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Closing in On ID'ing Body

10/27/2008 1:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The FBI has now said the body discovered today in an SUV in Chicago is "believed to be" that of Julian King, Jennifer Hudson's 7-year-old nephew.

Chicago cops have not yet commented.

It is worth noting -- the Amber Alert for Julian has been called off.


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England did away with private ownership of guns. Now only the criminals have guns. Now England wants to do away with certain pocket knifes because the murder rate didn't go down. Guns, knifes, cars are objects not good or evil, it all depends on whose hands it's in.

2151 days ago


Sherry, so bacause he was overweight he deserved to die? People like you need to just go away. That said, there had to be someone else involved in this. His car was found at his pregnant girlfriends house. The SUV was 2 miles away. If he drove the SUV there someone had to pick him up. And for all of you who think her sister had something to do with it because she was not seen ------ did you ever hear of protective custody? They obviously had to hide her for fear that he was looking for her too. I personally don't think he was. I think he only wanted to make her suffer.

2151 days ago

Chuck in Minnesota    

I hope this guy doesn't make it back to jail. At autopsy, find the bullet that did it and give that Cop a bonus.

2151 days ago


MIKE POST 30... where did you get this information? I have been reading news stories and this is the first I've heard of that.

2151 days ago


Get on the internet and read newspapers from England like "Daily Mail."

2151 days ago


No it won't make sense to just get rid of guns, those guns will be brought in from other countries for the criminals and reg people will be screwed!!!!!!!!! Just like Cocaine is brought in!!!! THINK!

2151 days ago


how the hell do they get on the streets in the first place?! Out of thin air? Once again, other countries that created stricter gun laws do NOT have the same amount of violence as before. That's just pure fact. Once a school got shot up, they did something about it. Here in america they just do a phony tribute all week on the news channells soaking up the ratings but don't do anything about the gun laws. They don't care. And it's people like you that are the problem with your attitude. The only thing you can say is the criminals will still get them. They all have to get them from somewhere. If access to them is stricter, there will be less of that crime out there to begin with. Period.

2151 days ago


#8 you have to be a total idiot to think that taking away Americans' rights to bear arms would stop criminals from getting access to firearms and victimizing law abiding citizens. There will always be evil. But thank God our founding fathers thought it was a good idea for normal law aibiding citizens to be able to defend themselves from criminals and an over reaching government. People like you, #8, scare me.

2151 days ago

big joe    

ask yourself why. think about it.

2151 days ago

JONASbros. are. GAY    

God Bless hudson and her family. WHOEVER did this will answer to God. good luck with that buddy.

2151 days ago


31. Gun control is not the answer? So just allow easy access like that for everyone? Any nutcase can get their hands on a rifle and it's fine? That's ridiculous. If gun control doesn't solve anything then how come once England and Australia implemented it everything changed and now you NEVER hear about shootings like this anymore. Please wake up and stop your stupid "I have my hunting rights" People are dying.

Posted at 1:24PM on Oct 27th 2008 by janebird


You are WRONG! My state has the most lax gun laws in the US and is in the top three for the lowest murder rate. It is well known if you try to break into our homes or try to harm us we do have guns and will shoot your azz!!!

2151 days ago


I feel so bad for Jennifer. First her mother and brother and then little hope for her nephew and now nothing. That creep should rot in hell!

2151 days ago

Cory Roberson    

I am in tears with you Jennifer. I don't know you, but I am praying for you and your family. I couldn't imagine the grief that you are feeling right now. Your family was there for you when you went through American Idol and your fans will support you as you go through this horrible thing. Your brother-in-law should be punished as the family sees fit.

They are with the Lord now. Hold onto your sister and other family members even more now.

2151 days ago


For those looking to blame the family at this horrible time, you should pray you never have to go through this. This family needs nothing but love, grace and compassion. This happened to my family. Sometimes you have no idea that someone that has married into your family is dangerous, much less, is a murderer. It's a nightmare. This must be excruciating for this family. My heart and prayers go out to them.

2151 days ago


Amy, your an idiot!!! That's all I can say for you. How dare you blame this woman for what happened. She did nothing wrong and at this horrible time in her life should not have to read and hear comments from someone like you.
I, too lost a child to a man I was married to! And guess what he did not have a record and we were married for five years before he just lost it one day and killed my child. NO prior record, no history of violence nothing. You never know what a person is capable of.
I pray that this family finds the strength in themselves and in God to get thru this senseless tragedy. My heart goes out to them because I do know the grief that they are feeling.

2151 days ago
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