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Cheech Takes Pot Shot at Obama

10/28/2008 5:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If there's anyone who would be the know-all, end-all on weed smokers, it'd be Cheech Marin -- and when we asked him if he thought Obama ever inhaled, he had a great answer.
Tommy Chong: Click to watch
If this YouTube clip is any indication, Cheech was right.


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Hello Kitty    

What a bunch of sheep you are. America's traditions?? .. Socialism.. hello.. where have you all been living??? None of you have family, a grandparent on Social Security, a grandparent who's spent their whole life paying of their home only to have some snob with cash build a McMansion next door and drive up their property tax to a level where they have to let their house go just because they can't afford the raising property taxes... no one in your family has ever been laid off, needed to file for unemployment benefits.. how about bankruptsy?? all these things are socialists programs.....or how about just a elderly parent on SS.. or Medicaid.. do you really see them as leeches sucking the money out of your 'pocket'???

Get real.. we pay into a system knowing that in return we ourselves will benefit later in life. We have been a socialist society for decades now.. as far back as the great depression and soup lines. For crying out loud people the richest guy in the US ... Warren Buffet, backs Obama he himself said last year he only paid 17% in income taxes while most people paid 30% .. Stop buying into the lies and fear mongering. What has our government done for YOU lately???... ... for your grandparents, for your kids school system, for your towns roadways, ...ask what will happen to you if you are crippled in a car wreck tomorrow, if you are diagnosed with cancer tomorrow.. how your child will deal with $80,000 worth of student loans for an 'average' college education. If you are so well off that you really have never had a loved one or family member collect unemployment, Social Security, or Medicaid then by all means vote who you want , because obviously it won't matter in your life... if you have, wake up and stop following blindly those who try and make these very important SOCIAL programs sound like a boil on society... these are our parents, our loved one's who have lost it all in hurricanes, our family who can't afford to go to college.. they are what make us better than many countries.. we DO take care of our own. You all use the term socialism like it's a dirty word and most of us are just a prayer away from having to rely on those very programs we spend our working life paying into... it's true.. we really do reap what we sow.

2081 days ago

Hello Kitty    

Ok rudyb.. no more unemployment if you lose your job, and hey no more bankruptcy either, unless of course you are looking to dump millions in debt and still keep your mansion then it's Ay-Ok.. and hey no more Social Security or Disability, if you grow old and can't work and didn't save, screw you .. die in the streets like they do in India.. and if you are disabled.. tough cookies... hit the sidewalk and beg .. unless we dont' like seeng you beg and make that agains the law too... only healthy, hard working young adults who can't see beyond thier working years count... Yeay the RICH, Fu@k the poor.

2081 days ago

darling nikki    

What does a past "puff, puff give" have to do with someone's decision-making abilities? I can bet most of you ranting about this has passed the ganja in the past. Did it effect your present success? If you think all those senators and governors, whether they be democrats or republicians, have never smoked, you are living in fantasy land. Doesn't make it right but it's a reality.

11. Obama used crack from what I heard.

Posted at 7:39PM on Oct 28th 2008 by CAROG

Yeah, because everything you hear just HAS to be true. I heard that someone was abducted by aliens last week. So that must be true too.

2081 days ago

bite me    

there is no fear mongering being spouted here, just facts and the real sheep are following the herd. Obama is so inexperienced even his running mate has said so, in the debates before the primary election, now he changes his mind? Oh wait that is Biden, he can't get any of his facts straight. He says one thing one day and something completely different the next. I agree Obama is quite the talker and in the beginning I would have voted for him as he is an articulate speaker, well that was until I read up on both candidates (presidential). Now Obama wants us all to take off election day to vote, and then CAMPAIGN FOR HIM?!?!?!? With this economy and so many of America's citizens fighting to keep their head above water he wants us to take a day off, what about those who dont have paid days off? Oh wait, thats right, we have to work for him...The government is supposed to work for us, not us work for the government. Plus I would have liked to have seen Obama keep his promise about his campaign contributions agreement he made, where both parties would only get public contributions, but again Obama changed course because he knew he could get more money by not following the agreement.

Obama puts on airs of being so much superior than the rest of us "peons". Unfortunately, we are being spoon fed all these promises by Obama and since he has broken promises in the past, we are supposed to believe him now.
As for your child's education, let them work for it, like I did, and my parents did, we worked and went to school. As for collecting unemployment, or Social Security, we already pay into that along with our employers, so that is not an issue. As for Medicaid that is for those on welfare.

2081 days ago

darling nikki    

14. I dont trust Obama for many reasons

To be honest, I trust none of them. They will say whatever it takes to get into office. I guess you have to pick the lesser of the two evils.

2081 days ago

bite me    

to clarify...medicare is for those who have been deemed disabled for life or retired.

