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Hudson Murder Suspect's Alibi

Doesn't Add Up

10/28/2008 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

picture-152The case is building quickly against William Balfour, the man police sources have pinpointed as the primary suspect in the murder of Jennifer Hudson's family.

More details are emerging: The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting Balfour's girlfriend -- whose house he was arrested at -- has contradicted Balfour's alibi and cops have caught him in at least one other lie. Police have been tracking him through cell phone records.

A neighbor says a man he believes to be Balfour was seen pulling up to his GF's house around noon on Friday, got out of the car "carrying what appeared to be a bottle of liquor," and was wearing a white hooded sweatshirt.

Balfour is in custody, and we're told he's considered the primary suspect.


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No, they tell you innocent until proven guilty, that's false. It's guilty until proven innocent. That's a known fact.

2194 days ago


Cut his hair off and then fry him!

2194 days ago


The saddest part of the story is that were these not the relatives of Jennifer Hudson it would have been a one day story in the Chicago media and forgotten as just another day in the hood.

2194 days ago


#41, you do raise a good point. He hasn't been formally charged but its not looking good.

#42, you and I have butted heads on TMZ before (especially during that whole Chris Benoit situation last year) BUT I have to agree with you on this one. If he did in fact do it, there is no redeeming this guy, at least not on earth. This guy makes Benoit look almost sympathetic (key word is ALMOST). At least there was proof that he was mentally imbalanced. There was nothing wrong, so far as I know, with Balfour!

I won't say he can rot in hell because that's not my call, its God's call. Still, I think he's going to get a taste of hell while on this earth now.

2194 days ago


47. No, they tell you innocent until proven guilty, that's false. It's guilty until proven innocent. That's a known fact.

Posted at 11:10AM on Oct 28th 2008 by Melinda

Can't argue with that one Melinda. That's often how it is. The justice system may say innocent until proven guilty but that's one of the biggest lies ever told as we all know its the other way around!

2194 days ago


Julia works for the Chicago Public School Transportation Department and completed her shift accordingly. Julian went to a private school which did not have class on this past Friday. Hence the reason he was home in he first place. The reason why someone would incorporate a child into their adult just beyond me. I am a single mother and I do take great caution in who I allow in front of my daughter. i check the watch dog sites, the Meagans Law site...and when I meet someone I check his name immediately. Because I want to to know who I am keeping company with,.,even more so because of my daughter. The whole matter is just tragic....and there is absolutely no justification for these very senseless killings. I believe that he's going to be found guilty...but, he's not working alone. I agree that the vehicle was placed there...but by whom??? I can't wait to see how these facts measure up. What's done in dark will come out in the light!!!

2194 days ago


Oh yes, and I forgot to say that my prayers are for this family. I can not imagine how devistating this is one at time...much less three deaths at once. May God have mercy on this family. May He provide peace and understanding for those who are left to pick the pieces of their lives and move on.

2194 days ago


May God have mercy on your soul as you are put to death for murdering these people!

2194 days ago

Walter Sponaugle    

This should show everybody what a good community organizer Barack Husein Obama was is the town he lived in for twenty years, more people die in Chicago the Iraq a year

2194 days ago


a VICTIM, are u stoned? Look at him, was there a chance he wasn't going to do this? A violent, repeat offender. I think they should be creative with his sentencing. Just putting him in jail and letting some other violent repeat offender bang him in the butt isn't enough is it? No, even that would be to good... he might even enjoy it. No he deserves something special... I could think of a couple things......

2194 days ago



2194 days ago


From what I understand Julia is a city bus driver, not school bus driver however please feel free to correct me if the info I have is wrong. Either way she had to report to work in the morning, the murders didn't occur until later therefore her brother had ample time to drive her to work before being slaughtered.
This subhuman obviously showed no remorse for his actions since he showed up at his girlfriends house as if he didn't have a care in the world....after killing 3 innocent people.
He deserves no mercy. Someone mentioned 'rehabilitating' him. He had his chance at rehabilitation when he served almost 7 years for attempted manslaughter.

