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Captain America -- Black in Business

10/28/2008 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a time where the next President might be an African-American, why can't the next Captain America be Black, too?
Susan Lucci: Click to watch
Susan Lucci was blindsided by a wannabe superhero last night outside Madeo -- but we doubt this dude could take on Red Skull without the Captain's indestructible shield ... and losing a few pounds.


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hot snot    

captain america COULD be black if he didn't have 2 or 3 300lb chins.

2185 days ago


I triple love Susan Lucci but last night on DWTS she was a hot mess! dancing hip hop Man she was all off beat she just look lost.Poor thang. Hey least she tried. Good luck Susan

2185 days ago

Triple Play    

The woman can't dance she has no rythm and looks like she used Bruce Jenner's plastic surgeon.If you can't dance, it is time for you to go home

2185 days ago

Triple Play    

What a joke she is. She doesn't dance she just poses and tries to look cute. The problem is she is way too old to be cute. As a matter of fact she should stop trying to look like a Jackson and stop getting facial surgeries before she can't close her eyes. Maybe she is auditioning for an Asian soap opera.
When she is asked to leave the show, she will probably cry artificial tears

2185 days ago

Triple Play    

Number 5 you nailed it. If she miles you can almost hear her skin crack

2185 days ago

Triple Play    

TYhere is a new way to Spell A$$ Hole it is TAE # 6.
Hey TMZ is threatening to kill someone allowed on your site?

2185 days ago


I wish she'd quit trying to act all coy and cute. It's annoying and it looks stupid, especially for someone well over the age of 18.

2185 days ago


Dang need to take a pill. And isn't is racist to call white people "honkies"?

2185 days ago



The first Captain America WAS black. Time to brush up on your comic know-how, TMZ!

2184 days ago


The current potential future President IS NOT AFRICAN AMERICAN. He is a mixture of Muslem and White, with a dash of black mixed in. To those of us who ARE African American, you are taking away that distinction from a Real Black Man or Woman we WILL become President of the US someday.

2184 days ago


Not to get all geeky on you guys or anything, but the first Captain America was African-American. His name was Isaiah Bradley and he was part of a government experiment to perfect the super soldier serum before they used it on Steve Rogers. Here's the link to the full story.

2184 days ago


If you know anyything about the comic Captian America was black..........your welcome

2184 days ago


#5 said it all, no need to retype it..... its disgusting that there are morons out there continuing to vote for Cloris L. and Susan L. they both are TERRIBLE. Cloris was funny the first time, but seriously people, STOP voting for this woman and let her go home and we'll have a serious contest, after Susan is let go also. Last week, when Toni B. was voted off, that was IT ! if neither Susan or Cloris get bumped this week, I will NOT watch this show AGAIN!!

2184 days ago


Captain Double Chin.

2184 days ago


#13,,, you are right,,,Obama has 16% Black heritage,,,, and I mean black,,,not African American.... sorry, but I don't go around saying I'm Swedish American. Obama is more WHITE than black....think about that,,, all you voters out there that have never voted,,, never given a rat's ass about voting, but are bombarding the voting polls with your early votes,,,, he's More WHITE than Black... but I still wouldn't vote for him. He's anti white,,,how can he say his family has gone to that church and listened to their preacher for 20 YEARS and NOT know what he stands for... Hasn't Obama Listened to any of his preacher's anti-white bashings or does he sleep through them??? He answered that questioned with a "I didn't know that the Rev Wright felt that way." DUH.... come on,,, and the media and all America just Forgets and lets it go..... COME ON AMERICA, OPEN UP YOUR EYES AND SEE THE MAN FOR WHAT HE IS.... Anyone with a JOB and a decent income better think twice about voting for him and what he stands for... everyone else that has their hand out for a freebie, yes, I expect you to vote for him.

2184 days ago
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