2081 days ago

bite me    

I totally agree not2breckonedwith

2081 days ago

Hello Kitty    

Hey Bite me,.. Bite me.. YOU are obviously a moron.. only those who get Medicaid are on Welfare??? well numb nuts my grandmother just stopped working last year, she's 87 now and on Medicaid.. youk are obviously one of those sheep I'm talking about.. spewing BS... MOST elderly are on Medicaid Einstien... people like you shouldn't even be allowed to vote, you are so rediculously misinformed....I'm amazed. As for college.. based on your comment I really doubt you've even been to college. But lets play devils advocate and say you have... first off college is much more than it was when our parents or even US went... but then you should know that right??? .... If you are really looking to strengthen our college then why on earth would you oppose affordable college?? Why is it that it's ok for our government to bail out billions to crooked mortgage dealers but snub our country's future leaders? Again unless you yourself are a millionair.. I don't get your loyalty to a system that says F-You to YOUR kids education.

2081 days ago


To comment #5: "Jodi"...

I finally found the true definition of the word "brainwashing": YOU

You are definitely an excellent candidate to drink Obama's kool-aid

Enjoy it!

2081 days ago

darling nikki    

I guess it is better to be found in the men's room of the airport soliciting sex. Or maybe leaving your freshly disabled wife for another woman. Repubs acting like sh*t in their party don't stink. Sad that they had to resort to something so insignificant as discussing Obama's past weed usage. Sorry, it still won't rain on Obama's parade. When he gets in the white house, I hope he sends all of you thank you letters.

2081 days ago


Obama is causing Class warfare and Race Baiting, please read Saul Alinsky "Rules for Radicals" Obama studied under him. It states to gain power rallies the middle and lower class against the upper class. I don't know about you but I never got a job from a poor person. Obama's real true political party is Socialism and will lead to Communism, read Saul Alinsky…its free on Google. I got sick reading Saul Alinsky. We as American must hold on our freedom. I was surprised to learn that Obama, Hillary, Pelosi and Read studied Saul Alinsky and his teaching is coming to reality. OMG!

2081 days ago


Perhaps if all us "Joe the Plumber's" in L.A. show up in front of the L.A. Times and demand that the tape be shown. We can all make up our own mind and even those that still believe in Obama might have a chance to use their brain the way it was ment to be used!

2081 days ago


Are you better off than you were 2 years ago since the Democrats took over our US Congress? We all know the answer to that since our economy started its dive 1 year ago. The Congressional Democrats who played hardball by preventing the regulation of Fannie and Freddie are 100% guilty as charged for our current financial crisis. Obama does not want to focus on the past because he, too, is guilty for this mess. He helped ACORN bully banks to give sub-prime loans and to pay him back his financial advisor Frank Raines & other Fannie pals donated over $125k to Obama. The liberal press is guilty for helping cover up Obama's corruption. The record shows the Democrats under Carter began this mess and if elected, Obama will only continue to expand this crisis. The reason Republicans in the past could not expose this problem was the books were cooked and they were accused of racism for trying to prevent this crisis. Vote Republican and throw the ones who created this mess out!

2081 days ago

bite me    

Obviously Hello Kitty I have not resorted to name calling and hate
spewing as you have, a left wingers trademark, but I am guessing your
grandmother never paid into medicare taxes as it comes out of
everyones paycheck or she would be eligible for medicare. As for an
advanced education, my college degree is proudly hung on my wall
along with my state license. Please don't get the idea I am rich,
because I am not, I own a modest home in a nice neighborhood. It is
time for American citizens to quit expecting the government to get
them out of their own pity pot, I am so sick of giving hand outs to
those who won't better themselves, namely the people who sit on their
ass and collect welfare or have their hand out from the government. I
raised 2 daughters by myself, put myself through college (paid for by
myself, through work and private scholarships) and my daughter would
like to go to Harvard, and I can't afford it, but I dont expect to
look to the government to put her through law school, she is working
hard at getting straight A's, doing community service and working for
a privately funded scholarship, it means many years of hard work and
lots of applications and reports, but I have is called
working for what you want in life. Take pride in yourself to make
your life better, because governemnt isnt going to do it for you!! I
will be damned if I am going to work my ass off, take pride in myself
and my accomplishments and then have the government take it away from
me to pay for people who wont help themselves......He will help those
that help themselves.

So hello kitty, take a big bite out of that, and.......

2080 days ago

bite me    

I really hate to make a liar out of someone but I need to educate hello kitty....

The following is from the first page if you go to

"Medicare is a Health Insurance Program for people age 65 or older, some disabled people under age 65, and people of all ages with End-Stage Renal Disease (permanent kidney failure treated with dialysis or a transplant) Social Security determines eligibility." IE you must pay into social security and medicare via deductions in your paycheck or directly to the government to receive this program.

The following is from medicaid:

Medicaid is available only to certain low-income individuals and families who fit into an eligibility group that is recognized by federal and state law. Medicaid does not pay money to you; instead, it sends payments directly to your health care providers. Depending on your state's rules, you may also be asked to pay a small part of the cost (co-payment) for some medical services.

So in closing I will repeat, medicaid are for those low-income. I may have over stepped by saying welfare, but according to the statistics, most on medicaid are on welfare.

So calling me a moron, seems ignorant of you. I have yet to call you a name or spew hatred at you. If following Obama has done this to you before the election, imagine what it will be like if he gets elected.

2080 days ago
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