult times.

2158 days ago

jons an idiot    

This is so incredibly sad. There are some sick people in this world. My heart goes out to Jennifer and her family... I can not even imagine...

2158 days ago


I first would like to send my prayers to the family. I also would like ot know why this son of a b*tch was doing out of jail. I hope they fry that sob. Satan should be saving him a spot right next to him. Fry sob

2158 days ago


That child did nothing to deserve this. Children are off limits in any matter. There is no reason to take a life at such a young age. I am outragged at what has happened, and I am going to pray that justice is found. I also pray for the family that will no longer share their life with this young child. I hope that all you TMZ readers and staff, and everyone can do the same. In addition, let the man hunt begin for the monster that did this. TMZ post his face on the top of the page until he is caught.

2158 days ago


I don't think any of us here can fathom the amount and extent of haterid someone has to have in their heart in order to commit such a heinous act. If Balfour DIDN'T do this why would he plead the 5th and refuse to talk? If not him maybe he knows who did do it and is saving his own ass by keeping his mouth shut? Either way his actions are cowardly, disgusting and less than human. I hope he's physically, mentally and emotionally tortured until the day he dies. The death penalty is too good for him, he needs to spend the next 60 years living in terror.

2158 days ago


Melinda you nailed it! It seems like they didn't find the SUV until there was reward money. What a horrible, horrible situation!

2158 days ago

Capitol Hill Insider    

The willful ignorance here is so maddening to me. Why do neighbors know that the Suburban had been parked there since Saturday but no one thought that it might be the same Suburban that police were looking for?!? It was even the correct license plate number--how hard is that to figure out? The Amber Alert was posted everywhere; you would have had to have been in a cave all weekend not to hear about it!

I am so saddened for the family and heartbroken over this. I hope with all my might that the little boy was not dying inside that Suburban and the neighbors sat around and did nothing.

2158 days ago

Aunt Kiki    

Very sad! I hope this P.O.S. gets what he deserves! That's terrible! My heart goes out to this family!

2158 days ago


Everyone knew they were looking for a white Suburban and were given the plate number and it sat there ignored with a body in it since Saturday? Idiots.

2158 days ago


UNREAL!!!! If the community blacks were sooooo concerned about this kid, why didn't somebody report that the SUV was left there on Sat. Why did they wait til Mon. morning???!!!??? Disgusting !!!!!!!!

2158 days ago


This is so very sad for all of the family....please keep your prayers with them.

2158 days ago


Hey who cares
Their a time for politics and this sure as hell aint the time for it

2158 days ago

Sooooo tired of the TMZ ignorance    

Was it just after a reward is offered some or several neighbours thought it was now a good idea to call in to the police about the vehicle? Stop being whiny lazy a**es, take responsibility for your own neighbourhoods and stop looking for everyone else to do it for you. Enough with the excuse “This is what we are used to and it’s the politicians fault anyway...”

2158 days ago


I'm sick. I'm so sorry to hear this.

2158 days ago
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