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Elisabeth to Joy

Don't Hassel the Beck

10/28/2008 4:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The supposed catfighting at "The View" continues.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Elisabeth is none too pleased Joy did a "vicious impression" of her at a comedy gig. She wore a "ratty green coat" to mock the outfit Hasselbeck donned at a Sarah Palin rally, and took a dig at EH for ridiculing the press about the whole Palin-wardrobe thing. "Elisabeth spends that much in a month," joked Joy.

That's an exaggeration, admits an "associate of Hasselbeck," but it "apparently enraged" her nonetheless.


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Elizabeth is such a hypocrite. I watched the view everyday, and everyday she attacks Obama's character and never focus on any issues whatsoever. Yesterday when the issue was addressd about Sarah Palin's wardrobe, she stated let's focus on the issues and not her wardrobe. HELLOOOOO! That's what you Republicans have been doing this whole time. Attacking character and have no issues or policies to discuss. They are constantly attacking Obama's policies, but haven't said anything about what they can do to better America other than "Count on me, I'm a Maverick and Sarah's a maverick too." What tha????? Okayyyyy??? What will you do as a so called Maverick Mr. Bush, I mean McCain?? Also, when issues are raised about Sarah it's sexist. You don't hear Obama yelling racist to all of the racist accusations out there. I just can't believe that some of America is so racist that they'll put someone in the White House that they hardly know (Sarah). Would you let someone you just met watch your children? I didn't think so. Anyway, is Alaska really part of the US other than on paper. That's all Sarah knows...

2148 days ago


Wow Anne, you just came across as a silly little girl. And I'd bet kiddeb never listens to someone else, The heartbreak of projection.

2148 days ago

Illinois person    

If you're going to dish it out, then be prepared to take it. Miss Elisabeth seems to feel that she's the one running for president and really can't seem to stand it if the spotlight is not on her but only when it makes her look good. I all together disagree with #1 comments and F U L L Y agree with the comments of #4. 1 wants to have their say (a la Elisabeth) but damn anyone who sees things in a different way. Well too bad. Come one week from Wednesday Miss snot head is going to have to walk on to the set of The View with egg on her face and her tail between her legs. #1 says Joy should have a muzzle, well Elisabeth should have been let go for her disrespect of her boss (Barbara). They're not too many jobs where you would be allowed to bring your political beliefs into the workplace day after day after day. What does Elisabeth know about Joe the plumber or Susie homemaker what with her football husband and her prime job thanks to Walters? And then there's the matter of her using her job to further her own political agenda. Keep up the good work Joy, some people tune in simply to see you put that right-wing Elisabeth in her place which is where she belongs.

2148 days ago

viewless in ohio    

I am done watching The View. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but Joy is so mean and obnoxious that she has ruined the entertainment part of the show. I respect Whoopi with her political views because she presents them in a mature thoughtful way. Joy, on the other hand, can not respect other points of thoughts and is disrespectful in her presentation. I can not imagine why Joy is so vindictive!

2148 days ago


Elizabeth has to be dummest mother of two I have ever seen!!
Get back in the kitchen you stupid birdbrain!!!

2148 days ago


When Elizabeth even opens her stupid mouth I want to plant my fist in it. How can her husband stand the way she talks.
Oh I get it, he must plant something else down her throat just to shut her up.

2148 days ago


My opinion: Joy Behar is a first rate C*U*N*T!!!!!!!!!!

I approve this message!

2148 days ago


#17 you are absolutely right

Obama knew that money was going to radical organizations. He is a person with a questionable background and radical friends. A man who could not pass a background check to work in the U.S. Department of Justice or Secret Service.... but for some crazy reason he is qualified to be the President of the United States. It just doesn't make sense to me. I'm very dissappointed in the Democratic Party.. and the way they manipulated the primary to make sure Obama won. I can understand why Pelosi & Reid would back him even Barney Frank, but I don't understand the Clintons. They are not far-left liberal nuts, yet they support him even though they both have to know his ideas will destroy this country as we know it. I was a Clinton supporter, but I can not support a man like Barack Obama.

2148 days ago


Obama was also a member of the socialist group The New Party. You can find the article from 1996 online.

2148 days ago


The rightwing nuts are crawling out of the woodwork again with their insane accusations against Obama.
You people need to take your Prozac and STFU.

2148 days ago


EH is freakin mess why is it ok for SP to spend 150,000 on a wardrobe but when John Edwards got a haircut for a 100. she had a hissy fit whats so different. Girl needs to chill her only claim to fame is survior.

2148 days ago

Jeremy Bosco    

Hasselbeck is completely and utterly stupid and useless, and deserves anything like what Joy threw at her. ANYONE who supports that dumb c*** Sarah Palin doesn't have the intelligence God gave a rock. A DUMB rock.

2148 days ago


Elizabeth is a total Loser!!!!!!

2148 days ago


You dish it out you have to be able to take it elizabeth dumb''ass hasselbeck !

2148 days ago


Go follow your socialist radical Obama you imbecilic sheep. You probably haven't read anything since D*ck and Jane douchebags.

2148 days ago
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