Keanu Jury -- Filthy with Movie Doody

10/27/2008 5:55 PM PDT

Keanu Jury -- Filthy with Movie Doody

Sounds like a joke, but it ain't: Walk into a H'wood courtroom, and there's Bugs Bunny being grilled.

That's exactly what happened today during jury selection in Keanu Reeves' pap trial. One guy said he was the voice of that wascally wabbit (and did an impression to prove it), another woman said she knew people who worked with Keanu (heard that one before?), and yet another possible juror ID'd themself as a "movie executive."

Only in L.A.

UPDATE 6:13 PM ET: A jury has been selected. Bugs Bunny guy didn't make the cut, but an animator for "The Simpsons" did. D'oh!