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Closing in On ID'ing Body

10/27/2008 1:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The FBI has now said the body discovered today in an SUV in Chicago is "believed to be" that of Julian King, Jennifer Hudson's 7-year-old nephew.

Chicago cops have not yet commented.

It is worth noting -- the Amber Alert for Julian has been called off.


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I am so numb after hearing this tragic news....I feel a tremendous amount of pain for Jennifer and Julia. I am so shocked I couldn't breath after reading this news update. I am sooooooo sorry, I wish I could go and give Jennifer and Julia a hug. I am so numb right now.

2151 days ago


I am very sorry for this family. But I read all of the comments that have been made and a lot of them reference God bless or I am praying for this family. I just want to say it is a tragedy for this little boy to go through such a horrible experience. But a lot of you also want to vote for a man who thinks it's OK to kill unborm children. We as a nation want to get all riled up over cases like this, but it's OK to kill babies by taking them out of their mother's womb piece by piece, or useing saline solution to kill them as they jerk and twitch and go through such a horrible experience. They have a heart beat and nerves by the time they are 5 weeks gestation, But that kind of torture for a human life is OK just don't kill them after they breath air for the first time. I have to say instead of God bless, God please have mercy on us. It's a wonder America is even still standing after killing 50 million babies.

2151 days ago


Why do trolls feel such a need to berate the family of a dead child, not to mention the child himself? Do you get some type of feeling of empowerment from it? Does it make you feel like someone special?

Anyone who has to stoop to that level is nothing but a L-O-S-E-R.....

2151 days ago


I'm talking about the bigger issue and you guys seem to be making it a "thug" thing. It's almost as if you look at it the same way republicans do as a "community" in other words, an "urban" issue. But what do you say to the fact that in the larger scheme of things when you get someone like that nut from Virginia Tech who was able to get a gun at a gun store at the drop of a hat in half an hour? What do you say to that? But when it's goes on in the urban neighborhood, the attitude is "oh it's no use, they are animals they will end up killing each other anyway" Thank you for proving my point. We need regulation. Whether it's going to still be out there somehow it's not the point, the point is if we can make it so there's a lower chance that one family or school gets shot up because that young man wasn't able to walk in that shop and get that gun so easily, then why not support that? I see why the Europeans make fun of us Americans. You don't even care. It's also very racist because no one has this same attitude when white boys shoot up schools. It's "oh they were bullied" "Oh they got it from their parents". And even then no one wants to do anything about gun control.

2151 days ago


Why did he have to die. Why him what could he have done to deserve this? To The SOB that took this little boys life I hope you burn in hell!

2151 days ago


"14. no 8 If I had a gun and you had a gun i shot you you shot me problem solved

Posted at 1:14PM on Oct 27th 2008 by suzy snowflake"

Suzy... and I bet you followed the yellow brick road to come up with that answer correct?

People need to realize the majority of the time someone is shot OWNING a gun would not prevent it.
You can sleep with a gun next to you and still end up dead from someone breaking into your house.

And the last thing you want is someone with an automatic spraying out of fear and killing kids in rooms next to them in an apartment, condo, or townhouse.

People find it hard to follow driving through school zones and residential areas at a safe speed and we want to believe they will do well with a gun? They will shortcut like they do everything else in life.

2151 days ago


Amy, Shut the F*** up. you don't even realize he wasn't the father of the poor little boy. Go take another Valium and watch the Hills..Misinformed jackass... As for the topic, my prayers are with Jennifer Hudson and the rest of her family. This is a tragedy that is happening across color lines. Lets not forget all the crazy white men who killed their whole families.

2151 days ago


My heart goes out to Jennifer Hudson and her family...I don't have children but I have nieces and nephews and I hope to never have to walk a mile in the Hudson family's shoes. Yes, sometimes woman bear children with horrible men and vice versa. But in all fairness to these men and women, how do we know when we fall in love with someone that they are capable of a henious crime as this? You cannot blame the government entirely for poor gun control laws. Guns are smuggled into the country on a daily basis and sold on the street quite possibly in your own alley! As far as Republicans hunting in their own backyards?? What does that have to do with this? I am a Democrat and my boy friend hunts - as well as many other democratic men and woman do - but we hunt and eat what is killed. So the next time you go to your local grocers and gripe about a chuck roast costing $3.79 or whatever a pound - remember this...some of us got our meat by going out and killing our own. It's not the guns that are horrible, it;s not the government with lenient gun's the criminal minds out on the streets selling them to whoever comes along with the right amount of cash. My deepest and sincerest sympathy goes out to the Hudson family - remember your nephew, sister and her husband were gifts please cherish your memories...

2151 days ago


#8 - pull your head out... there was plenty of murder in the world before guns were invented.

2151 days ago

normal human    

janebird...are you retarded? guns dont kill people...people do! Stricter gun laws just mean law abiding citizens cant protect themselves. Do you think a thug "applies" for a gun license? The illegal gun trade is rampant. As a cop, I know what I am talking about...u DO NOT! You must not understand that criminals do not follow the law, thats why they are criminals. The guns that killed these poor people were probably not hunting rifles...get a clue

2151 days ago


anyway I'm done with my rant on gun control. That's distracting from this tragic story. I apologize for that. I just think if it were mroe controlled there would be less incidents not just in "thug" environments but overall. I have valid evidence that proves in worked in England. And that's that. Anyway Amy you were wrong this wasn't even the boys father but I see what you're saying. It seems a lot of women think it's cool to get involved with thug types because it's so glorified in hip hop music. Regardless though, this is such a terrible tragedy and my heart goes out to the Hudson family.

2151 days ago


#55 tired of ignorance!

You're a freaking idiot!

2151 days ago

just shut up about britney!!    

well, child murderers get the worst treatment in prison, so whoever did this will get their karma. i still think balfour is involved and is hiding an accomplice. cuz there's no way he could park the suv and just leave without anyone noticing him. someone had to have picked him and driven him away.

2151 days ago


so lets get this straight he was picked up in the vicenity of his pregnant girlfriends house the car with the murdered child was parked in the vicinity of the pregnat girlfriends house people say they saw two people and this pregnant girlfriend obviously has no morals because she had sex with a married man and got pregnant ummmmmmmmmm hellooooooooo has anybody questioned the pregnant girlfriend as to where she was at the time of these crimes seems to me she had alot to gain just saying

2151 days ago


Amy #9, You're a idiot, get your facts straight before making comments like that. God bless the entire family and friends who are affected by this tragegy. God bless Amy too.

2151 days ago
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