2194 days ago


I have 2 theories. One surrounds Julia, the other, Jason. For those of you who have blinders on and want to treat Julia like the innocent victim- fine with me. However, as far as I'm concerned there were three victims and they're no longer here to tell their stories. The most defenseless victim, Julian, a poor little 7 year old boy who suffered the most unimagineable fate, witnessed the brutal killings of his grandmother and uncle before being shot twice in the head. We must fight for this child and if this means by exposing his mother- then so be it. I come from a realistic world where unfortunately, mothers sometimes murder their children or contribute to their demise. This is my opinion and if you're one of those people who live in untainted worlds, I ask you to move to the next post because this will probably upset you.
Theory 1: Julia Hudson's Involvement
There are too many holes in this story:
1)The body of Jennifer Hudson’s mother Darnell Donerson was found by Jennifer Hudson’s sister Julia around 2:45 PM Friday. Julia called 911 to report the shooting. She also reported her 7-year-old son missing. Police arriving on the scene found Hudson’s brother Jason shot to death in a bedroom.- okay I got this from CNN. My question is how could she report her son missing if she never went through the house. She claimed to have walked in the door, and after seeing her mother's body in the living room, left out the house and called 911. She then went to the police station to report Julian missing. How did she know he was missing and not hiding in the house or somewhere murdered in the home? Apparently, the police discovered her brothers body- she did not. As I said, she only made it to the front door.
2)Friday was a teacher's work day in Chicago. Therefore, children did not report. Julia is a school bus driver. Why was she working then? If her son didn't have school, she shouldn't have had to work. All Chicago schools are basically charter schools. Another caveat: How did she get home if Jason was her ride?
3)Police have stated that Jason Hudson was shot when the gunman shot through the front door. He also received defensive wounds. However, his body was found in an upstairs bedroom. If you've seen a picture of him- he was no small guy. William, a man of small stature, could not have taken him upstairs alone. If Jason was shot in the thigh, he would have needed a very large person to help him upstairs. I always wondered in that type of area, shouldn't they have a gun in the home?
4)Shell casings were found in Julian King's bedroom, yet police are saying he was killed in the SUV.
5) The small bullet only went through the wooden door, so the door should have still been locked. How did the killer get in? If he shot at the door first, who in their right mind would have opened it for him?
6)Why didn't they come at night when most murders occur? The whole family would've been there, and they could've killed everyone.
7)Sure, the police could've been monitoring Julia's myspace, but I doubt it. This is more along the lines of the FBI and they didn't jump aboard until late Saturday. I'm sorry, but I just can't imagine with your mother and brother being tragically killed, and your son missing, the last thing I'd be thinking about is the damn computer. And if it was her on the computer, and William was a suspect, why did she keep him as her #2 friend? His *ss would've been gone with the quickness. Why did she feel the need to explain her actions on Myspace yesterday? Why has she been seeking support from her fans on Myspace when I'm sure she's surrounded by family and friends who love her? I'm sure her closest friends/family know how to reach her. Is she enjoying her newly found celebrity status? To live in the shadows of a famous little sister. All eyes are on you now Julia. A word of advice- ask Jen for some acting lessons- your performance to date isn't Oscar worthy. My little cousin was gunned down a few years ago in Detroit and my Aunt joined a support group for grieving mothers. She said during her meeting yesterday, the women unanimously agreed that something wasn't right about Julia Hudson- even the grief counselor said that she's exhibiting questionable behavior for a grieving mother.
8)Her appearance at the press conference was a little too calm and collected for me. Her hair was fly, she looked pretty well-rested, and she said Julian was more "like a little brother?"
9)On Friday night when Julian was missing, why was she on Myspace instead of in someone's car driving around the city looking for the white Suburban? The first 48 hours are the most crucial with missing children, and you're chilling on the computer? WTF?
I pray that I'm wrong. Lord, I do. I just can't imagine a mother being involved in something like this, which is why I've held back on posting this. But something isn't adding up. If they had somet

2194 days ago


Look at how his hair is parted, it's telling the officals where to bury the axe that should go into this bastard's head.

2194 days ago


This is a horrible, horrible event. My sympathies and prayers go out to Jennifer and Julia Hudson, as well as Julian's father. To loose 3 family members to violence with one of them being a 7 year old child is beyond belief. It is my belief that the victims knew their murderer. I think that's the reason he took the child in the car because once he killed the adults, he initially had difficulty killing the child, but the killer knew that would be the ultimate outcome. It's easy to think that Julia's husband did it since he's been jailed before on attempted murder. I don't have any sympathy for him. And that's who people should focus on the killer, not Julia Hudson. She may have made some mistakes, but she has the rest of her life to suffer the loss of her child, mother and brother. This family has been damaged. Although I don't support capital punishment, it's hard for me to think of anything less than a lethal injection for the killer.

2194 days ago
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