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Offers $100K

For Julian King's Return

10/27/2008 6:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Hudson has offered a $100,000 reward for the return of her nephew, 7-year-old Julian King, who has been missing since Friday.

Hudson also posted a picture of the outfit in which Julian was last seen on her MySpace page.

According to a statement from Jennifer's rep, "Jennifer and her family appreciate the enormous amount of love, support and prayers they have received while she and her family try to cope with this tragedy and continue the search for Julian. We ask that all inquiries be directed to the Chicago Police Department, Area 1 Detective Division at 312/747-8380."


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I hope he is found alive and well. But the longer he is missing, the more sinister it's looking. This little boy was a witness to a double homicide....I hope the family is preparing for the worst.

2187 days ago


Yeah, I agree with eva. Not looking good at all. Whoever thinks he is still alive is living in fantasy land. My heart goes out to them and I hope they find the low life who did this.

2187 days ago


Prayers are with the family. I could not even imagine.

2187 days ago


Wish I could find him. I would donate the proceeds to the McCain campaign. We could use that money to bribe people into voting McCain into office so that things like this never happen again. Like that black boy Malcolm X said, "by any means necessary". None of you black people that are Obama supporters disagree with that, right? Came from the lips of your kind.

2187 days ago

two cents    

That boy was a witness to a double murder. It's a safe bet no one will collect the reward. But on the bright side, its' been a couple days. Someone will report a "smell" or his body will float to the top of the water from that submerged truck. The family will find answers and closure. This boy was killed that very first day. Mark my words.

I hope his mother realizes what she did by bringing that monster into their lives. It's her fault that they are all dead. Anyone check her myspace lately? Made me sick to see how she answered those questions. Nothing but trash.

2187 days ago

two cents    

You're right RFL. Wonder why no one worries why all those people are donating all that money to his cause. What's in it for them? We ain't seen nothing yet.

BAck to story, that reward will not be claimed. That slime killed that boy the first day.

2187 days ago

not2breckonedwith long as hateful people like you are living, it is guaranteed to happen again regardless of who is president.

2187 days ago


I agree with Eva #1. The longer he's missing it doesn't look good. If he was a witness, why would the killer keep him alive? This horror will hang over Julia for years. She refused to call the police on Wm when he sold her car illegally because of parole violations. Well, he's in jail now for parole violations.

2187 days ago


Well, as you can see praying does absolutely nothing. It's a telephone call to nowhere. And if there is a god, he is rather sadistic and not worth worshiping. If they find him, then good. If not, the mother will live with the guilt of letting her attraction to thugs override the well being of her child.

2187 days ago


I hope and pray that this innocent little boy is safely returned to his family.

I cannot believe race, politics, or any other BS is brought up when a CHILD'S life is in danger.

2187 days ago

Proud American    

You McCain supporters are working overtime to put Obama in office. Once he wins, I hope he sends you a thank you letter.

2187 days ago


A poster just posted that and 18 year old girl was shot to death in the same neighborhood over the weekend.See, nomatter who gets elected, we ave a major social problem in this country, the fabric of this great land is torn, frayed, withered, socially depleted. Who the hell would kill someone in the same hood with all the attention this other murder s is getting? And does it have anything to do with the Hudson Murders?I hate to say this but this liberated country needs some real hard laws and protections for us citizens.I live in a bad hood and hear gunshots alot, I am always aware of them because they CAN go thru walls (bullets). And to some of these nasty posters and the other threads about this story YOU need to get out of this country, Move to Afganastan so we can be rid of you.Just reading some of the crap makes me know that this counrty is socailly inept.That little boy is I fear, dead and under water in the stolen car.Or he would have surfaced by now, there will be no ransom for him, I thought he may have ran away and hid somewhere, but that same story says they thought that too but he never came out of hiding BECAUSE HE IS DEAD!Why would the murder keep him alive?He would fight them, all those bullets flying and must have caught one or two.I really hope I am wrong. Stop making violent video games and stop making violent movies, the entertainment industry has us all brainwashed in violence.It is bad enough we are at war . And get the guns off the streets.

2187 days ago


My prayers go out to the Hudson family.

2187 days ago


This is not a political post! My prayers go out to Jennifer and her family, and for the safe return of her nephew. To be at the top of her career you know she would glady trade it all to have her Mom and Uncle and Nephew back.

2187 days ago


12. You McCain supporters are working overtime to put Obama in office. Once he wins, I hope he sends you a thank you letter.

Posted at 7:56AM on Oct 27th 2008 by Angel

If he wins, America will be destroyed and there will be no one here to read it

2187 days ago
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