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Zac -- Ripped for Her Pleasure

10/27/2008 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anyone gotta band-aid? 'Cause 21-year-old Zac Efron is cut the f**k up!
Vanessa and Zac
The REAL Joe Six Pack took his 19-year-old GF Vanessa Hudgens on a beachside stroll in Hawaii this weekend. Think he got lei'd?


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No Excuses    

OMG...what I would give to follow that treasure trail to the magic kingdom. DAMN HE'S HOT.

Come ON #15. He's 21. Thery're doing it as they should. At least he's not 20 and giving it to Miley A 15 YEAR OLD! Now THAT'S CREEPY. And illegal.

2187 days ago

hot snot    

you know...even though I could give two craps, because I am not in the generation that even knows anything these two are in. They actually look really cute and natural together. Hard to say since they are so young, and will probably have many more relationships...but for now, i really hope they make it work. they don't seem like a phoney couple - like could we say Heidi and Spencer?

2187 days ago


think his crack is showing?

2187 days ago

Another Day In Paradise    

Hell yea, they're doing it! If she could take nudie pics at the age of what...16, 17 and be seen frolicking on top of him and in the water while at the beach while on vacation with him, trust me, they're doing it! These Disney kids, heck all kids are starting out younger and younger. Role models my arse! Disney has produced some scandulous kids, huh. Tell me when were any of you allowed to go on vacation with your bf or gf back in the days? Me...21!

2187 days ago


am I the only one who thinks he is just so so gross

2187 days ago

No Excuses    

They were frolicking on the beach when she was 18 and he was 19. I'm pretty sure they were old enough to go on vacation and nothing they have done has been scandalous. Geez.. # 21...I'm pretty sure "back in the day" people were just as scandelous, there just weren't cameras and snoops like TMZ following everyone around and filming everything they do. These celebrities can even fart these days without it ending up on the internet.

2187 days ago


Won't be long before Zac dumps the duck lipped vanessa and goes to party and go clubbin like every new 21 year old should...AND he got what he wanted from duck lips...GO ZAC!!!

2187 days ago


For goodness sake, someone tell him to pull his pants up.

2187 days ago


I dont know much about Zac Efron. I know he is in some Disney movie and thats about it. He is so gorgeous. He may be the best looking guy in Hollywood right now.

2187 days ago


He is so freaking HOT!!!!!

2187 days ago

Oval Beach    

OMG...She is one LUCKY b*&%h. DAMN!!!! He is SMOKIN'. I would lick that sick pack til he told me not to. : )=

2187 days ago


anybody else notice that little "bump" thing hes got down there? ewww...theyre both gross..

2187 days ago


How low can you go? How low can you go? Lower than Mercury Insurance.

2187 days ago

Another Day In Paradise    

Everyone is always bitching about the paps and TMZ, but you know good and well you love to read about your favorite celebs and most importantly you love hearing about the scandals which grace these pages 90% of the time. Including the farting as #23 pointed out. If not, why are you on here. I guarantee the scandals gets the most hits. Granted the celebs are entitled to some privacy, but since you all continue to visit these pages, paps will still have a job and as long as you continue to visit and comment to either bitch, chuckle or rave about it. Either way, the snoops, cameras and TMZ will keep bringing us the updates. Thanx TMZ, Perez Hilton, Dlisted!!! Also, #24, that duck lipped Vanessa comment was hilarious! I've never heard of that one before but it sure fits perfectly!!!

2187 days ago


I love bashing celebrity fitness. First of all, he can't be more then 150 lbs. It isn't very difficult to be 150 lbs and ripped. Next, he isn't ripped. Yes more fit then most, but definitly not ripped. Guy is probably carrying around at least 10 lbs of fat he could drop. And it especially isn't hard to be "ripped" when you are 21, and your body is flowing with tesotsterone. So TMZ, please only post pictures of "ripped" individuals if they are over 180 lbs, or are over the age of 30. Or if you are looking to post pictures of "ripped" individuals, why not go check out a USC practice, you will see guys 100 lbs heavier then him who are more "ripped". Skinny guys like this who get off as "ripped" piss me off. Oh and on a seperate note to Disney, thanks for putting HSM 3 in theatres so my kid with epilepsy can't see it till it comes out on dvd, unless she risks having a seizure.

2187 days ago
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