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Elisabeth to Joy

Don't Hassel the Beck

10/28/2008 4:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The supposed catfighting at "The View" continues.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Elisabeth is none too pleased Joy did a "vicious impression" of her at a comedy gig. She wore a "ratty green coat" to mock the outfit Hasselbeck donned at a Sarah Palin rally, and took a dig at EH for ridiculing the press about the whole Palin-wardrobe thing. "Elisabeth spends that much in a month," joked Joy.

That's an exaggeration, admits an "associate of Hasselbeck," but it "apparently enraged" her nonetheless.


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I LOVE THE VIEW but have a very hard time watching because of Elizabeth. Who is she? All I know about her is that she was a contestant on Survior,so what,what does she know???????? NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

2132 days ago


Thank Goodness The View has Elisabeth. If you watch the show, take the time to really View it- you'll find that without her it is the 'democratic view' and that wouldn't be much of a View. They all seem to bring their part, but at the end of the day have their flaws, Elisabeth- silly, Sheri- simple, Joy- Joyless, Whoopie-senseless? does she not make sense to anyone else 1/2 the time? Everyone loves her and what she says is much in the tone of Charlie Browns teacher to my ear. With new found TMZ/TV time on my hands I'm finding the world is so full of anger/hate/negativity, the hateful place so many minds go to in an instant-I honestly didn't know how bad things had gotten out there. I'll be happy to go back in my box! (God Willing, am home on medical leave) I so appreciate that I'm surrounded by people (family and co-workers) who look at more than one side, can agree to disagree with out hate and see happy things in the world. They can sympathize (without judgment) I didn't appreciate my work place and life so very much until now! It isn't perfect but compared to the big world, I live one blessed life!

2132 days ago


Joy is just jealous because she's a big fat disgusting HAG with a big nose.

2132 days ago


Both parties are responsible for the collapse of our financial system. It is a bit of everything.

2132 days ago


Obama was always socialist leaning if you do your homework properly. It is mentioned in several articles prior to him running for election. No many people mentioned it much. We have always had some socialist programs-look at FDR.

2132 days ago


Joy would be nothing with her husband. She's got a mouth that doesn't stop. Elizabeth and Whoopie have it under control. Not sure why the other two think it's fun to go after Elizabeth on TV. It only shows their stupidity.

2132 days ago


The women on the view are all vicious bullies. They prey on each other and anything else that moves. Desperate actions of a desperate show.

2132 days ago


I haven't watched the View in months, so I'm not up to speed on wht is happening there, but it sounds like more of the same which is why I quit watching in the first place and I won't watch again until Joy is gone. Joy is so narrow minded and can't keep here mouth shut if she is going to give us her opinion on politics it would be nice if she would listen once in awhile to what the other person has to say instead of talking over them anytime someone has an opinion that doesn't match hers. Remember where she came from.....she was a teacher, her significant other is a teacher and teachers are all about unions!

I don't care how much the Republican party spent o clothes for Sarah Palin, what would you have her wear a pair of jeans and a parka? If you Dems will check Obamas spending I think you will see there are a couple of million dollars spent on parties and huge food and hotel bills for MaMaObama.

It seems to me the McCain/Palin supporters here have made good points and seem to clear on the issues and why they are voting for their candidate, but the Obama/Biden supporters seem to be focused on name calling and accusations therefore I haven't learned anything about why they support their candidate.

By the way I watch both CNN and FOX and I think CNN is at least as biased in their reporting as FOX, if not more so.

2132 days ago


I used to really enjoy watching The View but it has gotten so political and ridiculous that I can't stand to watch them anymore. Elizabeth wasn't my choice for replacement in the first place. Her voice is just like Sarah Palin's, very annoying!
As for the clothes, Elizabeth said that there was a lot on the charges that didn't fit and wasn't returned. Well, I heard on another show that the $150,000 was the total after the returns were made and credits issued. The $150,000 was not only for Sarah but for her entire family, including her future son-in-law. There were pictures of Sarah on another network of how she looked in Alaska and she certainly did need help in the wardrobe department but I think they went overboard. I guess they tried to dress her according to Cindy McCain. This whole situation with the election, The View, news hetwork, has all gotten out of hand and I will certainly be glad when we can get back to normal, if that is at all possible. Just hope we don't continue normal as in George Bush's policies whether it be John McCain or Barack Obama.

2132 days ago


The View has tured out to be a HUGE disspaoinment to me as a VIEWer. Elizabeth has a right to express her opinion, so does Joy, Whoopie, Sherry and Barbara. What the difference is that when Joy speaks, she throws a fit if somone ( typically) Elizabeth counters her thought. Joy laughs, makes fun of and critisizes so cruelly it's tough tto watch at times. Elizabeth stands her ground, speaks with grace and doesn't need a stupid joke to follow up her thoughts to get the audience to laugh. Joy started out loving President Bush, she said he was handsome and loved his manerisms. If Sen. Obama is elected, I wonder how she will protect him. Will Elizabeth be pushed aside for another liberal comedian? Barbara Walters has lost her news credibility with me. If she wanted to host a round table of hot topics that's great, but leave the entertainment stuff off the program. Bring in another conservative host to sit next to Joy, so her big mouth isn't always first to speak and dominate the conversatoin.

2132 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Sarah Palin broke ETHICS LAWS in Alaska while Governor - if you want to vote for a crooked candidate, with a husband who belonged to a political party that wanted to SECEDE from the USA - then you obviously are not making a very informed choice. You are voting for her only because of her religious views. ADMIT IT
And the big natural gas pipeline she keeps bragging about? IT'S NOT BEING BUILT!!
The "Bridge to Nowhere?? Another lie THAT SHE SUPPORTED!! And then, when she didn't support it, SHE KEPT HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF YOUR MONEY!! Why didn't she send that "earmark" money back??
And PLEASE, don't believe her when she talks about special needs kids...She just made fun of money for "fruitfly research", and said that the money would be better spent to help special needs kids - THE FRUIT FLY RESEARCH IS BEING DONE TO FIND A PROTEIN TO HELP KIDS WITH AUTISM!!!! She is such a is Elisabeth.

2132 days ago

Sue Wong    

I can't stand Joy but I detest Elisabeth. Always shooting her mouth off with hair brained ideas. She couldn't possibly represent the everyday person. She's a rich bitch who's got nothing in common with them. Send her back to survivor permanently and let her grow a brain. She's gotta go!!!

2132 days ago


I'm no fan of EH and I'm sorry to see that Joy has gone and lost her mind!

2132 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

Elisabeth is an idiot, I just wait until her husband leaves her. Mark my words he will. She is a very unhappy person in real life. Makes her husbands life a living hell. Don't blame him when he leaves her, it's only a matter of time.
I hear she has pms symptoms 25 days out of a month

2132 days ago

Sue Wong    

Post #82 you're meant to post, not write a bloody column. Also, have it both ways. One can write a frigging book that'll make Mccain's look like a bozo. Represent your candidate if you want but stop the hard sell. I for one don't need your propoganda.

2132 days ago
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